02 Apr 2021

Android 12 Features Preview So Far

Reading Time: 10 minutes Android is the world’s popular smartphone operating system that runs billions of smartphones around the world. With this, Android 12 is introduced with new features and APIs for developers. Every year Google releases, a significant software update to its Android… Continue Reading →

24 Feb 2021

Top Android Application Development Trends 2021

Reading Time: 11 minutes Android is one of the demanding mobile OS, which covers a market of 85% with more than 4 million Android applications in the Google Play Store. Also, when it comes to building a mobile app, the Android operating system gets… Continue Reading →

13 Oct 2020

Kotlin 1.4 Release Update By Dokka Alpha

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recently, the Kotlin Development team has released an alpha version of the Dokka documentation engine. The Kotlin 1.4 is the latest stable version release of the Kotlin compiler. The new Kotlin slack release would focus on reducing the amount of… Continue Reading →

24 Sep 2020

Top New Features of Android 11 and Updates You Need to Know

Reading Time: 12 minutes Recently, Google has rolled out Android 11 to the public after few months of beta testing. With this official release, the newest version of Google’s smartphone and tablet OS is all set to try something new. With the newly launched… Continue Reading →

04 Aug 2020

Is Kotlin Better Option for Android App Development?

Reading Time: 9 minutes The Statista shows that there are 50% of worldwide online traffic that generate through mobile phones. Some programmers love to code, create new things, and make people’s lives easier. But the time is here when it’s more comfortable and fun… Continue Reading →

16 Jun 2020

Android Studio 4.0 New Features Preview

Reading Time: 10 minutes Today, Android has over 2.5 billion monthly active devices. The Android developers are using IDEs to build on Android using the latest features. Android Studio 3.6 released in February with a bunch of useful features. Google pushed Android Studio 4.0… Continue Reading →

09 Jun 2020

10 AI Apps That Are Redefining the Android Experience in 2021

Reading Time: 11 minutes AI is more than just innovation. It is the peak of computer intelligence that has transformed digital evolution. When mobile applications started integrating technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the world changed. Everything was just a word away from your mouth…. Continue Reading →

17 Apr 2020

New Features that You Can Expect in Android 11

Reading Time: 10 minutes By the end of February, Google has already teased us with the Android 11 developer preview. Android 10 was already a big hit, and Google finally started to take Android seriously. It was with Android 10 that Google finally gave… Continue Reading →

31 Mar 2020

Android 10: Top Things You Should Know About Android 10

Reading Time: 8 minutes The purpose of the launch of Android 10 is to focus on making everyday life easier with new technologies like 5G and Foldables. The aim is to make life easier with features that are powered by on-device machine learning. Android… Continue Reading →

19 Mar 2020

Everything You Need To Know About The New Version Of Android Studio 3.6

Reading Time: 9 minutes For android app development, a part of Google’s Integrated Development Environment – Version 3.6 has come after so long with bug fixing and other refinements. This change is for the better with the upgrade and slowly moving towards higher stability… Continue Reading →

27 Feb 2020

Is Google Fuchsia the New Android?

Reading Time: 9 minutes It was the year 2017 when Fuchsia was first discovered by Google. Same like Android and Chrome OS, Fuchsia is Google’s best-known software venture. It pops up as a single command line and looks totally different than any other mobile… Continue Reading →

14 Feb 2020

15 Android Libraries for App Development!

Reading Time: 13 minutes As we know that Android libraries and frameworks are a set of execution of code that is written in programming languages and have a well-developed interface. These libraries commonly involve configuration data, documentation, message templates, pre-written code, help data, and… Continue Reading →

02 Jan 2020

Android or Ios App Development: Which One TO Select?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Apps have become the basic requirement of every business and without the platform, their formation cannot be initiated. Before getting an app designed from a Cross Platform app development company, one must have sufficient knowledge and information about Android and… Continue Reading →

30 Dec 2019

Android vs iOS: Which Mobile Platform is Best for App Development?

Reading Time: 12 minutes We know that Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS both are their operating systems that primarily use mobile technology. According to the survey by Hootsuite, more than 4 billion are active mobile users. So, this market can’t ignore it anymore. If… Continue Reading →

28 Aug 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Best Texting App For Android:

Reading Time: 9 minutes Jump Down: 1. Android Messages 2. WhatsApp Messenger 3. Telegram: 4. Facebook Messenger 5. Viber Messenger 6. Mood Messenger 7. Pulse SMS 8. GO SMS Pro As we all are very fond of smart technologies nowadays and not just the… Continue Reading →

08 Aug 2019

Android – How To Reduce Android App Size

Reading Time: 9 minutes How To Reduce Android App Size -7 Strategies That Will Work For You Why We have to reduce android app APK size? Android is one of the most approached operating systems due to its user-friendly interface and accessibility to millions… Continue Reading →

16 Apr 2019

HealthKit vs Google fit: Which is better for healthcare app?

Reading Time: 7 minutes So the competition between Apple vs Google continues. From Siri to Ok Google, single camera to dual cameras & now between Apple HealthKit vs Google fit! Just because the curiosity for health related issues is increasing among all age group,… Continue Reading →

08 Jan 2018

Getting the Right Android Sports App for you : Use It or LOOSE IT!

Reading Time: 7 minutes Well, if you ask me I would make a smart choice. Now the question is which one would be a smart choice, Using IT? Or losing IT? I am pretty sure after reading this you will end up with the… Continue Reading →

17 Nov 2017

Things to Consider While Going for Wearable App Development

Reading Time: 7 minutes Most of us out there must be owning smartphones and wearable devices. It makes our life so easy, isn’t it? But, have you ever wondered your life without them in this century? You can survive without them just for a… Continue Reading →

26 Aug 2017

Superpower in your pocket – Android Oreo 8.0

Reading Time: 6 minutes Google has officially introduced Android Oreo 8.0, the hottest update after Nougat – lighter, smarter, better, and powerful than ever. With this new update, Google targets security concerns and improving them plus adding various new features to the list. The… Continue Reading →