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18 Dec 2020

Concetto Labs has been declared as a Top Flutter App Development Company of 2020 by

Reading Time: 6 minutes Flutter has proven to be one of the most exciting app development platforms in recent times. Also, the framework allows the developers to unleash their creative potential and helps in building great apps faster. a press release on Top… Continue Reading →

16 Dec 2020

10+ Essential Flutter App Development Tools to Use in 2021

Reading Time: 11 minutes Google revealed that nearly half a million developers use open-source UI framework flutter each month. Also, if you’re looking to paint your app to life, then the flutter framework is best. By using a rich set of fully customizable widgets,… Continue Reading →

14 Dec 2020

Accelerate Your PowerApps and Power Automate Adoption with Concetto Labs

Reading Time: 7 minutes In recent time, there are many organizations who are currently working remotely and operating virtually through work at home arrangements. However, it’s not possible for every industry. And this is impossible in providing essential goods and services. The workers or… Continue Reading →

10 Dec 2020

Why to Choose ASP.NET Core Framework for Web Application Development

Reading Time: 12 minutes Today, a net framework for web application development has become a lot easier than it was before a few years back. It’s a time when there is a wide array of framework and technology available to choose it from. But… Continue Reading →

08 Dec 2020

5 Ways to Integrate, Extend, or Customize Dynamics 365

Reading Time: 6 minutes Microsoft Customize Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s SaaS business solution which is a combination of Dynamics ERP and CRP. But it’s much more than just that. It’s a single application with the capabilities to address various business processes and functions. Since… Continue Reading →

30 Nov 2020

Slack Vs Microsoft Teams: Which One Is Better For You?

Reading Time: 22 minutes In 2019, the team collaboration software market touched a new height with $9.5 billion globally. And this COVID-19 pandemic situation has forced everyone to work remotely. During this, remote work, collaboration, and chat tools have played a major role. To… Continue Reading →

27 Nov 2020

How to Replace Switch with When in Kotlin?

Reading Time: 9 minutes As a beginner, you might look for how the Kotlin switch statement works. If your background is working in C, Java, etc. then switching to Kotlin works best. There is no switch statement available in Kotlin; instead, it replaces the… Continue Reading →

25 Nov 2020

20+ Essential iOS Apps list for all iPhone User

Reading Time: 19 minutes It’s the end of the year, and we thought to highlight a few favorite applications for the iPhone. iPhone App development company is developing the best utility apps for iPhone that used daily. Whether you’re an experienced iPhone user or… Continue Reading →

18 Nov 2020

How to Build a Simple Node.js CRUD App with FeaturesJS?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Any current project requires splitting the logic into front-end and back-end code. The main reason behind this is to move and promote code-re-usability. Let’s say; we need to build a native mobile application that accesses back-end API. We can also… Continue Reading →

17 Nov 2020

Introducing The New Search Experience in Model-driven PowerApps

Reading Time: 6 minutes Recently, Microsoft launched a brand new search experience for Model-driven PowerApps. Therefore, the first-party Dynamics 365 apps are operating on top of CDS. This is one of the significant moves in the “non-structured” search capabilities in Power Apps. This update… Continue Reading →

10 Nov 2020

Which is Better? ASP.NET MVC VS ASP.NET

Reading Time: 4 minutes ASP.Net framework is a part of the .Net platform used for building, deploying, and running all web applications. One can develop a web application by using ASP.Net Webform and ASP. Net MVC. Starting up with ASP.Net, it’s the most significant… Continue Reading →

06 Nov 2020

Mobile Offline for PowerApps

Reading Time: 10 minutes In recent times, the Power App has taken the market with its storms. Customers and organizations have started developing mobile apps with Power Apps. Based on the recent scenario and after going through some research, we have decided to feed… Continue Reading →

03 Nov 2020

How Partnering With A QA Solution Benefits Your Team?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Once Marc Andreessen said, the software is eating the world, and most of the company needs to become a software company. In this competitive market, there shouldn’t be room for error. Therefore, software testing is an integral part of the… Continue Reading →

28 Oct 2020

Why is Integration of Big Data Analytics with .NET Development Essential?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Today, data has become the lifeline of any business. From speculating behavior to scrutinizing patterns, we find data everywhere. Most businesses rely on data to drive their place in the perfect direction, to accomplish business goals. All tasks are essential… Continue Reading →

26 Oct 2020

How to Harness The Benefits of Power Platform and Azure to Build an App?

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Power Apps by Microsoft came into the picture in 2015, back when the tool was originally launched. Over these years, Power Apps have helped many organizations from a variety of industries and of various sizes. It helps to build… Continue Reading →

21 Oct 2020

Software Testing Methodologies to Watch Out in 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes The testing process is an essential part of any Software Testing Company. A robust software product can deliver using standard testing methodologies which help to predict the timeline of the software system. The software can turn even more complicated with many… Continue Reading →

20 Oct 2020

Why Use React For Your Business in 2020?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Since the day Facebook has launched React, it has reserved its place in the technology field. It’s getting more popular day by day. In fact, ReactJS is a JavaScript open-source library. It helps developers to build exceptional user interfaces that… Continue Reading →

16 Oct 2020

Flutter Enable Windows-Desktop Apps for Developers

Reading Time: 12 minutes As a newbie, Flutter won a holy treasure of software that most developers loved to use. Flutter is a fast-growing mobile development tool. It allows startups and enterprises to save high cost on development services. According to Google, half a… Continue Reading →

14 Oct 2020

Microsoft DataFlex: Low-Code Platform to Boost Teams

Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s not a single day that Microsoft has not been able to keep up with the news with advanced technology. Open any tech-website, first news you will see is from Microsoft, be it launching a new tool or covering other… Continue Reading →

13 Oct 2020

Kotlin 1.4 Release Update By Dokka Alpha

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recently, the Kotlin Development team has released an alpha version of the Dokka documentation engine. The Kotlin 1.4 is the latest stable version release of the Kotlin compiler. The new Kotlin slack release would focus on reducing the amount of… Continue Reading →

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