15 Sep 2021

Microsoft Power Automate vs PowerApps

Reading Time: 9 minutes Microsoft Power Apps is an interface configuration device for structures. Microsoft Power Automate is a work process that helps to carry out process-related tasks. Power Automate vs PowerApps is a debatable topic indeed. Therefore, it needs a detailed discussion. Before jumping… Continue Reading →

14 Sep 2021

4 Best Live Streaming Apps For Android And IOS

Reading Time: 5 minutes Jump Down: 1. Periscope Archives 2. Go Live 3. Facebook Live 4. 365Scores Streaming is the best way to communicate with people in a real-time scenario. Regardless of the geographical boundaries, you can easily get in touch with your people… Continue Reading →

08 Sep 2021

5 Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps You Should Consider in 2021

Reading Time: 6 minutes When you’re building your first eCommerce business, sourcing inventory is one of the most tedious and difficult processes. Budding entrepreneurs need to sort a place where they can find and collect inventory at the earliest. How profitable is dropshipping? The… Continue Reading →

07 Sep 2021

Mobile App Development Process: Step-by-Step Guide [2021]

Reading Time: 13 minutes In 2021, mobile apps have been predicted to rake in $693 billion worth of revenues from application stores as well as in-app advertising. To add to this, enterprise mobility is also projected to reach a worth of $510.39 billion in… Continue Reading →

06 Sep 2021

What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Microsoft Power Automate is a task-automating tool. Previously, this process was termed as Microsoft Automate flow. Later, after rebranding, it became widely popular as Power Automate. This can be understood as a binding receptor between various Microsoft products. Despite being… Continue Reading →

26 Aug 2021

How Can One Develop A Live Streaming App On iOS and Android?

Reading Time: 15 minutes Nearly 2.72 billion people forecast would start watching on-demand videos by 2023. The market is projected with $70 billion worth by 2021. A few of the streaming services include YouTube, Twitch, Hulu, Netflix, and Spotify, which offer a wide variety… Continue Reading →

18 Aug 2021

Best Social Media Apps For 2021

Reading Time: 9 minutes By default, human behavior has been evolved to be active to some level. Some humans are more active than others. It is a common trait amongst people to find methods to connect and make a network within themselves. In this… Continue Reading →

29 Jul 2021

Best Tattoo Design Apps to watch in 2021

Reading Time: 7 minutes Jump Down: 1. Procreate 2. MediBang 3. Photoshop 4. Amaziograph 5. Magic Poser Getting a tattoo on your body is a tough decision as it’s difficult to remove the traces from your skin once it’s inked. Today tattoos are everywhere,… Continue Reading →

28 Jul 2021

Flutter 2.2.0 Is Here! 3 Reasons Why It’s Awesome

Reading Time: 7 minutes Following the successful launch of Flutter 2, Google has indicated that it plans to keep expanding the framework, which is one of its numerous initiatives. The only question then arises is what’s new in flutter 2.2?  We don’t have to… Continue Reading →

23 Jul 2021

What do you need to know about the new Power Platform release – June 2021?

Reading Time: 10 minutes One of the most commendable qualities of Microsoft is that it innovates, updates, and releases new products and solutions consistently to help serve core business purposes. It is what makes the use of Microsoft products more exciting and enthralling. Take, for… Continue Reading →

30 Jun 2021

Google’s Next-Gen Android Development Tools Update at I/O

Reading Time: 10 minutes Jump Down: 1. User-focused Features for Android 12 2. Flutter gets performance & safety boosts 3. Wear OS gets more focused on Fitness App 4. New Generation of Conversational AI 5. Android Studio latest version Recently, Google reveals the next-Gen… Continue Reading →

28 Jun 2021

Why your Business Needs Power BI and Sharepoint?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Microsoft Power BI has been a part of the business for a long. It not only improves business productivity but also reduce the operational cost to a greater extent. Microsoft Power BI is an amazing analytical solution that helps businesses… Continue Reading →

09 Jun 2021

Which Mobile Platform Should Startups Choose In 2021: Android Or IOS?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Developing mobile applications is a regularly growing business in the world. However, a considerable number of startups appear in the market every year. According to the facts, there are more than 5 million unique mobile users across the world. So,… Continue Reading →

01 Jun 2021

ASP.NET Core Line Up With Latest Microsoft Updates

Reading Time: 10 minutes Microsoft released a security advisory providing information about a vulnerability in ASP.NET Core. In December 2020, the organization .Net core moved with the latest Microsoft updates based on Windows. The ASP.Net core development company receive several requests for the updating… Continue Reading →

27 May 2021

Why Choose Flutter 2 Over Flutter 1?

Reading Time: 12 minutes With over 2 million + users, Google is all set to offer the most widely used Open-source UI software development toolkit, Flutter. Using Goog le’s Flutter toolkit, one can design natively, beautifully, and compiled applications for web, desktop, mobile, and… Continue Reading →

25 May 2021

Automate tasks for Windows 10 with New Power Automate Desktop Features 2021

Reading Time: 7 minutes In 2020, Microsoft power automate invested heavily in robotic process automation (RPA) by introducing developers with Power automate desktop. Microsoft witnessed the tremendous growth of power automation at Microsoft ignite in 2019. And so, the company announced a power automate… Continue Reading →

18 May 2021

In-Depth Laravel 8 New Released Features

Reading Time: 11 minutes Laravel 8 is a newly released Laravel framework that launched on 8th September. Peers want to know what’s new in Laravel 8 and what improvement made in Laravel 7. Before understanding the Laravel 8 features, one needs to see the… Continue Reading →

13 May 2021

Microsoft Extends its Low-Code Programming Language Push with Power FX

Reading Time: 8 minutes The recent Microsoft Ignite event has amazing news for the Microsoft developers. Charles Lamanna, the corporate vice president of the Low code Application platform announced Microsoft Power Fx – A new low-code programming language. This announcement is made during the… Continue Reading →

12 May 2021

Top Android App Development SDKs, Libraries, And Frameworks To Use In 2021

Reading Time: 10 minutes With the increasing use of smartphones, business tycoons worldwide focus on the development of mobile applications for the business. Similarly, With the advancement in the IT industry, the development of the application has now become hassle-free. It would be best… Continue Reading →

04 May 2021

Top Healthcare Trends To Redefine Industry In 2021

Reading Time: 9 minutes Healthcare trends come numerous used in various hospitals, patients, and health system that rely on digital health technologies. In this pandemic, there are multiple unusual disruptions available in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is growing slow. AI in healthcare… Continue Reading →

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