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Hire Microsoft Office Add-Ins Developers

Want to develop ms office add-ins or finding a dedicated remote plugin developers team? Hire Microsoft Office Add-ins developers, experts. Concetto Labs is the best Add-ins development company that provide Office 365 Add ins development solutions for MS Word, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint or MS Excel.

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Hire Microsoft Office Developer
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Microsoft Office 365 Add-Ins Developer
Microsoft Office 365 Add-Ins Developer
Microsoft Office 365 Add-Ins Developer

Office 365 Add-in Development

Suppose you realize your business needs Microsoft Office plugin development to thrive in a competitive landscape. In that case, you must hire Microsoft Office add-ins developers who are intelligent and creative enough to develop office add-ins solutions tailored to your business.

Hire Microsoft Office 365 Add-Ins Developer

What is Office 365 Add-in?

Microsoft Office add-ons are the future and here to stay in the long run. Office 365 has a host of tools like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, SharePoint, Planner, Delve, and Power BI. A global and secure cloud backs every data. MS Outlook addin development will take on rapidly as it provides Microsoft outlook plugin development services to develop custom office add-in (plugin) solutions for your business needs. We acknowledge the importance of MS Office Outlook add-in development, dynamics 365 growth, and CRM development for your business.

Hence we have office add-ins consultants, Microsoft Dynamics 365 developers, and highly trained experts. When you hire us as an Office add-in development company, you will get brilliant professionals skilled and experienced in Office 365 app development, Office plugin development, Office add-in development, and more. We offer a thorough Microsoft office development service to ensure your business revenue grows yearly. We always deliver projects on time.

Hire Microsoft Office 365 Add-Ins Developer

This is not where it stops; we do much more than this. Our dedicated remote team works on a contract, part-time, or full-time basis. Get talented Microsoft developer for hire with a Microsoft Dynamics developer account with us. You will get experts who are not just versed in Office add-in development but are also on top of different technological advancements in this field. As a top office 365 application development in USA, our add-ins technical support team is always there to help you 24/7. Hire add-in and Dynamics developers to get customized solutions that generate high ROI for your business. Our Microsoft Office add-ons developers follow the terms and conditions of the respective client and settle down the better handling of Microsoft Office to them.

Hire Microsoft Office 365 Add-Ins Developer
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Services Delivered By Our Microsoft Office 365 Add-ins Programmers

Our MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 ADD-INS programmers use their insight and intelligence to develop solutions required for your business. Some of the services we offer are:


Microsoft Word Add-ins Development using Word JavaScript APIs or VSTO

Do you wish to develop a Word functionality-expanding solution? We offer Microsoft Word add in development among the various development possibilities available on the Office Add-ins platform. Get Microsoft word expert for hire within your budget with Concetto Labs.


Microsoft Outlook Add-ins Development using Outlook JavaScript APIs or VSTO

If your Outlook add-in wishes to use APIs, its location, requirements set, schema, and permissions must all be specified. Through the Mailbox object, you'll mostly use the Office JavaScript APIs.


Microsoft Excel Add-ins Development using Excel JavaScript APIs or VSTO

The Office JavaScript API, which has two JavaScript object models, is used by an Excel add-in to communicate with Excel objects. Hire Microsoft Excel developers to build Excel add-ins.


Microsoft PowerPoint Add-ins Development using PowerPoint JavaScript APIs or VSTO

When interacting with PowerPoint objects, a PowerPoint add-in makes use of the Office JavaScript API, which has two JavaScript object models


Microsoft Office Add-ins Development using Office 365 or VSTO

The Microsoft Office developer tools in Visual Studio can be used to build extensions for Office that run on the.NET Framework. Office solutions is another term for these programs.


Microsoft Office Server Custom Development or VSTO

Custom software that communicates with Microsoft Exchange Server's API to implement business processes can also be used to enhance the functionality of the server. Microsoft offers third-party developers a very well web API and SDK to alter the operation of the mail server.

Our Recent Microsoft Office Add-ins Work

  • mdsicon03Office Word Add-ins
    • Office Word Add-ins for counting document readability
    • Office Word Add-ins for getting name manager values from Excel and insert into word document
    • Office Word Add-ins to use Open AI for drafting readymade text.
    • Office Word Add-ins to converts the words into abbreviations. Abbreviation should be picked from a library of words
  • mdsicon04Outlook Add-ins
    • Outlook Add-ins for Filtering emails
    • Outlook Add-ins for Adding email notes
    • Outlook Add-ins for Adding Different colour flags
    • Outlook Add-ins to Sync with ERP and Save Data
    • Outlook Add-ins to Sync with CRM and save data
    • Outlook Add-ins to block or spam emails
    • Outlook Add-ins to integrate PowerApps
    • Excel Add-In for high-end financial professionals
    • Excel Add-in for managing name manager values
  • mdsicon01PowerPoint Add-in
    • PowerPoint add-in that makes a pane with up to 15 tabs, each tab showing images/clipart to use in presentation
    • PowerPoint Add-in which leverages a photo provider API to allow users to insert unique photos within their PowerPoint
    • PowerPoint and Word Add-ins to read MS Project files and creates reports on PowerPoint and Word
    • PowerPoint Add-ins like MLC to speed up recurrent tasks in PowerPoint
    • Powerpoint add-in to display an authenticated web page. Similar to the PollEverywhere Add-in.

Developers at Concetto Labs are well-experienced in delivering solutions to every problem. Contact us to hire Microsoft Office professionals cost-effectively.

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Hire Dedicated Microsoft Office Add-in Developers

Hire VSTO Add-ins Developers

Hire VSTO Add-ins Developers

Finding expert VSTO Add-ins developers is daunting, and Concetto Labs can save you from this toil. Understanding your business needs, we quickly handpick the right VSTO Add-ins developers for you. With our flexible hiring models, you can hire dedicated VSTO add-ins developers to develop top-notch VSTO add-ins development solutions affordably.

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Hire Add-ins Developer with Office JavaScript APIs Skill Sets.

Are you Looking for an expert Add-ins developer using Microsoft Office JavaScript APIs? Concetto Labs can be the last destination, as we have a team of experienced Office JavaScript APIs programmers and Excel programmers for hire with solid knowledge of the JavaScript framework. Hire Dedicated Office JavaScript APIs developers to advance the functionalities of your Office Suite.

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Hire Add-ins Developer with Office JavaScript APIs Skill Sets
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Get The Perfect Office 365 Add-Ins Developed For Your Needs

Our integrity and process focuses largely on providing every customer with the best recommendations for their respective business. Our clients become recurring customers because we always exceed their expectations in delivering the best Ms office application development solutions.

What are the benefits of choosing us?


Tailored Services

You get MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 ADD-INS solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Different Models

You have several models to choose from the list.


On-time Delivery

You get work delivered as per the agreed-upon deadline.


Skilled Developers

You hire microsoft experts who have the latest know-how about COM Add-ins Development and are highly skilled in design and develop ms office add-ins solutions

Comparative Analysis

AspectConcettolabsIn HouseFreelancer
Time to find suitable developers24 Working Hours4 - 12 weeks1-12 weeks
Time to start a project3-4 Working Days2 - 10 weeks1-10 weeks
Recurring cost of training & benefitsNA$10,000 - $25,000NA
Time to expand team size24-48 Working Hours4 - 16 weeks1-12 weeks
Pricing (weekly average)1.3X2X1X
Project failure riskExtremely low, 95% successLowVery High
Developers with delivery team supportYesSomeNo
Dedicated resourcesYesSome-
Quality GuaranteeYesHighHigh
Assured work CommitmentYesSomeNo
Tools and professional EnvironmentYesHighUncertain
Communication EffectivenessHighVariableVariable
Project Management ToolsYesYesNo
Flexibility in Resource AllocationHighVariableVariable
IP ProtectionYesYesVariable
Onsite ResourceYes (Based on client requirement)YesNo
Availability of Specialized SkillsHighVariableHigh
Transparency of CostsTransparentVariableVariable
Legal Contracts and AgreementsClear and ComprehensiveStandardVariable
Maintenance and SupportYes- Included in serviceYesVariable
Data Protection MeasuresComprehensiveManaged internallyVariable
Long-term Partnership PotentialYesPotentialVariable

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about employing our developers that may help you.

You must first enroll in the Microsoft 365 Developer program. You will receive access to your own M365 developer tenant for free as well as the ability to test the apps and extensions you create using this tenant. Obtaining the Power Apps developer plan is also necessary when working with Power Apps.

The programming language used to create Outlook forms is called Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), and it is one of many that can influence what users see when they interact with a Web page.

Office add-ins make it easier to customize your papers and speed up your web information access. With the Centralized Deployment option in the Microsoft 365 admin center, you can distribute Office Add-ins for the users in your company.

The Microsoft 365 developer certification is a part of the Microsoft office 365 Developer Program. The subscription enables developers to develop solutions independent of their production environment. The program offers Microsoft certification for front end developers, web developers, etc.

The Microsoft 365 Certification demonstrates customers that an application has undergone an evaluation process to ensure strong security and compliance practices.

The average cost of hiring Microsoft Add-Ins Developer will be approximately $40-$200 per hour. However the price may vary depending on several factors such as project complexity, developer experience, hiring location, etc.

Why Our Client Love Us?

Our integrity and process focuses largely on providing every customer the best recommendations for their respective business. Our clients become recurring customers because we always go beyond their expectations to deliver the best solutions.


We brainstorm a lot!

Because brainstorming leads to new thoughts & ideas. We believe in discussing & bridging the gap leading to nicer suggestions & application.


Believe in Innovation!

Innovation is like Jugaad. It only comes when you give it a try. We believe that extraordinary things come with innovation which help you stand & lead in the crowd.


Creative Developers!

Our developers are always keen to develop creative ideas. There is โ€œNEVER a NO.โ€ They have an eye on the market facts, thus develop in the latest on going environment.


Value for Money!

We understand the value of money & thus with a modular approach serve you the best quote for your application & web services. The features we promise, we deliver. #notohiddencosts

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