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The Vision

Looking for a one-stop shopping app to satiate all your latest, quirky shopping hunger? If yes, then download Shox. Backed with AI and machine learning technology, Shox lets you keep updated with the hottest trends and fashion. Right from the latest shopping trends to product reviews, from hottest fashions trends to lifestyle, we’ve your back. Say Bid adieu to multiple window-browsing. All you need to do is just snap the look you want to buy, upload it on the app and shop for your favourite look. Sound’s interesting isn’t it! Each time your follower shops your look, you get a “ding” sound in your account.

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The Client

An Indonesia-based client approached Concetto Labs to build a fashion app that encourages youth to keep up with the hottest trends and products in the crowd. The main aim of the client was to bring revolution in the fashion industry and act as a “fashion guide” by developing a standalone app that aggregates products from multiple sites to a single platform. It thus allows users to shop the exact or similar look in a single go.

Client Background Pattern

Business Benefits

1. Development of a standalone fashion application shop latest trends and looks in a single click. It invites fashion models and users to create looks and shop latest trends while generating revenue.

2. A rare yet eccentric app to search and browse through the collection of the latest fashion products and items.

3. Multi revenue stream generation through #shoxsquad campaign.

4. Influence marketing campaign - create fresh and interesting content and influence users to buy products.

5. Generate passive income for your looks with an affiliate fee.

6. An open gate for endorsements and collaborations with other brands through Shox.

7. Boost organic traffic and sales funnel.

The challenge

When the project was under the development process, multiple challenges were faced which were resolved using custom solutions, third-party API integrations, using the latest tools and techniques and of Course with the developer's in-depth experience. A few of them were as below:

  • Fetching data from multiple websites

    Whenever a user wants to shop an entire look, it consists of multiple items like clothes, accessories, footwear, handbags, and more. The look created holds the items sourced from multiple sites. So, whenever a user shops the look, it was a bit cumbersome to fetch the details of each product from its relevant site to a single platform.

  • Image-based product searching

    Whenever a user wants to purchase a particular item, they make sure to find the exact or the similar one by uploading the reference image. Highlighting the exact or similar products based on the image was quite demanding and tough.

  • Display looks on a feed based on user preference.

    Fetching details from the search bar and displaying looks based on user preference like hijab, plus size, men's formal, tunic dress were strenuous.

The Solution

Concetto Labs surpassed the challenges and developed a robust, interactive, and seamless app-backed AI technology and data crawler feature that fetches data from multiple sites and shows results instantly. By implementing filters on fashion styles, users can browse and shop products based on their preferences in a single go.

  • Mobile login and authentication.
  • Shop and check the latest fashion styles and looks from the feed.
  • Save your favorite Wishlist products in your collection.
  • Image-based search to find products.
  • Like, comment, and display views on looks.
  • Buy similar products matching screenshots? You can surely check out “similar items” from the link attached in the screenshot.
  • Filter and sort product results based on brand and price.
  • Share products with friends, family, and acquaintances.
  • AI-based algorithm that saves user search history and shows preferences accordingly.
  • Search products and looks with keywords and hashtags.
  • Language support: English, Bahasa.

Tools & Technologies

  • toolsicon01Development Platform: Flutter
  • toolsicon02Database: MySQL
  • toolsicon03API: Restful, Third-Party API tools and Integration
  • toolsicon04Device Support: Android and iOS
  • toolsicon05OS Support: Android 6.0 & later - iOS 10.3 & later

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  • Client Background Pattern
  • Client Background Pattern
  • Client Background Pattern
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