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Why do you need an IDE?

An IDE or Integrated Development Environment is a one-stop software application fro all coding. It helps developers to code, debug, compile, and even design graphics for the application. Every IDE comes with a source code editor. So, an IDE is what you need to build an application from scratch.

It can offer, code editor, code debugger, compiler, automation tools, and other such features for developers. But, they can be framework-specific or dedicated to certain programming languages. Some IDEs like Eclipse and XCode support multiple programming languages.

Here, we are discovering some best IDE for Node.Js development. Node.Js is a Javascript-based runtime environment. It is an open-source framework. It helps the development of network and server-side applications. The asynchronous I/O blocking architecture of Node.Js makes it the best option for app development.

It allows businesses to easily develop real-time applications with high-interactive features. Many giants like Netflix, Nasa, SAP, and even Amazon have chosen Node.Js development. It can increase the performance of the applications by 50%. It can also reduce the development costs by 57%. Node.Js is certainly a great option for app development. But, you need the right IDE for un-imaginative apps.

So, why not choose the best IDE for your Node.Js development plans?

Let’s get to know some of them.

  • WebStorm:

It is an impressive Javascript-based IDE. It offers unique tools for code editing. It also offers debugger for debugging facilities. It will help you design an amazing user interface with swift navigation features. It helps with safe refactorings that can be automated by developers.

You can even add virtual card service terminal capabilities. This feature helps integrations of digital payments into your apps. It is a great tool for e-commerce app development. So, if you are looking for a Node.Js IDE that can help you integrate digital payments easily then it is a great option.

  • Komodo IDE:

It is a great IDE for Node.Js development. It is a cross-platform IDE and supports all the major programming languages. Apart from the Node.Js, it supports, PHP, Ruby, and many more. It is considered as the best IDE with a Node.Js editor. It provides customizations to all your configurations. It allows you to edit and run commands.

It allows a developer to track all the necessary changes in the code. It comes with code intelligence for better coding. It also provides different viewers for DOM and markdown. So, you can create proper feature dependencies and provide a seamless experience.

  • IntelliJ IDEA:

If you are looking for the best node-based IDE for web-apps than IntelliJ IDEA is the best. It also supports other Javascript frameworks like Angular.Js. It helps you design a great user interface to give an app like features with HTML5.

All you need is a NOde.Js plugin and you are ready to create amazing web-applications. Discover greater breakpoints with javascript debugger and check your errors in real-time. You can even track changes in Node.js development right from your IDE.

  • Eclipse:

Though we are discovering app development IDEs, Eclipse needs a mention. It is an amazing IDE for web development with support for Javascript, PHP, Java, and even C++. For Node.Js, you will need a plugin in this IDE.

  • Visual Studio Code:

It is an IDE from Microsoft’s innovative arsenal. It is a popular open-source IDE for Node.Js that helps you develop amazing apps. You can code, compile, and run your application code to track all the errors. It also allows an effective compilation of the code for developers.

It provides command-line editing features. So, you don’t need an external Node.Js editor. It also helps multi-task with a split-view option.

  • Codeenvy:

If you are thinking about a Cloud-based Node IDE than Codeenvy is a great option. We have already seen how cloud IDEs like Eclipse can be amazing to use for applications. Codeenvy aces the cloud IDEs with a portable docker runtime.

Updating new versions become very easy with this IDE and you can manage multiple issues of features, bugs, and glitches. It provides an environment best for collaborating with several DevOps teams.

  • Cloud9:

It is an open-source cloud-based IDE. It supports app development on popular frameworks like Node.Js, PHP, C++, and others. It has the facility of an online Node.Js editor. This feature allows developers to write codes, run them, and debug, if necessary. It also comes with a pre-built key binding editor. You can use an image editor and preview your apps when they are published.

  • Sublime Text:

It is a great IDE for creating UI designs. The IDE comes with a UI toolkit that helps you edit code and markup. It also comes with a unique text editor that is easy to use. It comes with pre-built symbols and shortcuts for coding purposes.

It also facilitates split texting. It comes with amazing tools to customize, rename, and manipulate the Node.Js files for your app development.

  • Atom:

How about an IDE for Node.Js that comes with eight pre-built coding themes? That is how the Atom makes for a great IDE. It comes with an easy syntax. There is a UI toolkit for all your designs and coding customizations. It is an open-source application. It has integrations of Javascript, CSS, HTML, and Node.Js.

  • CodeLite:

Are you worried about memory footprints of your application code? Then CodeLite is the best IDE for Node.Js app development. It comes with amazing UI development features. It provides Node.Js -based editor, debugger, and compiler. It is open-source and free.


Node.Js framework is one of the most powerful app development technologies. There many Node.Js developers that are making efforts to create unique tools to create high-performance apps. Choosing the right IDE for your Node development can be a tad difficult. But, if you observe closely, you will find the ideal one for your apps.

Let’s hope you find the best IDE for your Node.Js endeavor?

If you have better options than the ones we discussed, feel free to share with us in below comments section!