19 Mar 2019

Integration of Apple’s HealthKit Data during the development of a Health & Fitness App for iPhone:

Reading Time: 10 minutes As we all aware since last 2-3 year the new trend of India in all generation is Health & Fitness – Than why should Technology left behind. Here we will let you know how Apple has been made strong HealthKit… Continue Reading →

14 Mar 2019

Best of the best iPhone Cinemagraph apps chosen for you!

Reading Time: 9 minutes “Taking photo editing to another level, cinemagraph is an illusion that is created on static photographs to give an animated or a GIF view to the viewer.” Briefing, It’s very smooth to end up obsessed with cinemagraphs, changing the way… Continue Reading →

11 Mar 2019

Brilliant iPhone Apps for Developers & Designers

Reading Time: 11 minutes In the world tough competition in terms of smartphones with smart applications, iPhone constantly remains on the top choice for people and also in the development and design industry. Also, This is due to the reason as the iTunes store… Continue Reading →

06 Mar 2019

The 5 iPhone App Development Trends To Watch In 2019

Reading Time: 9 minutes As with the new year beginning Apple is ready with the bright future of mobile app technologies. With the latest trends of 2019 keeping in mind, Apple is building the latest iOS applications. Now Let’s talk about the latest iPhone… Continue Reading →

19 Feb 2019

Create your simple browser using WKWebView

Reading Time: 7 minutes We all are aware of the term web view, it’s not new for us. We have already used UIWebView in the past. Developers were using UIWebView class in the 8.0 and earlier versions to embed web content in an iOS… Continue Reading →

18 Jan 2019

iOS 12 Features- The ultimate beginning of a new feature

Reading Time: 9 minutes We have noticed since last few days that iOS 12 is designed in a way to bring a couple of notable changes in its current features and functionalities. We can say in a better way that from now onwards iPhone… Continue Reading →

18 Oct 2018

What is iOS development and how to hire an iOS developer

Reading Time: 8 minutes Basically, iOS is one type of mobile operating system that is created by Apple Inc. like the Android operating system but altogether in a different way. You can see it in various forms in all the flagship mobile devices of… Continue Reading →

28 Sep 2017

iOS 11 Officially Released With New App Store Or Features & More

Reading Time: 7 minutes For all the tech-crazy people, the good news is here! Your wait is over! With the new iOS 11, you can unlock the never-seen-never-experienced before features of your Apple iPhone or iPad. You can download iOS 11on your Apple phone… Continue Reading →

19 Sep 2017

5 Tips for iPhone/iPad App Development

Reading Time: 6 minutes All of us would agree, owning an iPhone or an iPad is a lot more than just owning gadgets. It is a rage among the people today, especially young professionals. Being the pioneers in the smartphone industry, Apple is undoubtedly… Continue Reading →

13 Sep 2017

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus:The Next-Gen iPhone

Reading Time: 6 minutes On September 12th of 2017, Apple revealed the next generation of iPhone: iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The features include a stunning glass design with an aluminum body. Made of the most durable glass ever, iPhone 8 and 8+… Continue Reading →

31 Jul 2017

Swift 4 – The powerful programming language that is also easy to learn

Reading Time: 7 minutes Swift 4 is the new programming language introduces for iPhone application development. The newest version of Swift (Swift 4) became a “Major focus” of companies. Therefore, we can truly say that the computing world will be changing soon due to… Continue Reading →

20 Jul 2017

Get Acquainted to the Latest Version of Xcode 9

Reading Time: 8 minutes XCODE 9 is the latest refined developer toolset needed to create the best of apps for iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Mac. And here you will be introduced to some of the latest feathers added to Xcode under… Continue Reading →

10 Jul 2017

iOS 11: A New Chapter in the Book of iOS

Reading Time: 10 minutes A New Chapter In The Book Of Ios 11 “There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in this world, because you realize there is so much more to the book than the page… Continue Reading →

21 Jun 2017

The Premium iPhone App Development Company in India

Reading Time: 7 minutes Premium iPhone App Development Company in India The iOS app store has turned on to a new milestone, and now has over millions of apps being downloaded by millions of individuals. Apple being the irrefutable leader in the mobile sector… Continue Reading →