Integration of Google Map with PowerApps

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Integration of Google Map with PowerApps

Whenever you want to see where the location is and the surrounding area, Maps are a great visual way. Therefore, embedding a Google Map with PowerApps is an extremely useful. But the first question is how to do it? There is a way to add static map into your PowerApps. Let’s understand how to do it.

We don’t have a map control facility in PowerApps, therefore we need to use the image control to show the maps. Here, we can take help from Bing Maps OR Google Maps through Bing Maps Imagery API & Google Static Maps API.

Create your API Key from relatable resource

Whenever you want to build a connection between a static map image and google, you must need an API key. This is a very simple task, as google itself helps us to do it in a very simple way.

Open link and find the Get started link from the page scrolling. It will give you an API key. We will need that API key later on for PowerApps API Integration, therefore copy and paste it somewhere in your notes.

Let’s follow some basic step to integrate Google Maps with a powerapps

Step – 1: Create an application and add your location’s latitude and longitude as a data source.

Step – 2: Need to add Image with relative location as the data source.

Step – 3: Add a button to your application for setting up some variables. These variables are the part of URL for getting static image from google.

URL for getting static image from google

Step – 4: Now, the image we will show on the PowerApps interactive map comes from a url. Therefore, we will store that url in variable which will be updated by clicking on gallery.

PowerApps interactive map

url in variable which

Step -5: Now the final step is to add an image control from the media drop-down. Need to resize the image to match the map size.

Step -6: Preview image and click on the button to set the variables. Also, click the image section to select location using google maps.

Google Map with PowerApps


We all know that maps are a huge topic, this post about google power apps is only the overview of static map integration with power apps. If you would like to get detailed knowledge about model-driven apps, concetto labs can find you the solution.

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