14 Oct 2021

Top 7 Best Document Scanning Apps Of 2021

Reading Time: 13 minutes Jump Down: 1. Adobe Scan 2. FineReader PDF 3. CamScanner 4. SwiftScan 5. Genius Scan 6. TurboScan Free 7. Microsoft Lens With the best document scanning apps of 2021, you can easily digitally save papers on your smartphones. Electronic records… Continue Reading →

06 Oct 2021

Build Dynamic SharePoint Bashboard Using Best Charting Tools

Reading Time: 7 minutes Who doesn’t like creating beautiful charts that add drill-downs, filtering, and plenty of other things? Also, what if it makes you visualized SharePoint online charts and graphs? Amazing right. To create a dashboard in SharePoint online from the list, one… Continue Reading →

04 Oct 2021

30 Best App Ideas for the startups in 2022

Reading Time: 28 minutes Mobile app concepts have shifted the technological landscape in this technological and modernized high-tech era. With the trending fame, applications with new and unique app ideas are growing in popularity. If you’re seeking new app ideas, we’ve put together the… Continue Reading →

01 Oct 2021

5 Best Android Face Recognition Apps You Should Try in 2021

Reading Time: 13 minutes We have come a long way in AI and deep learning technology and face recognition apps systems are no longer a novelty.  A big thanks to the “selfie culture”, it still tends to be a feature of the major technology… Continue Reading →

14 Sep 2021

4 Best Live Streaming Apps For Android And IOS

Reading Time: 5 minutes Jump Down: 1. Periscope Archives 2. Go Live 3. Facebook Live 4. 365Scores Streaming is the best way to communicate with people in a real-time scenario. Regardless of the geographical boundaries, you can easily get in touch with your people… Continue Reading →

07 Sep 2021

Mobile App Development Process: Step-by-Step Guide [2021]

Reading Time: 13 minutes In 2021, mobile apps have been predicted to rake in $693 billion worth of revenues from application stores as well as in-app advertising. To add to this, enterprise mobility is also projected to reach a worth of $510.39 billion in… Continue Reading →

29 Jul 2021

Best Tattoo Design Apps to watch in 2021

Reading Time: 7 minutes Jump Down: 1. Procreate 2. MediBang 3. Photoshop 4. Amaziograph 5. Magic Poser Getting a tattoo on your body is a tough decision as it’s difficult to remove the traces from your skin once it’s inked. Today tattoos are everywhere,… Continue Reading →

09 Jun 2021

Which Mobile Platform Should Startups Choose In 2021: Android Or IOS?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Developing mobile applications is a regularly growing business in the world. However, a considerable number of startups appear in the market every year. According to the facts, there are more than 5 million unique mobile users across the world. So,… Continue Reading →

16 Feb 2021

How much does it cost to build a signal messaging app in 2021?

Reading Time: 12 minutes On 6th January, the announcement made by WhatsApp brought about a massive revolution across the tech world. The announcement which asked users to share their personal information with Facebook witnessed a massive number of mass uninstallation with people turning against… Continue Reading →

27 Nov 2020

How to Replace Switch with When in Kotlin?

Reading Time: 9 minutes As a beginner, you might look for how the Kotlin switch statement works. If your background is working in C, Java, etc. then switching to Kotlin works best. There is no switch statement available in Kotlin; instead, it replaces the… Continue Reading →

28 Sep 2020

How Zero-Code Platform Slashes Time and Cost to Deliver Responsive Apps?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Mobile app development has historically been a diligent and time-consuming process for the majority of enterprises. On top of it, many enterprises find themselves sticked with issues like unexpected app performance, app scoring low on user experience, glitches in-app, and… Continue Reading →

03 Sep 2020

Kotlin vs Flutter: Which is better for doing business?

Reading Time: 12 minutes What is Flutter? Flutter was introduced in the year 2015 and is an open-source framework. It aims to compose a commercial center for Google Fuchsia. It’s a system for iOS, Web, Android, and other desktop-based app development. Flutter works best… Continue Reading →

23 Jul 2020

Why is it Essential to Maintain an Application?

Reading Time: 12 minutes After a lot of hard-work into mobile app development, you have published your app successfully on play store. Now you desperately think that you’ve done your app marketing job. Then you’re mistaken here if you’re feeling so. Developing apps and… Continue Reading →

23 Jun 2020

How will 5G Change The Way We See Mobile App Development?

Reading Time: 11 minutes Mobile app development is evolving rapidly and 5G can certainly help its skyrocket. It is not just a mobile network upgrade. Many think that 5G is just another advancement in network intensity. They are not entirely wrong. But, the matter… Continue Reading →

04 Jun 2020

MVC vs MVP vs MVVM: A Guide on Architecture Presentation Patterns

Reading Time: 12 minutes Nowadays, smartphones and tablets are getting popular. Every software development needs different design, technology, and architecture to help with specific customer requirements.  The main aim of such a design pattern is to assist in developing applications that are easy to… Continue Reading →

20 May 2020

5 Essentials to Consider For Mobile App Development Cost Management.

Reading Time: 11 minutes What is the most trending business strategy today? Its mobile app development. There are over 3.5 billion smartphone users around the globe. So, choosing a mobile app to upscale your business is the best strategy. Yet, we see many businesses… Continue Reading →

01 May 2020

7 Main Reasons To Boost Your E-Commerce With A Mobile App In 2021

Reading Time: 11 minutes If you own an e-commerce business, you are already aware of the mobile-first strategies adopted around the world. Mobile applications have gained popularity in recent years. Mobile-first strategies owe it to the traction towards mobile apps. Mobile applications have unique… Continue Reading →

25 Apr 2020

8 Reasons Why Your Agency Should Become a White Label Mobile App Reseller

Reading Time: 13 minutes Today, the mobile app sector is overgrowing due to its popularity and penetration in our daily lives. The demand is increasing day-by-day from small to large-sized industries. According to the study, the Early adopter of the mobile app Reseller is… Continue Reading →

03 Mar 2020

How Your Investment In News App Can Work For Your Business To Grow On Rapid-fire Speed

Reading Time: 8 minutes In today’s world generation wants all the required things on fingerprint like all the news. Nowadays newspapers and magazines are not the only sources of news. You can read posts on different mediums where anyone can share their stories, read… Continue Reading →

11 Feb 2020

How to develop innovative apps for foldable devices?

Reading Time: 15 minutes 2019 was the remarkable year where the rumors of foldable smartphones reached a pinnacle stage. In the early years, Samsung announced the launching of its first-ever innovative foldable offering, which has been around the corners for several years. But in… Continue Reading →