HealthKit vs Google Fit: Which Is Better For Healthcare App?

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HealthKit vs Google fit

So the competition between Apple vs Google continues. From Siri to Ok Google, single camera to dual cameras & now between Apple HealthKit vs Google fit!

Just because the curiosity for health-related issues is increasing among all age groups, the usage of healthcare related apps is increasing at a good pace. It is an open fight: Two juggernauts are going to square off to compete for control of an effectively immersed healthcare observing and mobile healthcare advertise.

Both Apple & Google are set up to serve their clients with two propelled stages, the two organizations presently have uncontrollably unique item dreams.

The HealthKit was first declared by Apple Inc. in 2014 and discharged with the dispatch of iOS 8. It is likewise a medicinal services stage, which essentially gathers and records from the diverse fitness and healthcare applications with the goal that it winds up open to the users.

Google Fit is the fitness stage propelled by Google, which essentially makes utilization of your Smartphone’s sensors to screen different exercises, for example, jogging, strolling, running, cycling, and swimming consequently.

Let us now have a glance at the differences between Apple’s HealthKit vs Google’s Google fit:

HealthKit vs Google Fit Feature: Tracking Functionality

Both healthkit & google fit keep track of basic activities.

While Apple Health on the iPhone can track strolls, runs and climbing stairs, it takes whatever is left of its information from your other fitness applications. Google Fit does likewise, however it additionally gives you a chance to begin more exercises from the application itself. From Push-ups to badminton to running, you can begin a session at any minute.

But what does HealthKit not provide? It doesn’t give you a chance to include custom exercises, whereas this is the most demanding feature of google fit!

Well, you cannot deny the fact that healthkit is proficient in medical data analysis.

Apple Health is better at monitoring your prosperity. Google Fit is more capable of particular exercises.

HealthKit vs Google Fit Feature: Compatibilities & UI

HealthKit vs Google fit

Both the platforms are mostly compatible with all the latest devices & many renowned apps. With a benchmark set, they analyze and put in the data from all the devices & apps you use.

The UI of both healthkit & google fit is sensible. The healthkit has four tabs that allow you to see your entire week’s progress by tapping it. Whereas google kit will show you the progress of that particular day.

So, the google fit has fewer tabs but gives you more features compared to healthkit.

HealthKit vs Google Fit Feature: Security

We all are aware of the fact that Apple is far better than Google in terms of security. Hence the same applies to HealthKit.

The Fit has certain impediments; for example, Google Fit is only well-being and fitness following application; it doesn’t offer you any assistance in checking the restorative parameters.

The healthkit is way better in terms of security. It follows the Acts & Guidelines that are imposed by the government. The propelled models have unique finger impression sensors to distinguish the client and hence are more secure. Since the information gathered in HealthKit is principally restorative records, it is put away in profoundly secured various backups.


Comparing the big shots is not a smart choice. Both the healthcare platforms have their pros & cons. It is your call. If you want proper medical data go for healthkit & if you are only concerned about fitness issues go for google kit!


HealthKit vs Google Fit: Which Is Better For Healthcare App?

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