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You have given your star idea the shape of an impressive app. But what next? What is your game plan to engage more and more people as your app user? What are those secret techniques and strategies which can increase the percentage of user engagement of your app? How essential is it to create an enduring customer relationship and understand the niche mobile marketing strategy and detail the user experience? With these and more of related questions which can help you get a loyal clientele irrespective of market dynamics and competitiveness, let’s browse through the golden rules to increase the app user engagement.


App store listing starts your journey of enhancing the level of user engagement much before a prospective user downloads your app or uses it for the first time. At this place, your app should be able to give answers to the prospect as to why he/she download your app exclusively, what’s the unique selling proposition of your app and what all solutions does it provide. In short, the first time app user is keener to know the HOW’S of your app than the WHAT. This means you need to educate your users first with the key benefits of your app and thereafter when the user is accustomed to how your app will benefit him/her, you should move on to the characteristic features of your app.


As a user, I would always prefer an app which runs at maximum speed but eats minimal storage space. This concludes to the essential feature of the app being reliable and fast each time it has a user interface. Even Google lowers you on SERP scale if your load time is more than 2 seconds, thus bringing down your bounce rate. There are several tools in the market to help you evaluate and leverage your app performance.


Easy access is what every individual desire to have at any place or location be it in a virtual world or real life. One can provide the option of login or sign up through other social media options like “Login through Facebook” or “Login through Instagram”, for ensuring time-saving and easy entry of prospective users in your app world.


The level of user engagement for apps with rewards and offers for users is comparatively more than with apps without offers and incentives. Use of bonuses and rewards increases the frequency of visit to the app, improves the brand loyalty, increases user retention and most importantly delights its users.


Push notification in context of user engagement level needs to be worked out in a very calculative way. Untimely and unnecessary notifications might turn off the app user. And so your app should have the option wherein the user can opt in or opt out from the notification setting. Also, the notification shared by the app should contain valuable information and offers.


There are multiple tools in the market which can help the app owner get information related to the taste, preference, demographics, timing and more personalized aspects of their users. And so making use of these and more such information to provide a personalized app user experience to users is a great way to improvise on the level of user engagement. In a way, your return on investment gets increased since your efforts are more direct and certain.


Like any other customer, every app user needs to get heard for his feedback and suggestions. More he is responded to, the more he feels engaged in the app. Specific turnaround time should be provided to the user every time he/she contacts the app with any query. This helps in trust building, improves the App rating and also gets the NPS of your app (Net promoter score).


If your app is more shareable, its reach will increase automatically. Your app should be well integrated with social media options like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Sharing of the app also induces word of mouth publicity, makes the app more engaging and thus more interesting. Infact sharing of the app can be an incentive funded program, which will push the users to share it more and more. Cross sharing on multiple platforms ensure vast spread reach to multiple audiences.


In today’s fast moving technologically trendy era, the users are happy with the apps which help them in moving parallel to the trend speed. Regular updates to the app keep your app alive in the eye and mobile of the user. Updates can also be used as a medium to introduce new relevant features to the app. All said one must also maintain the discipline in the context of the frequency of updates and level of update.


The core content as provided by your app might be similar to varied other apps in app world. But what makes you stand out is the user experience provided at your end. Since the level of human dependency has increased a lot in our routine life, these apps also need to provide an experience which has human element glued to it. The app user should feel like being integrally connected to the app in his routine life.

User Engagement


All the above mentioned golden rules will help your app create an impact which will increase the level of user engagement. But how and to what extent these rules are to be implemented is at your sole discretion and rationality.

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