25 Jan 2022

How to Design and Develop Apps for Foldable Devices?

Reading Time: 11 minutes Remember when our foldable flip phones were a status symbol back in the early 2000s? Guess what? Foldable smartphones are making a return with new trends in the market this year! Even though the foldable smartphone market and technology is… Continue Reading →

19 Jan 2022

Get Funds For App Development As A Tech Startup And Give Wings To Your Dreams

Reading Time: 14 minutes For startups of mobile apps, funds can be a real challenge. If you, too, are thinking of building a high-tech software product, do consider funding at the very beginning with a proper analysis of the pro and cons associated. In… Continue Reading →

13 Jan 2022

How to Make a Medical App in 2022: The Ultimate Guide

Reading Time: 17 minutes With the digital revolution and remote work culture adaptation happening around the need for building a health app becomes a necessity. Today with the limited number of doctors and never-ending patients every day need for a healthcare app arises. A… Continue Reading →

10 Jan 2022

What Are The Markers Of A Successful Grocery Delivery App?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Indians have slowly gotten used to convenience, and this holds true for grocery delivery apps too! Grocery shopping during the pandemic was nothing but a huge ordeal, given the risks without vaccination. In 2021, a grocery food delivery app in… Continue Reading →

30 Dec 2021

The Best Apps In 2022 For Wine Aficionados

Reading Time: 15 minutes Introduction: The year to follow will be a great one, given the worst of the lockdowns have eased up, the party and nightlife are about to be restored to their former glory. While there are so many apps for food… Continue Reading →

22 Dec 2021

What Enterprise Needs Power Apps component framework (PCF)?

Reading Time: 11 minutes Recently, the Power Apps Component Framework has been in trend for various reasons. It has replaced the traditional HTML web resources in development practices worldwide, which is why this post is crucial. We will discuss almost everything that you must… Continue Reading →

21 Dec 2021

How To Launch An Online Dress Rental Website and Application

Reading Time: 16 minutes The rental business is back in vogue since the wedding season started post-pandemic and has not slowed down ever since! If you’re considering joining the helm of boutique websites and apps that have brought forth the best of their online… Continue Reading →

16 Dec 2021

How UI/UX Testing Will Transform Your Project Into A Raging Success?

Reading Time: 16 minutes There are various queries from customers in a day regarding the working and functionality of an app or website. That covers various aspects of the web tool may it be security, functioning, user interface, etc. All these issues have different… Continue Reading →

08 Dec 2021

Have You Heard About Super Apps? Learn Everything About Them!

Reading Time: 11 minutes What exactly is a super app, and why is it becoming so popular in 2021? This may be the hot topic all over app developer news in the last few months. It’s simpler describing what all super apps share in… Continue Reading →

03 Dec 2021

Best Calorie Counting Apps Of 2022 You Must Definitely Try Out

Reading Time: 13 minutes Who doesn’t want to get in shape, and what better occasion than New Year! Let’s talk about the best Calorie Counting Apps of 2022. Calorie counter apps are a great way to keep a check on your calorie count. Various parameters… Continue Reading →

01 Dec 2021

How Elearning Is Changing The Landscape Of Education System: Is It Good Or Bad?

Reading Time: 16 minutes According to a famous quote by Albert Einstein, “Education is not learning of facts, but the training of the mind”. It is a powerful quote as education forms the basis of a good life. What we learn today helps us… Continue Reading →

25 Nov 2021

Top 20 Underrated Live Streaming Apps for Mobile Broadcasting in 2022

Reading Time: 22 minutes Today in the fast-forward internet world everything is just a click away. So, we can analyze from this that content plays an important role in our lives. Video content is easy to relate to and covers every age group of… Continue Reading →

19 Nov 2021

Best Apps For Secret Texting You Must Try In 2021

Reading Time: 10 minutes Many of us are under a delusion that all our data exchanged over various apps is secure. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. You should know that several popular apps never use end-to-end encryption, ensuring the safety of your data…. Continue Reading →

18 Nov 2021

A Smart Investor’s Guide: What Are The Best Investing Apps of 2021?

Reading Time: 12 minutes 2021 is the year where everyone is keen to maximize their saving through additional earnings. One such remarkable avenue is the stock market. Other options that have become extremely popular in the last year are mutual funds. While many were… Continue Reading →

11 Nov 2021

What Do You Need to Know About Power Automate for Desktop?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Microsoft Flow has now rebranded itself as a Microsoft Power Automate desktop app. This is a software or tool that enables users to apply the power of automation to their assignments or processes with Office 365 workflow integrations. Microsoft Office… Continue Reading →

10 Nov 2021

8 Best Cannabis, Weed & CBD Apps in 2022

Reading Time: 14 minutes If you’re a marijuana user looking for the most up-to-date and finest cannabis apps available in 2022, ensure you clear some storage on your device because we’ve got something special prepared for you. We’ve put our hands on the best… Continue Reading →

08 Nov 2021

What Is FlutterFlow? Build Flutter And Firebase Apps Visually

Reading Time: 7 minutes It is a tool that allows you to build mobile apps without writing any code. FlutterFlow offers a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes building all sorts of apps for iOS and Android easy. Besides, users need to be able to… Continue Reading →

29 Oct 2021

Top 10 Benefits of ReactJS For Your Application Development

Reading Time: 9 minutes Front-end development services are now amongst the engaging technologies. Why? due to their abundance of content, features, modules, technologies, and frameworks. Choosing appropriate technologies for entrepreneurs who want to venture into the internet community can be a difficult task. React… Continue Reading →

27 Oct 2021

7 Underrated Massage Finder Apps You Must Try In 2021

Reading Time: 9 minutes Massage is a way to keep your body and mind healthy, relaxed, and refreshed. Massage can be super helpful after a long and hectic day of work or stress. In this era of smartphones, many massage finder apps will help you… Continue Reading →

21 Oct 2021

How To Develop An On-Demand Cook & Chef Finder Mobile App

Reading Time: 17 minutes Introduction Everyone loves mouth-watering cuisine but what about the process that goes into the making of it. A part of good food can make someone’s ordinary day into an unexpected memorable one. In today’s scenario when people are leading a… Continue Reading →

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