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Best Tools for Mobile Marketing

If you ask us what Mobile Marketing is, we would explain it in very simple terms. Mobile marketing is an act of scheming profile-raising movement targeted for smartphones, tabs, and other handheld communication devices. With the new technologies mushrooming every now and then, it is imperative for digital marketers to keep themselves well-run and incorporate those into their marketing approach.

Mobile marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to people if you plan to do something great with your app ideas. If used well, mobile marketing can prove to be the best tool to potentially increase sales.

Some of the tools like social media, video ads, mobile applications, and mobile pay –are the best now, having the prospects to be incorporated to enhance visibility and boost up the sales.

According to a survey conducted in the year 2016 by a leading marketing research firm, 40% of all the online purchases take place through smartphones and 66% of the consumers buy a product after they receive SMS from a particular brand. Such is the importance of mobile marketing.

Here we will have a look at some of the useful tools that can increase the potential sale, and increase a brand’s visibility exponentially:

Video Apps:

Video ads are the new craze in the world of advertising. Video ads are not only popular; they’re also highly operational at retaining the user’s interest in the ad. Many of the apps like Smule, Facebook, etc. have inbuilt video ads that hit the user’s mind often. The only point to be noted is the length of the ads. Too lengthy ads are not well responded by the users. A recent survey by the Yahoo group suggests that around 60% of the consumers respond best to video ads of 30 seconds or less.

Vertical video apps:

Vertical videos, when compared to the ads which are shot horizontally, have a comparatively much higher success rate with the customers. This is another excellent way to market your apps or products. As a matter of fact, many companies like Audi have been benefitted by the use of vertical video ads. In fact, the very famous app, YouTube has recently enabled a vertical video app which has given it a lot of advantages, followed by many others in the market.

Social Media Messaging apps:

Short Messaging alternatives instead of regular text messages or SMS are rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative mode of communication. One of the best examples of these messaging apps is Facebook bot Messenger. These apps are the best for communication between producers and consumers because they are quick and personal.  Big brands can also use them to offer tailored and limited deals to their customers.

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Mobile apps:

Many companies and brands have opted for their own apps, which has increased their involvement with the customers. Having their own apps always has an edge over links that would eventually take the customer to the company’s website. Mobile apps are evidently the best way to augment consumer involvement with the brand. The benefit of buying an app is certainly immense.

Apart from the above-mentioned tools, there are many others like location-based strategies; Social Shopping, Flurry, etc. which are also equally beneficial.

Mobile Marketing


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Best Tools for Mobile Marketing

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