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Map integration with any application always gives a special touch. We will discuss in detail about how to integrate Google Map with powerapps.

The first step would be creating your Google API key

Whenever you need to integrate static map Or connect to Google, you will require an API for that. As it sounds very heavier, though it’s very simple. Google helps with API integration. Just go through the Google Map API to get started with Google API.  You just have to copy a key similar  “AIzaPyCC6Jfzjo50meU9DRsf-duxS7_VfPmzc-s” as it will be required later.

Now, Let’s have a look on the steps for adding a static Google Map

For the static google map integration, you will require a demo location with your excel sheet.

Step 1: You will be required to import data of location from your excel sheet to your application after demo location listing your first step would be built an app.

Step 2: Apparently with the location of your data, add a gallery.

Step 3: Lastly, with the gallery and location data, you need to add a few buttons for setting up a variety of variables. This variable will become the part of the URL which will require to load the static images from Google. Whatever the image of the map we are going to show in our application will be shown from the given URL.

Step 4: We will be storing the URL in a variable which will update with the clicks on Gallery.

Step 5: In the Final step, we will add image control from the media-drop down. We will resize the image to match the height and width.

Step 6: Now, we will get the preview of an image and will click on the gallery to select the particular location.

Google Map with PowerApps

Wrapping up: Nowadays, Map integration with the application is a very popular idea. It improves the quality of Microsoft PowerApps. Here, in this blog, we have got a basic understanding of how to do static map integration with your application. If you wanted to know more than you can contact us. Concetto Labs is a leading Microsoft PowerApps development company. Our PowerApps Development service can help you to raise your customer retention ratio with advancements. You can hire our powerapp developer to implement your business idea on to your application with Google Map.