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Microsoft Power BI Consulting and Development Services

Convert your raw data into dashboards that summarize all the information you need or taking effective business decisions. As a leading Power BI Development Company, we promise to give you the easiest way to analyze you data from multiple sources and share it within the company. Our Microsoft Power BI consulting and Development Services are engineered with the processes that gives exceptional results for your organization or business.

  • Power BI Solutions Tailored to your business
  • Interactive and Visually Appealing Dashboards
  • Ready to Analyze Reports
  • Trained Power BI Consultants and Developers
  • Transparent and Timely Communication
Power BI Dashboard Development

Power BI Dashboard Development

Power BI Consulting Services

Power BI Consulting Services

Microsoft Power BI Solutions

Microsoft Power BI Solutions

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Microsoft Certified DevelopersPower Platform Consultant Associate

We have a team of developers that excel in using advanced formulas for creating data sheets and convert them into compelling data panels.Utilize the full potential of Power BI platform to get deep insights into the positives and negatives of numbers and take corrective actions. Hire our Certified Power BI Experts to surf through the right strategy for breaking and analyzing multiple data patterns to bring out the right decisions for taking your business to the next level of success.

Why Should You Use Custom Power BI Solutions?

Business often get confused while analyzing the outcomes of strategies applied. Creating custom Power BI dashboard solutions will help you look intensely into the sales trends, results, and other metrics. You get a powerful visualization of data which looks interactive enough to monitor plans and make informed decisions. Our Certified Power BI Experts will assist you at every stage and cater to every change and addition to Power BI Solution.

Microsoft Power BI Consulting and Development Services

Our Work

Our Customer Support is prime and always ready to answer any questions you may have and provide the best possible solutions.


Aeronautical Parts Quality Inspection Tool

  • Powerapps Canvas App
  • Dataverse
  • PowerAutomate

There is always a need of having a ticket management system in any organization to cater to the need of the customers and excel in after-sales. This ticket management system provides the user with the full-fledged technicalities and helps log the entries to get the best approach for raising the queries/issues from the customer’s end


Construction Vendor Management PowerApps

  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • Microsoft Flow
  • MS SQL Server
  • Custom Connector

The idea behind this app was to build an app for the client and his team to manage their construction workers' vendors in an effective way. To assign the person from the company who will be taking care of the work to be allotted to each vendor using this app and manage the ratings and reviews for their jobs so that they can use them again for future projects.


Incident Management PowerApps

  • PowerApps Canvas App
  • Dataverse
  • SharePoint
  • PowerBI
  • Active Directory
  • Custom Connectors

An entire audit to analyze the process of project execution. It supports two types of incident reporting, i.e. minor or major where the forms/functionalities differ. A major incident report comes with 8 different stages which help the user to record the detailed level of an audit


Construction Inspection Log PowerApps

  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • Microsoft Flow
  • MS SQL Server
  • Azure Blob Storage

This PowerApps belongs to Construction company where they logs their construction site Inspection on daily basis. it includes features like, user login based on his current location, add inspection log for specific project including number trades, work progress images, issue images, create inspection log report, email report etc..

Our Range of Microsoft Power BI Services

With years of experience in Power BI development services, we have achieved forte in all Power BI solutions. Our team of certified Power BI professionals has proven expertise in their respective skills. Get the top Microsoft Power BI solutions with Concetto Labs, be it consulting or development.

Microsoft Power BI Consulting and Development Services

Power BI Consulting Services

Our team of experienced Power BI consultants study your unique business requirements and create strategies based on proven techniques and training. These strategies help you design and develop Power BI data presentations that works as an aid to achieve your business goals.

Microsoft Power BI Consulting and Development Services

Power BI Implementation

Got a lot of data sources and confused how to implement Power BI capabilities for them? Our Power BI engineers consist of the right skills to create an implementation strategy that brings together all your data into a screen which presents data the way you want.

Microsoft Power BI Consulting and Development Services

Power BI Advanced Analytics

This world needs smart data analysts which is only possible with smart data analysis tools like Microsoft Power BI. Get an upgraded level of reports and visualizations with Power BI data-driven features which lets you dive deep into the business insights.

Microsoft Power BI Consulting and Development Services

Power BI Reports and Dashboards

Graphical representations in Power BI are full of visually appealing colors and shapes. Power BI enables you to build custom reports in multiple pages, easily accessible by the people it is shared with. It is easy to move between reports for different kinds of data like sales, production, etc.

Microsoft Power BI Consulting and Development Services

Power BI Integration

With our Certified Power BI Developers, we excel in connecting data from a horde of apps, sources and systems. Our team has been working with integrating MySQL, CSV, Excel spreadsheets, Oracle which helps our clients extract meaningful data easily.

Microsoft Power BI Consulting and Development Services

Power BI Migration

We provide migrate your legacy softwares to Power BI with fully-assisted experts at your service. Moving to Power BI from outdated softwares like excel spreadsheets saves your time and cost for drawing out the right conclusions for your business.

Microsoft Power BI Consulting and Development Services

Power BI Support and Maintenance

With great industry experience, our Power BI support and maintenance services aim at keeping your Power BI reporting stagnant and streamlined after development. This ensures smooth functioning of your data dashboards and you can run your business operations efficiently.

Microsoft Power BI Consulting and Development Services

Mobile BI Development Services

By curating Mobile BI, you can access all the useful data at your fingertips. With our exceptional Mobile BI Development services, we can bring together your data into a small screen that will give you the Power to do data analysis on the go.

Microsoft Power BI Consulting and Development Services

Power BI Security and Administration Services

We have gained expertise in securing all your data by giving access to those only required. Our team ensures that all the information is reachable to authorised personnel in the company or that related to the project.

Why Choose Concetto Labs As Your Power BI Consulting Company?

  • A Power BI development team that has developed projects from clients all over the world.
  • Transparent development process to give you complete insights on the progress of your app.
  • Our engagement models are designed to move through the development stages as per your budget convenience.
  • We provide all the necessary security and compliance documents like IP right protection and NDA signing to give provide the valuable delivery your deserve.
  • We make sure to provide your updates at every progress so that you don’t get confused about where your project stands.

Benefits of Microsoft Power BI Solutions

Interactive Visual Data Representation

Interactive Visual Data Representation

Power BI helps in compositing interactive and intuitive visual representations of data which makes it easy to understand the fluctuations and patterns of data using which, one can generate custom reports that is tailored to your expectations.

Better Collaboration


Powered with cloud, Power BI apps enable you to share information with your colleagues and team members. All of the participants can see real-time data updates, comments, and work together on making effective business decisions.

Valuable Data Analysis

Valuable Data

When you have the right visualization, you can understand the results and consequences of implementing various strategies. A right data analysis is much more worth than a detailed data analysis. Power BI provides valuable insights for all the decision-making in the organization.

Improved Data Accessibility

Improved Data

With Power BI, the company’s members can access data more conveniently. This builds a culture that’s well informed and can take right steps towards achieving the company’s objectives and goals.

AI Assisted


Power BI allows the users to achieve the Microsoft AI’s potential by letting them ask queries in natural language and preparing data presentations with machine-learning, using both structured and unstructured data compiled from various data resources.

Real-time Monitoring


Power BI dashboards can show you real-time data updates from social media feeds, IoT devices and more. Hence, no hassle of entering data manually now and again while also observing data changes immediately. With this feature you can alter and improve strategies at any point you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about employing our developers that may help you.

Of course, we take care of each project with dedicated developers at work. Our team works on every individual requirements to utilize the full ability of Power BI platform and help your meet your business goals.

Our agile development approach works on getting perfection at every stage. Starting with understand what your business needs, we perform data analysis, design the most effective visual design, implement the design and development, do a full testing to make sure that everything runs smoothly and at the end, deploy the final project.

Yes, experts in our Power BI development team are seasoned in all the Power BI services including data migration to Power BI. You will be easily move your data from any resources you want with the help of our trained developers.

The time taken for Power BI development depends on a number of factors, a few of which are complexity, quantity of data and custom reports that a business requires.

Absolutely, Power BI uses Microsoft Azure which is one of the most secure cloud platforms. BLOB storage and SQL data is utilized by Azure based on the position of BI tenant.

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