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18 Nov 2019  889

Why Powerapps Is Replacing Infopath Forms?

Whenever there is a new tool is launched, it replaces the existing one. There is a dilemma in the user’s mind about whether the new product is functional and stable. When it comes to PowerApp apps development replacing Infopath, the answer to the same is yes. Sharing specifications of previous Sharepoint, InfoPath became a tool […]

07 Oct 2019  1394

Integrating PowerApps with Power BI

A few months ago, Microsoft announced an update for Power BI which allowed us to use applications that are created using PowerApps with Power Bi. It gives us lots of new possibilities to work with Power BI. The biggest advantage of this update for Microsoft PowerApps Development is that you can directly send data into […]

13 Aug 2019  926

Increasing Employee Productivity with Microsoft Search in Bing & PowerApps

Want To Enhance Employee Productivity? Here’s How Technology is evolving each year and with that, it is automating different business processes to ease the workload for entrepreneurs. However, one of the major concerns for every business has always been employee management as they are an integral part. It is quite challenging to keep track of […]

01 Aug 2019  1301

PowerApps Portal: Out for Public Review

Introduction to PowerApps Portal: An ability to build responsive and low-code websites for an external stakeholder that can view data from CDS – Common Data Service system by logging in as an authenticated user. PowerApps Portal allows external users to directly interact with stored data under CDS – Common Data Services. To ensure that all the […]

25 Jul 2019  1032

Microsoft PowerApps and SharePoint Create Ultimate Mobile App and Grow Your Business

Introduction to Microsoft PowerApps: A suite of apps, connectors, services, and data platforms that provides a rapid application development environment that can build custom applications for different business needs by PowerApps.  With PowerApps you can easily and quickly build custom business applications that can directly connect to your business data either in the underlying CDS […]

17 May 2019  970

A Powerful Visualization and Analysis Tool with PowerApps Update: Power BI

Microsoft always comes up with innovative and latest technological updates. In Today’s article, we gonna talk about Power BI and PowerApps which are our company’s no-code business analytics service and web app platform and are in line for upgrades in next coming month. To some of the readers, a question arises in their minds like […]

09 Oct 2023  1730

Integration of Google Map with PowerApps

Whenever you want to see where the location is and the surrounding area, Maps are a great visual way. Therefore, embedding a Google Map with PowerApps is an extremely useful. But the first question is how to do it? There is a way to add static map into your PowerApps. Let’s understand how to do […]

27 Sep 2023  1239

How To Create a Barcode Scanning App Using Powerapps?

Summary: Creating a barcode scanner app with Powerapps simplifies the data capture process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Actions are implemented based on data, and the app is customized, tested and published giving a powerful tool for several industries. Businesses are constantly looking for unique solutions to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency. One such solution […]

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