25 Nov 2020

20+ Essential iOS Apps list for all iPhone User

Reading Time: 19 minutes It’s the end of the year, and we thought to highlight a few favorite applications for the iPhone. iPhone App development company is developing the best utility apps for iPhones that are used daily. Whether you’re an experienced iPhone user… Continue Reading →

14 Jul 2020

IOS Or Android? Which Is Better To Use?

Reading Time: 12 minutes Developing a mobile application can be a challenging task. Based on the Gartner survey, 79% of smartphones sold between April and June. In there, 177.9m handsets sold when compared to Apple’s 31.9m iPhones. IDC estimates that 62% of tablets shipped… Continue Reading →

18 Jun 2020

Apple’s LiDAR Technology is a Game Changer

Reading Time: 11 minutes Apple’s newly announced iPad Pro on 18th March 2020. Apple’s LiDAR Technology has all set for the new AR revolution. The breakthrough LiDAR Scanner for 2020 iPad Pro model is first in the mobile industry that has patented nine years… Continue Reading →

28 May 2020

Impressive iOS Mobile Application Tools for your business

Reading Time: 10 minutes There is no doubt that every business required a tailor-made app that helps the organization. Later, it helps the company to enhance the brand name and propel well into the future. Today, with the increasing demand for mobile app development,… Continue Reading →

02 Apr 2020

Swift 5.2 : What Are The New Things That You Need To Know About

Reading Time: 9 minutes With Xcode 11.4 beta, the first beta of swift 5.2 landed and gained a handful of language adjustments with a reduction in code dimensions and memory usage. So, after this, you should get an idea that we will talk about… Continue Reading →

10 Jan 2020

iOS Application with Android Background

Reading Time: 8 minutes If you have built an app and resources are not actively using your app, then it’s time for some background processing. One of the most famous examples we can think of now is health applications, which do measure motion to… Continue Reading →

07 Jan 2020

Reasons Why Startups & Enterprises prefer Swift for their iPhone App Development Services

Reading Time: 8 minutes A fast, safe, and modern that enable developers to establish a new level of interactivity during their custom iPhone app development – the best language known as swift. Swift consists of several useful features like generics, type interface that makes… Continue Reading →

10 Sep 2019

Why Artificial Intelligence Matters In iOS App Development

Reading Time: 12 minutes Jump Down: 1. Replika 2. Seeing AI 3. ELSA 4. Airpoly 5. Cortana With the commencement of loads of applications in the app store, people can acquire the best solution to the problems easily. In recent years, mobile app development… Continue Reading →

26 Aug 2019

To Get Best-In-Class Mobile Solutions, Hire iPhone App Developer India Today

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Developers on rent always follow a uniquely identified development process that could deliver the best enterprise and business solutions in a much more effective way to meet up all the business needs on time. By keeping exhaustive testing that… Continue Reading →

27 Jun 2019

The Brilliant Choice For Your Next iOS Development With Single Code: Flutter

Reading Time: 9 minutes In order to develop new mobile applications with the latest technologies, app development agencies look for cross-platform solutions and some of the companies have a fixed budget and a small span of time to launch different apps daily. Nowadays, a… Continue Reading →

12 Jun 2019

Timeline App Makers Of 2019 & Software Who Made Virtual Timeline App

Reading Time: 10 minutes A Timeline is considered as one of the core features of top project management software. If we talk about projects than Project Timelines are always considered as critical for monitoring projects and according to do a task more efficiently. The project… Continue Reading →

04 Jun 2019

5 best meditation app for iPhone in 2021

Reading Time: 10 minutes Don’t you think your mental health is as important as your physical health? In fact, it is more necessary to be mentally happy and healthy to overcome all physical stress. Well, meditation plays a very important role in keeping you… Continue Reading →

31 May 2019

Top 8 Best Mental Health Apps For 2021

Reading Time: 9 minutes Jump Down: 1. Learn2 Breathe 2. Quit That! – Habit Tracker 3. Anxiety Apps 4. SAM: Self Help Anxiety Management: 5. Happify: for Stress & Worry 6. MooTools 7. Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax 8. Anxiety Relief Hypnosis – Stress,… Continue Reading →

27 May 2019

Important Guidelines To Build A City Guide App For Travellers and Features to consider before City Guide Development Process:

Reading Time: 10 minutes The new technical era in the digital world running high worldwide is a buddy travel app which simply means full guidance with multiple features into your travel. Digital travel sales are $564.87 billion worldwide and among them, the number of… Continue Reading →

23 May 2019

Important Facts That You Should Know before Developing Weed Delivery App

Reading Time: 9 minutes If you are looking for creating an extraordinary experience for your audience then these will be proven a useful article for you. As we all are living in a constantly increasing competitive world, it becomes important for cannabis retailers to… Continue Reading →

10 May 2019

3 Ways To Master Photo Editing App Development Without Breaking A Sweat

Reading Time: 8 minutes Through amazing digital platforms in this era of social connectivity, the new obsession is Photography – As it becomes the new way to give all the updates about life to your nearest one. A perfect Photograph is one kind of… Continue Reading →

20 Apr 2019

5 Sources To Learn About Apple March Event Announcements 2019

Reading Time: 10 minutes Jump Down: 1. Apple TV Plus (+) 2. Apple Card 3. Apple News Plus (+) 4. Apple Arcade 5. Apple TV App Whenever in the market Apple launch something we always thought that it would be some new gadgets, but… Continue Reading →

09 Apr 2019

Organise The Unorganised: Develop A Trello-like IOS App

Reading Time: 11 minutes With numerous apps on the app store and increasing market conditions for iOS programming, iPhone app development has touched skies and there is a long way to go yet. Well, coming to the Trello app – it is indeed hitting… Continue Reading →

25 Mar 2019

Handout for iOS Apps Design Resource

Reading Time: 11 minutes Know about Apple UI design resources Simply like website development there has been rapid growth and a steady requirement for quality motivation in iOS app designs. At times it might be difficult to develop an iOS app. But if you… Continue Reading →

22 Mar 2019

The New Way to Develop iOS Apps With Flutter vs Native iOS Development

Reading Time: 8 minutes Flutter vs Native iOS Development? In the current scenario, the competition in the app development world is reaching great heights. For the development community, there is a constant urge to cut costs, optimize time, produce more and deliver quality services and… Continue Reading →