Author: Tejas Patel

27 Jul 2020

Guidelines to understand durable functions with .Net Core, C# and Stateful Serverless

Reading Time: 11 minutes What are Durable Functions? Durable Functions are an extension of Azure functions that allows writing stateful functions in a serverless compute environment. Create a reliable stateful workflow by enabling durable functions using Azure Functions. Create a workflow with serverless functions,… Continue Reading →

20 Jul 2020

Geospatial and Mixed Reality control for PowerApps: What to expect?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Microsoft has been working hard on creating effective features for PowerApps. Over the years, PowerApps is the digital tool that many enterprises use for un-imaginative apps. These apps can power businesses to digitize physical workplaces. If the recent pandemic has… Continue Reading →

16 Jul 2020

Announcing .NET 5 Preview 6: ASP.Net Core Feature Updates

Reading Time: 9 minutes On 25th June 2020, Microsoft shipped the sixth preview of .NET 5 saying they have achieved the milestone that was released to combine things. With this announcement, there will be one .Net going forward that will be used to target… Continue Reading →

01 Jul 2020

Reduce App Development by 70% with Microsoft PowerApps

Reading Time: 10 minutes When you think of mobile app development then multiple thoughts come in your mind, and you think whether it is a good idea to have an app. Cost and time are the most prominent factors that really affect your app…. Continue Reading →

26 Jun 2020

Why Do Businesses & Organizations are Shifting towards Microsoft PowerApps Development?

Reading Time: 10 minutes The Microsoft PowerApps Development has opened a chapter of comfort in the app development world. Now businesses are taking the benefits of PowerApps developers to build their apps faster and cheaper. This platform is conceived by Microsoft, which consists of… Continue Reading →

24 Jun 2020

How to create PowerApps Loading Spinner Image?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Do you have power mobile apps? History says mobile app development creates apps for each operating system that runs on iOS, Android, and Windows. This results in triple’s work development triples cost and increases development resources. Therefore, Powerapps came into… Continue Reading →

22 Jun 2020

Java vs .Net: Choose Your Best Pick for Android App Development

Reading Time: 11 minutes Java VS .Net: A Detailed Comparison to Choose the Best Android App Development Platform With the rise in the number of mobile users, the mobile marketplace has been targeted by businesses operating in various industries across the world. Android apps… Continue Reading →

18 Jun 2020

Real Estate Web Development: Why Choosing Is The Best Choice?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Internet connectivity and projection have become an integral part of flourishing in any business in the current era. Without the influence and support of the internet and website, no business can survive and prosper now. Internet presence of any business… Continue Reading →

21 May 2020

Know about Microsoft Power Platform Solution for Healthcare Emergency Response?

Reading Time: 8 minutes The tragic effects of Coronavirus have left a void between customers and the services; users are looking for. And out of all, one of the most affected service areas is healthcare. It is not just the threat of pandemic but… Continue Reading →

11 May 2020

Are you ready to Experience PowerApps Portals 2020 Wave 1 Updates?

Reading Time: 8 minutes We all know that Covid-19 has brought us to a situation where without getting the technology intervention, it is hard to survive. Here PowerApps are the saviors, and with Portals 2020 Release Wave I updates, they are in the robust mode… Continue Reading →

05 May 2020

How to leverage Artificial Intelligence in PowerApps with AI Builder?

Reading Time: 11 minutes Last year, Microsoft introduced Artificial Intelligence in PowerApps with an AI builder. It changed the way PowerApps worked. For developers, PowerApps has always helped develop excellent business solutions. It is a powerful low code platform. It enables organizations to utilize… Continue Reading →

29 Apr 2020

ASP.NET Performance Optimization: Everything You Need to Know

Reading Time: 13 minutes Performance is on top priority for any developer if you want to create an application or website. With performance optimization, one can make their site seamlessly easy to use. It also increases the scalability of the website and makes it… Continue Reading →

16 Apr 2020

What is ASP.NET Core and Everything You Need to Know About it?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Microsoft .Net development framework is around us for a while and is working as a heart of the company’s development and platform strategy. .Net Framework and ASP.Net core Development are entirely different frameworks. What was the need to create a… Continue Reading →

10 Apr 2020

What is the future of Outlook integration for Dynamics 365 and PowerApps?

Reading Time: 11 minutes If you talk about world leaders in business applications, then it’s Microsoft. The reason behind it is a robust enterprise-grade application set-Dynamics 365. So, whether it is supply chain management, finance, manufacturing or sales, it has applications for every business… Continue Reading →

06 Apr 2020

Why Use Asp.Net Technologies for Web Application Development?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Today, in the world of web and application development, there are varieties of options available that cater to the requirements of web application development. The latest technology we’ll be taking here is ASP.Net technologies Development that comes with various benefits… Continue Reading →

30 Mar 2020

Ultimate Guide on How to Generate PDF from PowerApps?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Creating a PDF from PowerApps has been the headache every business goes through today. Many companies request Powerapps PDF for their invoices, permits, and several other essential documentation. Due to this trend, many companies are now hiring Microsoft Powerapps developers to enhance… Continue Reading →

29 Jan 2020

Benefits of Migrating Asp.Net Application to Asp.Net Core

Reading Time: 8 minutes Today more and more people are talking about migrating from ASP.Net application to ASP.Net Core. But there is still confusion that is .Net Core App Development services will help in the future? Will it be able to maintain a large… Continue Reading →

27 Jan 2020

PHP Vs ASP.NET : How To Choose The Right One?

Reading Time: 12 minutes Are you planning to hire ASP.Net developer for your business? Are you in turmoil while deciding the right web technology for your website? Relax! This is a widespread challenge that every business comes across. Undoubtedly, PHP and ASP.NET are popular technologies and the… Continue Reading →

08 Jan 2020

PowerApps AI Builder- Top 5 Attractive Features!

Reading Time: 8 minutes What’s new in Microsoft PowerApps with AI Builder? PowerApps by Microsoft proved to be revolutionary soon after its release. It allows developers and non-technical users to create a mobile application with some selectable templates. Using Microsoft PowerApps as a mobile… Continue Reading →

26 Dec 2019

Top 6 ASP.NET based CMS (Content Management System) 2020

Reading Time: 10 minutes CMS (Content Management System) is a program that publishes, edits, and modifies content from a central interface. First of all, before deciding which Asp.Net CMS to use, you need to understand whether you need a CMS or not. You should… Continue Reading →