Introduction to Flutter and Desktop Apps

Reading Time: 11 minutes Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit that builds beautiful and compiled applications for the mobile, desktop, web from a single codebase. One can build Flutter desktop apps to retrieve your repositories and other pull requests. One can develop and use plugins… Continue Reading →

Build Run First Web Application Using Flutter For Web

Reading Time: 12 minutes Ever since Google released its first stable version in December 2018, Flutter has been the talk of the town. Since then, it is used to build amazing functional applications that ensure seamless performance. The intriguing characteristics and features of Flutter… Continue Reading →

Why to Use Flutter for Building Cross-Platform App?

Reading Time: 11 minutes As per the current findings 60% of flutter cross-platform app developers are developing with Windows, 27% are using macOS, and 13% are using Linux. 78% of Flutter developers use the stable channel, 11% use beta, and 11% use either dev… Continue Reading →

How to Auto testing your Flutter Apps using Artificial Intelligence?

Reading Time: 11 minutes Which is the most popular cross-platform framework? It is the most widespread discussion among the developers. But, truth be told Flutter remains a force to reckon with. Many choose Flutter mobile app development to take advantage of Dart. Flutter is… Continue Reading →

The Various Know-Hows of incorporating AI in Flutter

Reading Time: 11 minutes The exponential growth of digitalization has paved the way for the onslaught of most coveted technologies. The speed of digital revolution is redefining the future scenario of the industries, societies, and economy as a whole. Some developers may be more… Continue Reading →

Flutter Vs Java: Which Is The Future Of App Development?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Flutter Vs Java: Is Flutter Likely To Replace Java For Android App Development? Smartphones have become synonymous with human lives and the propensity of doing anything without is almost next to nil. The huge rise in the users has paved… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide And Facts On Cross-Platform App Development In 2021.

Reading Time: 11 minutes Cross-app development has garnered more interest over the years. Many consider it, the future of app development. So, why is cross-platform development the new age beacon of business growth? The sole reason is its ability to take your products to… Continue Reading →

What To Expect From Flutter 1.17 And Dart 2.8 For App Development?

Reading Time: 11 minutes 2020 has not panned out as we thought. From pandemic to the economic crisis, everything has stopped major rollouts this year. But, when Google announced the latest version of Flutter 1.17 and Dart 2.8, it provided a little hope. Flutter… Continue Reading →

HIPAA Checklist for Healthcare Software

Reading Time: 12 minutes Today, the healthcare Software industry is one happening and challenging industry. Healthcare IT solutions and services used for streaming processes. The healthcare systems focus on what patients, clinicians, and the administration’s needs. Various IT solutions are rising due to it’s reduced… Continue Reading →

Medical Emergency Getting Treated Well With Healthcare Digitalization

Reading Time: 11 minutes There is no point in arguing that Healthcare Digitalization has always been the last adopter of modern technology. That being said, the entire healthcare ecosystem, including doctors, medical equipment, to manufacturing medicines, has heavily relied upon technology. As digitalization is… Continue Reading →

What’s so Great About DartPad, How Can We Embed Flutter App in a Website?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Flutter is a framework that creates a native app for android and iOS. And has now started with the web. Which means you can now create a website using Flutter. DartPad an open-source tool allows using Dart language for any… Continue Reading →

Announcing Codepen Support For Flutter: How That Works For Developers?

Reading Time: 11 minutes What to expect when the front end development playground meets the best app development framework? If you are a coder or a developer then you would have already encountered inspirational issues. CodePen has been for the developers or designers what… Continue Reading →

React Native v/s IOS Native: The battle Continues!

Reading Time: 11 minutes “Planning an app development for your business? Confused about whether to go for a native iOS development or choose React Native? Then, here we are with some useful insights on what to choose in 2021?” Mobile apps have become a… Continue Reading →

Kotlin Vs Flutter: Which one to go with For Cross-Platform App Development?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Many businesses choose to go for cross-platform app development these days. It is a great way to reach more audiences. Though choosing the right development technology is essential. When it comes to cross-platform development Flutter Vs. React Native was the… Continue Reading →

Complete Guide to Flutter App Development

Reading Time: 11 minutes 2020 is here, where Flutter beta came out just a year back, and it feels like it has been with us around ages. With Flutter app development, one can build a native application for iOS and Android devices from a… Continue Reading →

Useful Tips For A Successful HealthCare Web App Development

Reading Time: 9 minutes There was a time where people were not able to cure minor diseases without the help of doctors. Not just this they were also unable to get first-aid information as there was no source either. This is the main reason… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why Flutter is Setting the Trend in Mobile App Development

Reading Time: 9 minutes The mobile app development paradigm is seeing a radical shift in recent times. From the masterclass Javascript universe to ultimate frontier Kotlin, everything has been evolving and enlightening. But, a new piece on the board has changed the game of… Continue Reading →

Researching Mobile App Agencies? Ask About These Hidden Costs

Reading Time: 10 minutes So, the time has arrived, and you have finally decided to develop your very own mobile app agencies and take over the word with it. Initially, one might find them intimidating getting the hybrid mobile app development services, creating your very own uber…. Continue Reading →

How to Develop a Grocery App with Flutter for Android/ iOS

Reading Time: 10 minutes Who doesn’t love shopping whether it’s men, women or kids, isn’t it? Mobile apps have changed our living life and have given a great viewpoint of experiences. Talking about ordering food, checking bank details, cab booking or renting a car… Continue Reading →

Why is Flutter Mobile Development the Best Option for Startups App Owners?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Have you planned to develop an app for your startup? That’s a great idea! Flutter mobile app development is new in the market Today is a time of mobile apps where tools created for simplification of our daily life activity to… Continue Reading →