18 Aug 2021

Best Social Media Apps For 2021

Reading Time: 9 minutes By default, human behavior has been evolved to be active to some level. Some humans are more active than others. It is a common trait amongst people to find methods to connect and make a network within themselves. In this… Continue Reading →

28 Jul 2021

Flutter 2.2.0 Is Here! 3 Reasons Why It’s Awesome

Reading Time: 7 minutes Following the successful launch of Flutter 2, Google has indicated that it plans to keep expanding the framework, which is one of its numerous initiatives. The only question then arises is what’s new in flutter 2.2?  We don’t have to… Continue Reading →

27 May 2021

Why Choose Flutter 2 Over Flutter 1?

Reading Time: 12 minutes With over 2 million + users, Google is all set to offer the most widely used Open-source UI software development toolkit, Flutter. Using Goog le’s Flutter toolkit, one can design natively, beautifully, and compiled applications for web, desktop, mobile, and… Continue Reading →

20 Apr 2021

Why is Flutter called Future for Application Development?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Flutter is a cross-platform, open-source application development SDK platform operated by Google. It helps developers to develop rich and modern feature applications for multiple operating systems. In 2016, Flutter was launched on Github and was new to the market. But… Continue Reading →

22 Mar 2021

Why Is Flutter Suitable For Your Business App Development?

Reading Time: 11 minutes Are you thinking to build a business app with Flutter app development? Yes, then it’s high time to be more comfortable for startups and businesses to roll out with the feature-rich mobile application without putting a burning hole in the… Continue Reading →

18 Mar 2021

Google Announces Flutter 2.0 For The Web And Desktop Apps

Reading Time: 10 minutes With technology evolving, an increasing pace of new technologies with rising and fall, today, organizations are paying more attention to mobile development. Probably one of the best handy technology is Flutter which is build using Android and iOS applications. Flutter… Continue Reading →

27 Jan 2021

Why choose Flutter for your Startups?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Since the release of Flutter’s first stable version in December 2018, it has taken the digital world by storm. Flutter is a cross-platform app development that comes with a major advantage and contributes towards ever-growing popularity. But the questions remain… Continue Reading →

06 Jan 2021

How To Hire A Flutter App Developer And Streamline The Hiring Process?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Flutter is an open-source software development kit owned by Google. It’s mainly used for developing a mobile application. It released in 2017 and today is preferred as one of the best developing mobile apps. Flutter is a relatively new and… Continue Reading →

18 Dec 2020

Concetto Labs has been declared as a Top Flutter App Development Company of 2021 by

Reading Time: 6 minutes Flutter has proven to be one of the most exciting app development platforms in recent times. Also, the framework allows the developers to unleash their creative potential and helps in building great apps faster. a press release on Top… Continue Reading →

16 Dec 2020

10+ Essential Flutter App Development Tools to Use in 2021

Reading Time: 11 minutes Google revealed that nearly half a million developers use open-source UI framework flutter each month. Also, if you’re looking to paint your app to life, then the flutter framework is best. By using a rich set of fully customizable widgets,… Continue Reading →

18 Nov 2020

How to Build a Simple Node.js CRUD App with FeaturesJS

Reading Time: 10 minutes Any current project requires splitting the logic into front-end and back-end code. The main reason behind this is to move and promote code-re-usability. Let’s say; we need to build a native mobile application that accesses back-end API. We can also… Continue Reading →

16 Oct 2020

Flutter Enable Windows-Desktop Apps for Developers

Reading Time: 12 minutes As a newbie, Flutter won a holy treasure of software that most developers loved to use. Flutter is a fast-growing mobile development tool. It allows startups and enterprises to save high cost on development services. According to Google, half a… Continue Reading →

06 Oct 2020

Why People are Crazy Behind Flutter & How to Choose Flutter App Development Company?

Reading Time: 11 minutes Flutter is a buzzword that’s rolling everywhere these days. When you have a look at first sight, it’s a butterfly. But Flutter is one type of Google’s new framework. It’s built for developing high-quality native apps for android and iOS…. Continue Reading →

15 Sep 2020

Introduction To Flutter And Desktop Apps

Reading Time: 11 minutes Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit that builds beautiful and compiled applications for the mobile, desktop, web from a single codebase. One can build Flutter desktop apps to retrieve your repositories and other pull requests. One can develop and use plugins… Continue Reading →

25 Aug 2020

Build Run First Web Application Using Flutter For Web

Reading Time: 12 minutes Ever since Google released its first stable version in December 2018, Flutter has been the talk of the town. Since then, it is used to build amazing functional applications that ensure seamless performance. The intriguing characteristics and features of Flutter… Continue Reading →

18 Aug 2020

Why to Use Flutter for Building Cross-Platform App?

Reading Time: 11 minutes As per the current findings 60% of flutter cross-platform app developers are developing with Windows, 27% are using macOS, and 13% are using Linux. 78% of Flutter developers use the stable channel, 11% use beta, and 11% use either dev… Continue Reading →

09 Jul 2020

How to Auto testing your Flutter Apps using Artificial Intelligence?

Reading Time: 11 minutes Which is the most popular cross-platform framework? It is the most widespread discussion among the developers. But, truth be told Flutter remains a force to reckon with. Many choose Flutter mobile app development to take advantage of Dart. Flutter is… Continue Reading →

03 Jul 2020

The Various Know-Hows of incorporating AI in Flutter

Reading Time: 11 minutes The exponential growth of digitalization has paved the way for the onslaught of most coveted technologies. The speed of digital revolution is redefining the future scenario of the industries, societies, and economy as a whole. Some developers may be more… Continue Reading →

29 Jun 2020

Flutter Vs Java: Which Is The Future Of App Development?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Flutter Vs Java: Is Flutter Likely To Replace Java For Android App Development? Smartphones have become synonymous with human lives and the propensity of doing anything without is almost next to nil. The huge rise in the users has paved… Continue Reading →

25 Jun 2020

The Ultimate Guide And Facts On Cross-Platform App Development In 2021.

Reading Time: 11 minutes Cross-app development has garnered more interest over the years. Many consider it, the future of app development. So, why is cross-platform development the new age beacon of business growth? The sole reason is its ability to take your products to… Continue Reading →