20 Best Microsoft Office Add-Ins in 2024

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20 Best Microsoft Office Add-Ins in 2024

Summary: When you work with Microsoft Office, it becomes very much easier to install Add-ons. These tools can provide you with new features and custom commands for Microsoft Office applications. If you would like to increase your productivity immensely, try these 22 Add-ins for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

The tools provided by Microsoft Office are adaptable, but sometimes you want to implement something that Outlook, PowerPoint, word, and Excel can’t do at that time you should opt for Microsoft Office add-in which is capable of providing extra something. There are multiple Add-ins available in Microsoft Office, and a couple of them stand out! We have gathered 22 widely useful ones, and a couple of them might require Microsoft 365 subscriptions. They will help you to boost your business whether you are using web office apps or desktops.

But first, we will understand about installing Microsoft add-ins.

How to Install Office Add-ins within Your System

1. To Install an Add-in Through the Office Ribbon:

To Install an Add-in Through the Office Ribbon:

Open or start a new document. On the Ribbon toolbar situated above the document, click on the Insert tab and then click on the Get Add-ins button. (In Office web apps, the button is simply called Add-in. In the desktop apps, you can click on Insert > Add-ins > get add-ins. In Outlook, you can click on the Home tab to get access to the Add-ins button at the end of the toolbar)

Now, the Office Add-ins panel will open above your screen. Click on the STORE tab and here, you can search for add-ins you want to install. Click on the Add button next to the one you want to install, read the licensing terms and privacy policy, and click on Continue to install.

2. To install an add-in through AppSource:

You can go to the Microsoft AppSource site and search for an add-in. From the left side panel, you can also use filters for certain categories that work with Excel. Click on the add-in name and go to the description page. Now click on Get it now button to install a particular add-in. Click on the Open in Word button, then click on Trust this add-in in the right sidebar to complete the action.

To install an add-in through AppSource

After installation of an add-in to an Office app, it appears at the end of an existing Ribbon tab or as a new Ribbon tab with its command. To see your installed add-ins, you can go to Insert>Add-ins> My add-ins. Microsoft provides online help to manage the installed add-ins.

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and, One Note Add-ins

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and, One Note Add-ins

Microsoft Office in 2024 has been evolved like never before. To improve your writing and presentation skills there are certain add-ins available that can provide extra help.

1. Word Training and Trips

This add-in for Word allows you to create cheat sheets from the Microsoft Word course. One can easily learn by following the step-by-step instructions of style and formatting.

2. Font finder

Word allows you to install every font on your PC. Installing the new font is quite hectic as it is difficult to choose and compare with the perfect fonts. Thus, Font Finder can help you to pick the right font very quickly.

3. I Should be Writing

Sometimes to complete the research paper or any documentation work you need the push of a timer. I should be writing the perfect Microsoft Word Add-In to track and measure your output.

4. To-do

A Couple of times, one can miss the deadline while working on the project. This To-do will give you a countdown timer along with each task, which will give you an alert of how much time is left.

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5. Pixabay Image

Any of us go through the phase of creating presentations, brochures, and flyers where we need to use images. This huge catalog-based Add-in will help you to insert images with a single click in your document with an appropriate search.

6. Excel Training and Trips

This Microsoft Excel Add-In gives you access to free learn about the formulas, functions, and many more features right into your spreadsheet.

7. Transform Data by Example

Sometimes, it becomes time-consuming to find the right formula or function to transform your data. Here, transforming data by example can help you to search for the right function. It allows you to add your data transformation code to the collection of functions.

8. People Graph

To use an infographic in your spreadsheet, a People graph is the best add-in which can help you to make your data more attractive. It has a collection of three types of charts, different shapes, and colorful themes for an easy start.

9. XLTools.net Data Cleaning

This add-in world is a single-click scrubber for unnecessary line breaks, spaces, or nonprinting symbols. It allows you to change your data by converting it into sentence cases, numbers into text, and text into numbers.

10. PowerPoint Training and Trips

With this free Microsoft PowerPoint add-in, you can learn about creating attractive presentations with a step-by-step guide.

11. Pickit

It is an important add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint as it allows adding photos, icons, and clip art to your slides. It also works with PowerPoint Designer’s suggested layouts and gives your presentation off the ground.

12. Selection Manager

This free PowerPoint add-in allows you to add shapes to your slide. To create a design animation for your presentation, you can use this.

13. Thor – The Hammer

To maintain the sizes and positions of logos and shapes among all the slides, the THOR add-in works best. It memorizes the positions and shapes and keeps them consistent in each slide. To download this add-in, you need to visit the website. It is not available in the Office store.

14. Lucid Chart Diagram

This add-in helps the best for business purposes. You can easily create Flowcharts, mock-ups, mind maps, and many more.

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15. Advanced Folder Watch

This is an advanced filtering and organization system. It can watch specific folders in email for the messages you want and send you the notification.

16. Custom Signature

It allows you to create unique signatures and use them in the email. It allows you to create multiple signatures, but with each email, it will attach different types of signatures.

17. Boomerang

With the help of Boomerang, you can write better emails and schedule them as per the requirement, while tracking the response.

18. Evernote

Evernote can help you to store complete information about any task or collaboration in detail and retrieve them when it is required.

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19. Office lens for iOS and Android

You can take instant snapshots of PDFs, documents, and whiteboards and send them instantly over platforms like OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, and others.

20. One Note web clipper Chrome extension

This is one of the most popular OneNote extensions. OneNote web clipper extension allows you to instantly capture a link, a region, or an entire section from a webpage and send it to OneNote.


Microsoft Office is a powerful platform without these mentioned add-ins. However, by adding such advanced tools, gives you extra for improvising your business process. To use such add-ins you need to develop basic Microsoft Office learning skills.

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1. How to delete Microsoft Add-ins?

By following the steps (Choose file > options > add-ins > at the bottom, click the Go button > select the add-in to remove).

2. Why do we use Microsoft Add-ins?

To enhance the interaction with Excel, PowerPoint, Word, One Note, and Outlook one should use Microsoft Add-ins as it makes you familiar with web technologies like HTML, CSS, and javascript.

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