Social Media App for Designers or Freelancers or Insitituations
App For Designers

Social Media App for Designers and Freelancers

This App is a collaborative platform for Individuals designers, design firms and educational institutions offering design courses. Once Signed Up, You can create your own profile, Upload your portfolio of design work, Add project and invite designers to collaborate, Add information about upcoming design events, Make Friends with other designers and explore their portfolio of work

Built On Flutter

Portfolio Screen

Portfolio Screen

Be it newbies freelancers, big-labeled Companies or mid-scale organizations, all the users can access the portfolio screen.

The portfolio screen allows users to upload portfolio details like image, its description, platform details, and so on. Moreover, to enhance its visibility, users can also add relevant tags so as to reach maximum people.

Project Screen

Project Screen

Here, Freelancers, companies and organizations can access the project screen.

This screen let users showcase their projects across the globe by uploading its project details like image, description, categories and so on. You can even like share and comment on the projects too.

About App

A designer vista is a one-of-a-kind app that allows freelancer, business and organizations to showcase their work to professionals across industries. All you need to do is just signup in the app, apply for job vacancies, and browse design courses, create or view different events, portfolio, and projects and select the best one on the go. Download the app now!

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Provided Services

Provided Services

UX / UI Design, App Development, QA



iOS and Android




Post Screen

Post Screen

This screen allows users to either create or post their requirements/ announcements in either text or video format.

You can even make this screen more informative by adding proper descriptions and tags.

Event Screen

Event Screen

Now creating an event has never been easy before. All you need to do is just click on “create” button where you can create events as per particular date, time and location.

To make it more informative yet appealing, you can add secondary event details such as event title, description, name etc.

All App Screens

A designer vista is a one-of-a-kind app that allows freelancer, business and organizations to showcase their work to professionals across industries. In order to access the app, all you need to do is register into the app and freelancer, business or organization, browse the best courses, portfolio, projects, attend latest events and lot more; All with just few clicks. The app is available in Android and iOS platform.

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LogIn Screen
Signup Screen
Home Screen
Portfolio Screen
Project Screen
Event Screen
Jobs Screen
Courses Screen
Profile Screen
Edit Screen
Edit Image Screen

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