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What is Flutter?

Flutter was introduced in the year 2015 and is an open-source framework. It aims to compose a commercial center for Google Fuchsia. It’s a system for iOS, Web, Android, and other desktop-based app development. Flutter works best for coders who think It’s easy to learn. It has turned into cross-platform mobile app development inside a brief timeframe.

Top Features of Flutter

  • Easy to Utilize: Flutter framework is free and open-source which permit analysis, modifying inquiries, and use the code.
  • Exceptionally Customizable: When you add resources into Flutter, the app designer would utilize various gadgets and make portability with giving a customized look.
  • Google Firebase: Firebase integration would permit flutter application engineers to give backend office on occasion for environmental factors.
  • Reload Performance: Flutter is famous due to beginning to reload execution. It makes it simple for everybody to make backend changes and break front-end classification.
  • Perfect for MVP: The framework helps in building Android and iOS applications at low cost and less time. Kotlin vs Flutter is an ideal for MVP development and in building models.

Why Flutter is an excellent choice?

Flutter is an opensource platform that organizes a marketplace for Google Fuchsia. Flutter comes with a UI toolkit that enables developers to build beautiful applications for mobile, web, and desktop using a single codebase. Google UI framework focuses on the prevailing technological framework within a short time.

When to use Flutter?

  • For Simple Set-up: Flutter has a bright future for the developer.
  • For Building Minimum Viable Product: Develop a conceivable app and give clearer item thought.
  • Convenient Solutions: The hot reload feature permits engineers to execute code progressively.

Future scope of Flutter

Flutter comes with the top structure for any app development. It permits utilizing Dart and assemble cross-platform apps using local mobile apps. Lots of organizations are using custom Flutter app developers dependent on your requirements.

What is Kotlin?

JetBrains develop Kotlin, and it’s an open-source programming language. It was released in 2010 and later in 2016 to build native mobile applications for Android. Kotlin is multiplatform is an essential feature of Kotlin which complies with JVM, Bytecode, LLVM, and more. Similarly, to flutter Kotlin’s work as multiplatform in an SDK which allows reusing business logic by building applications for iOS, Android, Desktop, and even helps in backend development in Java frameworks like Spring.

Top Features of Kotlin

Top Features of Kotlin

  • Basic Languages: It comes with programming dialects like Swift, Scala, and is genuinely comfortable to comprehend the language.
  • Complex SDK and not framework: Construct your application with Kotlin that works better than Java.
  • Reuse of the Logic: It permits isolating UI and undertake rationale. Kotlin coder cooperates with the local environment like Kotlin data, JavaScript for the Internet, Android studio, etc.
  • Local UI Expertise: It doesn’t require any guidelines for making UI and coders deal with the appearance and proficiency of machines efficiently.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: The designer can scale up applications without using VM. It makes the perfect decision for making an application vital. The framework is trending due to its developer’s skill and simplicity.

Why Kotlin multiplatform is gaining popularity?

If you have the plan to build a Kotlin app, then you can hire developers or work on a single module. Kotlin has a syntax which is quite similar to programming languages like Swift, Groovy, Java, and Scala. It’s an only platform that provides all kinds of services which makes it different from others. Kotlin multiplatform won’t demand any instructions for creating UI. The hire Kotlin developers can work on design, efficiency, and appearance similar to native. The developers can scale up the applications without utilizing a Virtual machine.

When to use Kotlin?

As Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language, it relies on the Java class library. The scope of Kotlin is unlimited. For example, Pinterest has moved from Java to Kotlin and provide users with a better interface.

  • Add Features in an existing app: Add extra features to an existing app instead of revamping the entire architecture.
  • Inbuilt Debugging: Kotlin can search for bugs automatically and prevent them from coming back. It is safer than Java and resolves crashes instantly.
  • Simple Syntax for Sophisticated codes: It’s easy to write and deploy codes in Kotlin. They are used in apps that require heavy coding and is simple to maintain.

Future Scope of Kotlin

The Future Kotlin scope comes with a fixed significant number of bothering issues inside the Java language. For instance, invalid references are constrained by the required app development platform. Kotlin has no crude elements, and the clusters are invariant.

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Kotlin Vs Flutter

Check a few highlights and comparison between Kotlin Vs Flutter

Features Flutter Kotlin
Released 2017 2010
Popularity More popular with 88.7k stars and 11.7k forks Less popular with 31.5 stars and 3.8 forks
Pricing Free and Open source Free and Open Source
Programming Language Dart JVM, Native and JavaScript
UI Experience Best User Interface 100% Interoperable in Java
Performance Excellent Speed Better security
Testing Support Operates with Firebase Comes with a rich set

What is the Kotlin Vs Flutter Verdict?

Both Flutters vs Kotlin for Android have their exciting way of building cross-stage and local applications. It relies on a particular task and its necessities so you can pick anyone. Additionally, Flutter adds more favor and trending choice for android application development company. Before few years Kotlin was at the same level, but as Flutter is moving on with adding new features, it’s used vastly. Hire android developer or hire flutter app developer to grow your business globally.


1. Why an android application development company uses flutter?

Flutter comes with lots of advantages of speeding up the app development process. It helps to build a beautiful interface in less time when we compare it with native apps. Flutter is wholesome for native app development in the flutter engine itself, which adds benefits to users.

2. Why is Kotlin right for Android development?

Kotlin makes the developer’s life easier where coders here get over the edge when utilizing the latest framework, new technologies and start constructing magnificent things. Kotlin works best among the designer’s network and best suits for android development.

3. Does Flutter app development come with Hot reload function?

Yes, Flutter does have a hot-reload function. The feature is used for the whole codebase and runs on the app without any delay. It updates according to the screen interface.

4. What are the benefits of cross-platform apps?

Among the other mobile app types, cross-platform can gain a massive number of popularities across the globe. The apps can install in any devices and comes with benefits like:

  • Easier Implementation
  • Quicker development time
  • Control cost
  • Reusable Codes
  • Sameness and Uniformity


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