Organizational Charts in Office 365: Use Them Most Efficiently!

A typical method for finding a representative in your company is to explore through the office/division/specialty unit to discover an individual in a specific job or at a particular detailing level. Organizational charts in Office 365, there are numerous ways… Continue Reading →

Will mobile wallet ever rule the world? Know the finance apps to help you decide the best for you!

The approach of cell phones, easy and relatively cheaper access to the internet and mobile banking, the innovation is progressing towards making digital transactions. Over the years, the traditional technique is vanishing and people are accepting the change and adopting… Continue Reading →

HealthKit vs Google fit: Which is better for healthcare app?

So the competition between Apple vs Google continues. From Siri to Ok Google, single camera to dual cameras & now between Apple HealthKit vs Google fit! Just because the curiosity for health related issues is increasing among all age group,… Continue Reading →

Want To Step Up Your Powerapps Offline Compatibility? You Need To Read This First:

In the real world, everyone has faced a common situation of losing connectivity of mobile device or poor connectivity with the internet while using any application. Hence App users who can be field workers, Marketing agent or users who travel… Continue Reading →

Angular vs React: Appreciate the differences & choose it wisely!!

Picking the correct structure for another JavaScript framework (we will focus on angular vs react), be it a website or an application is a top need for any business. Out of all the front end advancement systems in the market,… Continue Reading →

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About building a Beautiful Web APP With Angular 7

In the developing world, every time new technologies, languages and its features get launched. As we know all new technology emerging to expedite It solution companies and their developer with the purpose of reducing development cost that directly benefits to… Continue Reading →

Organise the unorganised: Develop a Trello-like iOS App

With numerous apps on the app store and increasing market conditions for iOS programming, iPhone app development has touched skies and there is a long way to go yet. Well, coming to the Trello app – it is indeed hitting… Continue Reading →

How Microsoft PowerApps A Leader In Low-code Development Platforms Can Ease Your Pain:

Microsoft Powerapps – A service without the expense of custom software development can build business apps that connect with data to work across the Web and Mobile. An enterprise platform that can play an important pivotal role to define your… Continue Reading →

The Millionaire Guide On How To Make Money With An App That Helps You Get Grow:

Nowadays, The question comes to everyone’s mind is Can you make money from apps or Can you make money with an app? Then yes, it possible as we all know the online earning has take-over the general markets. Let’s talk… Continue Reading →

Heading towards the great release of Angular 8.0 development: Observe the unobserved!

While the news has already taken the internet about the release of the angular 8.0, we being an angular development company are eager to share our piece of information. It is said that this release will be greatest of all…. Continue Reading →

Announcing Flutter Version 1.2 – With Development DART Tool

One of the new addition into the arsenal for the app developers is Flutter. Basically, Flutter is a UI framework used to build beautiful, interactive and fluxional cross-platform native apps on Android and iOS using Google’s Dart programming language. As… Continue Reading →

Enhance Model-driven embedded canvas app: Here is all that you need to know!

Have you heard about PowerApps? I am sure many of you might surely have but for the ones unaware about the PowerApps, Out in the market back in 2015, PowerApps is an activity by Microsoft that enables designers and non-techie… Continue Reading →

Build your own Powerful Custom Taxi Booking App from the technology stack behind Uber:

Nowadays the Worldwide demand for on-demand taxi services are getting high and IT industry taking advantage of this market requirement by approaching high-end developers who are experienced in the field of taxi booking app development. Introduction towards next On-Demand Taxi… Continue Reading →

An introduction to Flutter app development with expertise flutter developers

To Build up High-performance, High-Fidelity application for Android and iOS. Flutter an open source development framework created by Google is used from a single codebase. The aim behind the use of Flutter is that enable developers who can deliver high-performance… Continue Reading →

Handout for iOS Apps Design Resource

Know about Apple UI design resources Simply like website development there has been rapid growth and a steady requirement for quality motivation in iOS app designs. At times it might be difficult to develop an iOS app. But if you… Continue Reading →

The New Way to Develop iOS Apps With The Flutter vs The Native iOS Development

In the current scenario, the competition in the app development world is reaching great heights. For the development community, there is a constant urge to cut costs, optimize time, produce more and deliver quality services and apps. This is where… Continue Reading →

Integration of Apple’s HealthKit Data during the development of a Health & Fitness App for iPhone:

As we all aware since last 2-3 year the new trend of India in all generation is Health & Fitness – Than why should Technology left behind. Here we will let you know how Apple has been made strong HealthKit… Continue Reading →

Best of the best iPhone Cinemagraph apps chosen for you!

“Taking photo editing to another level, cinemagraph is an illusion that is created on static photographs to give an animated or a GIF view to the viewer.” Briefing, It’s very smooth to end up obsessed with cinemagraphs, changing the way… Continue Reading →

Microservices | Latest In Microservices with .NET

Develop autonomously, scale & deploy independently & rise through persistent restructuring! Microservices will help you in this. Microservices with .NET: The Revolution Where did the need for this revolution start? All the credit to the monolithic architecture which was not fit… Continue Reading →

Brilliant iPhone Apps for Developers & Designers

In the world tough competition in terms of smartphones with smart applications, iPhone constantly remains on the top choice for people and also in the development and design industry. Also, This is due to the reason as the iTunes store… Continue Reading →

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