21 Oct 2021

How To Develop An On-Demand Cook & Chef Finder Mobile App

Reading Time: 17 minutes Introduction Everyone loves mouth-watering cuisine but what about the process that goes into the making of it. A part of good food can make someone’s ordinary day into an unexpected memorable one. In today’s scenario when people are leading a… Continue Reading →

07 Oct 2021

Top 10 Best Car Rental Apps to be considered in 2021

Reading Time: 16 minutes Renting a car makes maintaining a vehicle a relatively simple job for the user. There is no need to incur the high expense of purchasing the vehicle or to spend hundreds of dollars on its upkeep and maintenance. Perhaps your… Continue Reading →

08 Sep 2021

5 Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps You Should Consider in 2021

Reading Time: 6 minutes When you’re building your first eCommerce business, sourcing inventory is one of the most tedious and difficult processes. Budding entrepreneurs need to sort a place where they can find and collect inventory at the earliest. How profitable is dropshipping? The… Continue Reading →

26 Aug 2021

How Can One Develop A Live Streaming App On iOS and Android?

Reading Time: 15 minutes Nearly 2.72 billion people forecast would start watching on-demand videos by 2023. The market is projected with $70 billion worth by 2021. A few of the streaming services include YouTube, Twitch, Hulu, Netflix, and Spotify, which offer a wide variety… Continue Reading →

04 May 2021

Top Healthcare Trends To Redefine Industry In 2021

Reading Time: 9 minutes Healthcare trends come numerous used in various hospitals, patients, and health system that rely on digital health technologies. In this pandemic, there are multiple unusual disruptions available in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is growing slow. AI in healthcare… Continue Reading →

06 Apr 2021

Things You Need To know About Gambling App

Reading Time: 10 minutes The days are here when it seems we can do anything from our phones or tablets. Our device can perform it all by setting a thermostat to ordering groceries to complete detailed work tasks. Some companies are developing advanced online… Continue Reading →

13 Aug 2020

Best on Demand App Ideas for The Startups!

Reading Time: 28 minutes Mobile apps have become an inevitable part of human life. Today, we have mobile apps for almost everything. Right from booking cabs, reserving dinner tables to ordering groceries, we have apps for everything. Similarly, in order to run an online… Continue Reading →

21 Jul 2020

How Much Does It Cost To Build On-Demand Telemedicine App Development?

Reading Time: 12 minutes Under the Statista’s report; The global telemedicine market is expected to grow more by 4 times in the upcoming 6 years. It simply means that the healthcare sector will undoubtedly go mobile. But, What Benefit Does It Bring To The… Continue Reading →

29 May 2020

Creating a Online Food Delivery App that Runs Successfully

Reading Time: 11 minutes You would be surprised to know that in 2020 alone, the online food delivery app industry has made $ 122 Million in revenue. That is surely a huge number to look at. Among all the food delivery services, the logistic-focused platforms tend… Continue Reading →

08 May 2020

10 Top Educational Apps That Startups can Build In 2020.

Reading Time: 11 minutes Education has got innovative. Over the years there have been many innovations in learning systems. Technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have created a new wave of learning. The old ways brick and mortar classrooms are now transformed into… Continue Reading →

25 Apr 2020

Creating a Customer App for Your On Demand Food Delivery Platform

Reading Time: 11 minutes You would be surprised to know that in 2020 alone, the online on demand food order delivery industry has made $ 122 Million in revenue. That is surely a huge number to look at. Among all the food delivery services, the logistic-focused… Continue Reading →

23 Mar 2020

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Cannabis Delivery App Like Eaze

Reading Time: 9 minutes Medical Marijuana made its debut long ago in the American domain. But, in 2018, the Australian government too legalized the cannabis delivery business. But, what transpired six years back is still a phenomenon. A cannabis delivery app based on the… Continue Reading →

26 Feb 2020

8 Facial Recognition Apps That Will Rule 2020!

Reading Time: 11 minutes Jump Down: 1. Blippar 2. Luxand 3. FaceApp 4. Face2 Gene 5. FacePhi 6. Applock 7. Log Me 8. FaceFirst The last decade has witnessed an excess of ground-breaking innovations for commercials and corporates. The increase in mobile apps for… Continue Reading →

21 Feb 2020

What is the Process of Disney Plus Development and How Much it Costs?

Reading Time: 13 minutes Introduced in September 2017, Disney 2 took whole years to launch a video streaming service of their frontrunner. And even after beating some obstacles on the launch day, the growth trajectory Disney plus app development took only moments after its launch… Continue Reading →

12 Feb 2020

What Are The Top 7 Digital Health Technologies Trends for 2020

Reading Time: 10 minutes We are heading towards the digital era as gone are the days where health checkup was a complex task and have to wait a couple of days for reports. In this digital technology revolution, many healthcare software development company have… Continue Reading →

26 Dec 2019

7 best on-demand delivery service apps for Android and iOS

Reading Time: 10 minutes In this tech-savvy world, access to everything and anything has become so more comfortable. Gone are those days when you need to stand in queues of the bank to collect the amount. Now, there are countless ATMs across the country… Continue Reading →

11 Dec 2019

Best Gig Economy Apps To Earn Money in 2020

Reading Time: 17 minutes With the introduction of smartphones, the world has become a different place. With the upbringing of technology, people have been getting more accustomed to flexibility. And this marks the presence and popularity of the “gig economy”. To briefly conclude its… Continue Reading →

04 Dec 2019

What You Must Know Before Creating an E-Scooter App Like Bird?

Reading Time: 15 minutes When it comes to going for the greener movement, every aspect around us must address it well, and the way we commute should also be included in it. There are many different options that are picked by the transport industry,… Continue Reading →

22 Nov 2019

What Could be the Cost of Developing a Parking App Like SpotHero?

Reading Time: 12 minutes When you are in your car planning on something else, you have to rush through the traffic at the same. And it might occur that you parked at the “No Parking”. People have been suffering from No Parking issues for… Continue Reading →

13 Nov 2019

A Comprehensive Guide to Develop a Successful Messaging App Like Telegram

Reading Time: 10 minutes The holy trinity of social technology- internet, smartphone, and social media- has indeed made the world a global village with connectivity no longer a far-fetched myth. One of the major fields benefitting from this idea in the world of messaging… Continue Reading →