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This Powerapps solution was designed and developed to cater the issue the client was facing with the manual approach to handle the inspection of the aeronautical parts. It includes the entire lifecycle of the parts replacement starting from the problem description to procurement and to check how can it be avoided.

Powerapp Development
Powerapp Development



Unique design


Multi step approach


Email and in app notifications


More than 100 operations

Powerapp Development

Initial form01

  • This form is required to create the ticket for any issue the employee would like the issue to be created for
  • Each Work order number must be unique and be pulled in from the db once entered
  • Most of the fields are being pulled in from the MSSQL that is already in shape
  • The validations are in place for the user to avoid missing out on any entry
Powerapp Development

Nonconfirmity form listing02

  • The admin and the employee will be able to see the listing of all the forms they have filled up
  • This screen gives the ability to the employee to edit each form and delete them as well
  • Filters for date range are developed in order for the employee to check the forms for a particular tenure
  • Search bar is given to look up for a particular list/s of record's
Powerapp Development

Add Material Disposition03

  • Multiple fields to add the information regarding the materials disposition along with validations on each field
  • The information added is directly connected with one nonconfirmity form with one log number but multiple records
  • The user can upload files of any type and can preview it with the gallery designed beside it
  • Once saved the issue will be created and the user can proceed further to the next step
Powerapp Development

Issue listing04

  • The employee gets the ability to create multiple issues based on a single or multiple parts
  • There is a dropdown arrow in the header for the employee to check the initial form
  • One or multiple issues can be deleted at once and the issues once created can be easily edited
  • There are 2 additional tabs just besides the finance disposition which are only enabled based on certain conditions


Powerapp Development
Powerapp Development
Powerapp Development
Powerapp Development
Powerapp Development
Powerapp Development
Powerapp Development
Powerapp Development

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