Streamlining Incident and Non-Conformance Reporting with Innovative PowerApps Solutions

Non-Conformity Reports

A Comprehensive Incident Management App Reshapes Non-Conformance Reporting for a Multinational Client

Automating Non-Conformity Reports

The Challenge

Automating Non-Conformity Reports

One of our clients which is having operations running in multiple countries, grappled with the manual handling of incident and non-conformance reports across multiple locations. The incident reporting was relatively straightforward, involving the recording of incidents, issue descriptions, 5 Whys, and corrective actions. On the other hand, the non-conformance reporting process spanned eight intricate steps:

  • Team Formation
  • Problem Definition
  • Containment Actions
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Identification Of Corrective Actions
  • Implementation And Validation Of Corrective Actions
  • Prevention Of Reoccurrence
  • Lessons Learned

The complexity of this process, combined with the need for centralized data management, presented a significant challenge for efficient reporting and analysis.

The Solution

Automating Non-Conformity Reports

To address the challenges, we implemented a robust Incident Management App developed using Microsoft PowerApps and Power Automate. The app was designed to streamline both incident and non-conformance reporting processes. The database utilized for storing these reports was a SharePoint List, ensuring a centralized repository accessible across all locations. Microsoft PowerBI was integrated for seamless report generation and analytics, providing valuable insights into incident trends and non-conformance patterns.

The Incident Management App facilitated incident reporting with a user-friendly interface capturing incident details, issue descriptions, 5 Whys, and corrective actions. For non-conformance reporting, the app guided users through the eight-step process, ensuring consistency and thorough documentation. Automation through Power Automate simplified the flow of information, reducing manual errors and improving overall efficiency.

The Results

Efficiency Gains:

The streamlined reporting processes reduced the time spent on incident and non-conformance reporting, allowing teams to focus on proactive measures and improvements.

Centralized Data Management:

The SharePoint List database centralized all reports, enabling easy retrieval and analysis of data across multiple locations.

Real-time Insights:

PowerBI integration provided real-time analytics, empowering decision-makers with valuable insights into incident trends, non-conformance patterns, and areas for improvement.

User Adoption:

The user-friendly interface of the app, coupled with automation, led to increased user adoption and adherence to standardized reporting practices.

Cost Savings:

The automation of manual processes resulted in cost savings associated with reduced human errors and improved resource allocation.

In conclusion, the Incident Management App, developed using Microsoft PowerApps, Power Automate, and integrated with SharePoint and PowerBI, transformed the way Global Enterprises Inc. handles incident and non-conformance reporting. The successful implementation has not only increased operational efficiency but also positioned the organization for proactive risk management and continuous improvement

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Automating Non-Conformity Reports
Automating Non-Conformity Reports
Automating Non-Conformity Reports
Automating Non-Conformity Reports
Automating Non-Conformity Reports
Automating Non-Conformity Reports
Automating Non-Conformity Reports
Automating Non-Conformity Reports
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