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13 May 2024  2004

Android vs IOS: Which Mobile Platform is Best For App Development?

In the digital world, before taking a decision to run a business, it becomes inevitable to complete your research and then proceed with the implementation. Mobile App Development is a process that requires detailed considerations to choose what technologies and OS you need to develop your mobile app. Android and iOS dominate the smartphone market. […]

09 May 2024  87

What is Custom Software Development | Benefits, Examples, and Steps

Summary: Better security, scalability, and flexibility are among the top advantages of custom software development. We will look at how it can streamline business operations and boost profitability and productivity in this blog. We will explore the possibilities of customizing software to fulfill particular company requirements, leading to a more economical and customized solution. One […]

01 May 2024  181

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central vs Dynamics 365 – Benefits and Features?

Summary: Check out the blog on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central vs Dynamics 365. Check out the benefits and features that power your business growth. Explore how these platforms revolutionize your workflow from streamlined operations to enhanced decision-making. Read this blog for getting insights into the difference between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central vs Dynamic […]

22 Apr 2024  173

What is the Importance of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in .NET Development?

Summary: Learn why Domain-Driven Design is important for .NET developers in this blog. DDD accelerates structured aligning business logic with code. It enhances scalability, maintainability, and collaboration between domain experts and developers. Use DDD to develop robust, business-centric .NET apps effortlessly. Developing complex applications for businesses of every industry is a challenging task. This is […]

19 Apr 2024  228

Microsoft Copilot Studio – A Low-Code Tool for Development

Summary: Microsoft Copilot Studio is a low-code tool that enhances development productivity. This blog provides an idea on how to develop Microsoft Copilot Studio, its benefits and features and the cost to develop Copilot Studio. Microsoft Copilot Studio, launched in 2012 and known as Ignite, is a cutting-edge low-code tool for developing and customizing copilots. […]

15 Apr 2024  193

What are the Steps to Develop Real-Time Apps using Flutter and WebSockets?

Summary: Real-time communication is very important for client-server interaction in today’s application. Using Dart’s WebSockets within Flutter allows seamless real-time data sharing. This blog explains how to integrate the WebSockets into Flutter apps to easy data transmission and enhance user experience. Have you ever considered how important quick mobile app development and real-time features are […]

12 Apr 2024  258

List of Top 5 Cross-Platform App Development Platform

Summary: Experts at Concetto Labs have carefully examined user data, industry trends, and framework features before compiling a list of the top mobile app development frameworks for 2024 that are well-liked by clients and developers alike. Our list of the best cross-platform mobile app development frameworks and their salient characteristics is all you need if […]

03 Apr 2024  314

What is Concierge Services – Types and Benefits?

Summary: Concierge services are a card everyone in this modern world will require. There are various types of concierge services available as per your requirements. Read this blog showing the definition of concierge services, their types, and their benefits. Everyone in today’s world is preoccupied with their own personal and professional development. We all need […]

01 Apr 2024  343

How to Integrate SSL Pinning in iOS Applications?

Your mobile app’s success depends on offering a dependable and safe experience. It is your responsibility as a mobile developer to ensure that user data is secure and unavailable to other parties. Using secure socket layer (SSL) pinning techniques in your iOS app is one way to achieve this. SSL pinning on iPhone is a […]

27 Mar 2024  317

Which Are The Top 10 Test Automation Challenges And How To Overcome Them?

A risk is an occurrence of an unexpected event with a negative effect. An untimely risk mitigation can have disastrous consequences, including lost business revenue and even fatalities. Automation has gradually permeated every industry, starting with the earliest computers and continuing through the current smartphone. It is also altering our perspective on day-to-day living. We […]

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