09 Jun 2021

Which Mobile Platform Should Startups Choose In 2021: Android Or IOS?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Developing mobile applications is a regularly growing business in the world. However, a considerable number of startups appear in the market every year. According to the facts, there are more than 5 million unique mobile users across the world. So,… Continue Reading →

01 Jun 2021

ASP.NET Core Line Up With Latest Microsoft Updates

Reading Time: 10 minutes Microsoft released a security advisory providing information about a vulnerability in ASP.NET Core. In December 2020, the organization .Net core moved with the latest Microsoft updates based on Windows. The ASP.Net core development company receive several requests for the updating… Continue Reading →

27 May 2021

Why Choose Flutter 2 Over Flutter 1?

Reading Time: 12 minutes With over 2 million + users, Google is all set to offer the most widely used Open-source UI software development toolkit, Flutter. Using Goog le’s Flutter toolkit, one can design natively, beautifully, and compiled applications for web, desktop, mobile, and… Continue Reading →

25 May 2021

Automate tasks for Windows 10 with New Power Automate Desktop Features 2021

Reading Time: 7 minutes In 2020, Microsoft power automate invested heavily in robotic process automation (RPA) by introducing developers with Power automate desktop. Microsoft witnessed the tremendous growth of power automate at Microsoft ignite in 2019. And so, the company announced a power automate… Continue Reading →

18 May 2021

In-Depth Laravel 8 New Released Features

Reading Time: 11 minutes Laravel 8 is a newly released Laravel framework that launched on 8th September. Peers want to know what’s new in Laravel 8 and what improvement made in Laravel 7. Before understanding the Laravel 8 features, one needs to see the… Continue Reading →

13 May 2021

Microsoft Extends its Low-Code Programming Language Push with Power FX

Reading Time: 8 minutes The recent Microsoft Ignite event has amazing news for the Microsoft developers. Charles Lamanna, the corporate vice president of the Low code Application platform announced Microsoft Power Fx – A new low-code programming language. This announcement is made during the… Continue Reading →

12 May 2021

Top Android App Development SDKs, Libraries, And Frameworks To Use In 2021

Reading Time: 10 minutes With the increasing use of smartphones, business tycoons worldwide focus on the development of mobile applications for the business. Similarly, With the advancement in the IT industry, the development of the application has now become hassle-free. It would be best… Continue Reading →

04 May 2021

Top Healthcare Trends To Redefine Industry In 2021

Reading Time: 9 minutes Healthcare trends come numerous used in various hospitals, patients, and health system that rely on digital health technologies. In this pandemic, there are multiple unusual disruptions available in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is growing slow. AI in healthcare… Continue Reading →

30 Apr 2021

Explain Functional Testing And Its Types

Reading Time: 10 minutes What is Functional Testing? Functional Testing is software testing that validates the software system. It provides input by verifying the output against the functional requirements. The Testing involves black-box testing, which isn’t concerned about the Application’s source code. The testing… Continue Reading →

28 Apr 2021

Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s Low-Code Programming Language Power Fx

Reading Time: 8 minutes The announcement:  In the recent event of Microsoft Ignite 2021, Charles Lamanna- The corporate vice president of the Redmond company took the low-code aspect of their platform to next level by introducing a new low-code programming language, Power FX. The… Continue Reading →

20 Apr 2021

Why is Flutter called Future for Application Development?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Flutter is a cross-platform, open-source application development SDK platform operated by Google. It helps developers to develop rich and modern feature applications for multiple operating systems. In 2016, Flutter was launched on Github and was new to the market. But… Continue Reading →

16 Apr 2021

What is Microsoft Dataverse?

Reading Time: 12 minutes So, what exactly is Microsoft Dataverse? It is simply the new name of the common data service. The reason behind the changes in the name is to make the platform more coherent and reach a wider audience base. Whether you… Continue Reading →

07 Apr 2021

An Ultimate Guide on PowerApps Tutorial: How to Create Mobile App Using PowerApps In 10 Minutes?

Reading Time: 13 minutes In late 2019, Microsoft released a new PowerApps portal, joining canvas Microsoft and model-driven apps in the Microsoft family. Power Apps was a long-awaited addition to the suite. While Model-driven app and Canvas made the app development easier and simple… Continue Reading →

06 Apr 2021

Things You Need To know About Gambling App

Reading Time: 10 minutes The days are here when it seems we can do anything from our phones or tablets. Our device can perform it all by setting a thermostat to ordering groceries to complete detailed work tasks. Some companies are developing advanced online… Continue Reading →

02 Apr 2021

Android 12 Features Preview So Far

Reading Time: 10 minutes Android is the world’s popular smartphone operating system that runs billions of smartphones around the world. With this, Android 12 is introduced with new features and APIs for developers. Every year Google releases, a significant software update to its Android… Continue Reading →

30 Mar 2021

How The Laravel Framework Improves Web App Development?

Reading Time: 11 minutes Laravel, an open-source and free PHP web application framework, is mainly used for web applications. The framework follow by Laravel is MVC as it equipped with striking and dignified syntax. Laravel primarily focuses on app functionality and helps web app… Continue Reading →

23 Mar 2021

Introducing Power Apps App’s New Look

Reading Time: 8 minutes Microsoft Power Apps uses a modern approach to build business applications for tablets, windows, mobile, and browsers. Power App’s mobile allows developers to reach their capabilities and reserve them for high-end development tools. PowerApps are model-driven apps that are generally… Continue Reading →

22 Mar 2021

Why Is Flutter Suitable For Your Business App Development?

Reading Time: 11 minutes Are you thinking to build a business app with Flutter app development? Yes, then it’s high time to be more comfortable for startups and businesses to roll out with the feature-rich mobile application without putting a burning hole in the… Continue Reading →

18 Mar 2021

Google Announces Flutter 2.0 For The Web And Desktop Apps

Reading Time: 10 minutes With technology evolving, an increasing pace of new technologies with rising and fall, today, organizations are paying more attention to mobile development. Probably one of the best handy technology is Flutter which is build using Android and iOS applications. Flutter… Continue Reading →

12 Mar 2021

Microsoft Power Fx – An Open-Source Low-Code Programming Language Based on Excel

Reading Time: 12 minutes In the recent 20 years, the types of devices and technologies available to companies and industries have soared high. The speed of the digital transformation escalated by the growth of the public cloud and demands more services. And, the applications… Continue Reading →

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