Timeline App Makers Of 2019 & Software Who Made Virtual Timeline App

A Timeline is considered as one of the core features of top project management software. If we talk about projects than Project Timelines are always considered as critical for monitoring projects and according to do a task more efficiently. Project… Continue Reading →

Learn To Deal With Mental Health Like A Professional Using Best Mental Health Apps For 2019

Technology has often criticized for deteriorating people’s mental health problems, especially social media. As per a survey, earlier this year indicate that though the average person in the world has more than 500 friends on social media and among them,… Continue Reading →

Important Guidelines To Build A City Guide App For Travellers and Features to consider before City Guide Development Process:

The new technical era in the digital world running high worldwide is a buddy travel app which simply means full guidance with multiple features into your travel. The digital travel sales are $564.87 billion worldwide and among them, a number… Continue Reading →

Important Facts That You Should Know before Developing Weed Delivery App

If you are looking for creating an extraordinary experience for your audience than these will be proven a useful article for you. As we all are living in a constant increasing competitive world, it becomes important for cannabis retailers to… Continue Reading →

Why Food Delivery App Development Had Been So Popular Till Now, Have A Look before Investing Money into it:

Why Food Delivery App Development Had Been So Popular Till Now, Have A Look before Investing Money into it: Technologies made people so keen that nowadays people anywhere, anytime can eat healthy from their favorite restaurants. As we all know… Continue Reading →

3 Ways To Master Photo Editing App Development Without Breaking a Sweat:

Through amazing digital platforms in this era of social connectivity, the new obsession is Photography – As it becomes the new way to give all the updates about life to your nearest one. A perfect Photograph is one kind of… Continue Reading →

If you are thinking about Develop Online Learning App than you must need to know these First…!!!

Learning applications or websites always give chances to the user to discover something new, Unique information and Help to improve skills and specialization in any industry anytime, anywhere only the single requirement is the internet. All a user require is… Continue Reading →

5 Sources To Learn About Apple March Event Announcements 2019

Whenever in the market Apple launch something we always thought that it would be some new gadgets, but this time in March – It’s showtime Apple March Event Apple has announced some of the small updates in regards to AirPods,… Continue Reading →

Will mobile wallet ever rule the world? Know the finance apps to help you decide the best for you!

The approach of cell phones, easy and relatively cheaper access to the internet and mobile banking, the innovation is progressing towards making digital transactions. Over the years, the traditional technique is vanishing and people are accepting the change and adopting… Continue Reading →

HealthKit vs Google fit: Which is better for healthcare app?

So the competition between Apple vs Google continues. From Siri to Ok Google, single camera to dual cameras & now between Apple HealthKit vs Google fit! Just because the curiosity for health related issues is increasing among all age group,… Continue Reading →

Organise the unorganised: Develop a Trello-like iOS App

With numerous apps on the app store and increasing market conditions for iOS programming, iPhone app development has touched skies and there is a long way to go yet. Well, coming to the Trello app – it is indeed hitting… Continue Reading →

The Millionaire Guide On How To Make Money With An App That Helps You Get Grow:

Nowadays, The question comes to everyone’s mind is Can you make money from apps or Can you make money with an app? Then yes, it possible as we all know the online earning has take-over the general markets. Let’s talk… Continue Reading →

Build your own Powerful Custom Taxi Booking App from the technology stack behind Uber:

Nowadays the Worldwide demand for on-demand taxi services are getting high and IT industry taking advantage of this market requirement by approaching high-end developers who are experienced in the field of taxi booking app development. Introduction towards next On-Demand Taxi… Continue Reading →

Integration of Apple’s HealthKit Data during the development of a Health & Fitness App for iPhone:

As we all aware since last 2-3 year the new trend of India in all generation is Health & Fitness – Than why should Technology left behind. Here we will let you know how Apple has been made strong HealthKit… Continue Reading →

Best of the best iPhone Cinemagraph apps chosen for you!

“Taking photo editing to another level, cinemagraph is an illusion that is created on static photographs to give an animated or a GIF view to the viewer.” Briefing, It’s very smooth to end up obsessed with cinemagraphs, changing the way… Continue Reading →

Brilliant iPhone Apps for Developers & Designers

In the world tough competition in terms of smartphones with smart applications, iPhone constantly remains on the top choice for people and also in the development and design industry. Also, This is due to the reason as the iTunes store… Continue Reading →

The 5 iPhone App Development Trends To Watch In 2019

As with the new year beginning Apple is ready with the bright future of mobile app technologies. With the latest trends of 2019 keeping in mind, Apple is building the latest iOS applications. Now Let’s talk about the latest iPhone… Continue Reading →

Get the best web apps ideas for your startup business

A decade ago, if you have your own website and the mobile application then it will become easier for you to get a good online presence. However, things are changed now. Due to the competition, if you would like to… Continue Reading →

Create your simple browser using WKWebView

We all are aware of the term web view, it’s not new for us. We have already used UIWebView in past. Developers were using UIWebView class in the 8.0 and earlier versions to embed web content in an iOS app…. Continue Reading →

iOS 12 Features- The ultimate beginning of a new feature

We have noticed since last few days that iOS 12 is designed in a way to bring a couple of notable changes in its current features and functionalities. We can say in a better way that from now onwards iPhone… Continue Reading →

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