11 Jan 2021

Top Business Advantages and Disadvantages of PowerApps

Reading Time: 12 minutes Advantages and Disadvantages, And Limitations Of PowerApps Microsoft PowerApps has made its spot in the world of so-called low code development platforms. The idea behind creating this PowerApps platform is to provide a way to create business solution apps for… Continue Reading →

06 Jan 2021

Power Apps vs InfoPath: what should you choose?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Power Apps vs InfoPath | Are you interested in the migration of InfoPath to Power Apps? And, are you trying to find any good articles explaining the differences? Then, you are in the right place. Here, we have covered everything…. Continue Reading →

21 Dec 2020

Microsoft Rebrands Flow Service to Power Automate in Ignite 2019

Reading Time: 13 minutes In this digital era, you will find several cloud services or applications to do just about everything. But what’s the actual point, if we can’t couple it together and work? Disconnected applications and services are much like a cell phone… Continue Reading →

14 Dec 2020

Accelerate Your PowerApps and Power Automate Adoption with Concetto Labs

Reading Time: 7 minutes In recent time, there are many organizations who are currently working remotely and operating virtually through work at home arrangements. However, it’s not possible for every industry. And this is impossible in providing essential goods and services. The workers or… Continue Reading →

08 Dec 2020

5 Ways to Integrate, Extend, or Customize Dynamics 365

Reading Time: 6 minutes Microsoft Customize Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s SaaS business solution which is a combination of Dynamics ERP and CRP. But it’s much more than just that. It’s a single application with the capabilities to address various business processes and functions. Since… Continue Reading →

30 Nov 2020

Slack Vs Microsoft Teams: Which One Is Better For You?

Reading Time: 22 minutes In 2019, the team collaboration software market touched a new height with $9.5 billion globally. And this COVID-19 pandemic situation has forced everyone to work remotely. During this, remote work, collaboration, and chat tools have played a major role. To… Continue Reading →

17 Nov 2020

Introducing The New Search Experience in Model-driven PowerApps

Reading Time: 6 minutes Recently, Microsoft launched a brand new search experience for Model-driven PowerApps. Therefore, the first-party Dynamics 365 apps are operating on top of CDS. This is one of the significant moves in the “non-structured” search capabilities in Power Apps. This update… Continue Reading →

06 Nov 2020

Mobile Offline for PowerApps

Reading Time: 10 minutes In recent times, the Power App has taken the market with its storms. Customers and organizations have started developing mobile apps with Power Apps. Based on the recent scenario and after going through some research, we have decided to feed… Continue Reading →

26 Oct 2020

How to Harness The Benefits of Power Platform and Azure to Build an App?

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Power Apps by Microsoft came into the picture in 2015, back when the tool was originally launched. Over these years, Power Apps have helped many organizations from a variety of industries and of various sizes. It helps to build… Continue Reading →

14 Oct 2020

Microsoft DataFlex: Low-Code Platform to Boost Teams

Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s not a single day that Microsoft has not been able to keep up with the news with advanced technology. Open any tech-website, first news you will see is from Microsoft, be it launching a new tool or covering other… Continue Reading →

08 Oct 2020

Microsoft Power Automate: How it Helps You Automate Your Business Processes?

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this competitive world, Business Process Management – BPM is gaining its popularity. Many organizations are shifting their paradigm towards a faster and more automated environment on a daily basis. In nutshell, BPM is used to optimize, enhance, and automate… Continue Reading →

05 Oct 2020

What is Microsoft Canvas App: A Detailed Guide from Starting Till End!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Yes, absolutely! there’s an app for that. We might have heard this statement an innumerable number of times and thought it’s just too repetitive to be used. An app for this and an app for that, but does it really… Continue Reading →

26 Sep 2020

Integration of PowerApps with Microsoft Teams

Reading Time: 9 minutes Making your Microsoft teams dynamic Microsoft PowerApps development comprises of applications, servers, and data that helps to build custom applications for every small business. In short on using PowerApps teams, it becomes easy to connect with business data stored in… Continue Reading →

07 Sep 2020

Say Hello to the New PowerApps Portal: Building Robust low-code website for external users!

Reading Time: 7 minutes PowerApps are a great way to build custom business apps. It allows users to connect to your data and work across web and mobile without much expense. It is a great way to develop low-code apps for multiple platforms. Cherishing… Continue Reading →

28 Aug 2020

Integrating PowerApps, Power BI and Flow to Create Realtime Streaming Applications

Reading Time: 13 minutes Data is the lifeblood of modern business and now we’re generating more than ever. But the collection of piles of digital information isn’t of much use unless the organization is able to process it in a sensible way. And, that’s… Continue Reading →

20 Jul 2020

Geospatial and Mixed Reality control for PowerApps: What to expect?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Microsoft has been working hard on creating effective features for PowerApps. Over the years, PowerApps is the digital tool that many enterprises use for un-imaginative apps. These apps can power businesses to digitize physical workplaces. If the recent pandemic has… Continue Reading →

01 Jul 2020

Reduce App Development by 70% with Microsoft PowerApps

Reading Time: 10 minutes When you think of mobile app development then multiple thoughts come in your mind, and you think whether it is a good idea to have an app. Cost and time are the most prominent factors that really affect your app…. Continue Reading →

26 Jun 2020

Why Do Businesses & Organizations are Shifting towards Microsoft PowerApps Development?

Reading Time: 10 minutes The Microsoft PowerApps Development has opened a chapter of comfort in the app development world. Now businesses are taking the benefits of PowerApps developers to build their apps faster and cheaper. This platform is conceived by Microsoft, which consists of… Continue Reading →

24 Jun 2020

How to create PowerApps Loading Spinner Image?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Do you have power mobile apps? History says mobile app development creates apps for each operating system that runs on iOS, Android, and Windows. This results in triple’s work development triples cost and increases development resources. Therefore, Powerapps came into… Continue Reading →

21 May 2020

Know about Microsoft Power Platform Solution for Healthcare Emergency Response?

Reading Time: 8 minutes The tragic effects of Coronavirus have left a void between customers and the services; users are looking for. And out of all, one of the most affected service areas is healthcare. It is not just the threat of pandemic but… Continue Reading →