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19 Apr 2024  307

Microsoft Copilot Studio – A Low-Code Tool for Development

Summary: Microsoft Copilot Studio is a low-code tool that enhances development productivity. This blog provides an idea on how to develop Microsoft Copilot Studio, its benefits and features and the cost to develop Copilot Studio. Microsoft Copilot Studio, launched in 2012 and known as Ignite, is a cutting-edge low-code tool for developing and customizing copilots. […]

05 Mar 2024  298

20 Best Microsoft Office Add-Ins in 2024

Summary: When you work with Microsoft Office, it becomes very much easier to install Add-ons. These tools can provide you with new features and custom commands for Microsoft Office applications. If you would like to increase your productivity immensely, try these 22 Add-ins for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The tools provided by Microsoft Office […]

19 Feb 2024  330

What is the Difference Between Model-Driven Apps and Canvas Apps?

Businesses are developing a variety of apps using Microsoft Power Platform. The Power Platform is a combination of various products to construct low-code applications quickly and automate business processes, analyze data, etc. Hiring powerapps developers and developing powerapps applications allows businesses to develop and launch enterprise-level apps more rapidly. Using PowerApps, you can design and […]

15 Feb 2024  411

The Importance of Power BI in Financial Professionals

Summary: Power BI financial services help in creating insightful and engaging business solutions. It can generate interactive reports between balance sheets and income statements. It also gives insights into performance metrics, charts, and visualizations. Furthermore, it helps generate higher revenues, and transparency and lowers expenses. Assembling digital data is a headache for an organization. That’s […]

29 Jan 2024  739

How To Use Power Automate to Build Workflows?

Microsoft Power Automate is a very basic workflow-based automation tool that just works by dragging and dropping tasks to automate repetitive and manual processes. The main goal of Microsoft Power Automate is to allow both programs and non-programmers to automate repetitive operations by a step-by-step rule-based flow. If you are looking to create a process, […]

24 Nov 2023  292

Sharepoint Online Vs. On-premise: Which Is The Smarter Choice For Business?

Summary: Today, we will look at the differences between SharePoint Online vs SharePoint On-Premise and which one you should choose for your business. We can see that many businesses are moving towards cloud platforms such as Office 365, but a couple of enterprises still need time to move towards Sharepoint cloud-based platforms. Few companies are […]

22 Nov 2023  1067

Which Is Better? – Microsoft PowerApps vs Dynamics 365

Summary: This blog compares Microsoft PowerApps and Dynamics 365 to help businesses choose the best for their growth. It analyzes their features, scalability, and customization capabilities. Whether prioritizing app development or comprehensive business solutions, the blog will help to make informed decisions based on specific requirements and goals. The most recent software solutions have been […]

02 Nov 2023  469

How Microsoft Power Platform Helps in Digital Transformation?

Summary: When you want to transform to the latest advanced technology, then you must invest in platforms that deliver innovation, such as the Microsoft Power platform. Here, we will discuss how you can benefit yourself from digital transformation with Power Platform. Microsoft Power Platform is a low-code platform strategy. It offers multiple products, but Power […]

17 Oct 2023  306

Power Apps vs Power BI: What is The Difference?

Summary: Here, we are going to get in-depth knowledge about Microsoft Power apps and Microsoft Power BI. They both have a very useful functionality which gives us new possibilities of working. Microsoft Power apps platform has introduced simple, great apps that have reduced the hassle of businesses. If we talk about Power Apps vs Power […]

18 Oct 2023  367

How is Power BI a Game-Changer and a Boon for Healthcare Industry?

Summary: Power BI helps to revolutionize the healthcare industry by delivering data-driven insights for better patient care and cost management services. It offers real-time customizable dashboards and predictive models, empowering healthcare professionals to make informed decisions. Check out this blog to learn more about how Power BI helps the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations challenge a […]

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