How to Develop On-Demand Weed Delivery App – Steps, Cost and Features?

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How to Develop On-Demand Weed Delivery App – Steps, Cost and Features

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As we all are living in a constantly increasingly competitive world, it becomes important for cannabis retailers to discriminate their services among competitors to stay one step before.

The best solution for this is to create a technological solution with mobility that can serve as a comprehensive directory of catalogs of cannabis products that are available in multiple stores and dispensaries.

Nowadays Technologies inspire all over the world to serve patients online who are looking for cannabis or marijuana as these help patients and users to avail cannabis easily at an affordable price within legal boundaries.

This helps users to make a better and more useful informative selection for their needs by taking into account ratings, Products, dispensary/storefront locations given by other users, and reviews of strains.

What is an On-Demand Cannabis Delivery App?

Cannabis which is also referred to as marijuana, weed, or hemp is a drug with multiple benefits and is used for medical and recreational purposes. Cannabis contains a chemical known as “cannabidiol” which is effective in treating a variety of epileptic disorders as well as opioid addiction, bipolar disorder, cancer, and many other illnesses. 

The on-demand Cannabis delivery app is created by looking at the requirements of both customers and marketers. With the help of advanced high-end software development, Concetto Labs, a marijuana app development company easily handles the requirements for medical marijuana delivery. Also, we ensure to deliver top-notch security and verification for cannabis and marijuana deliveries. 

Additionally, it is a platform that allows customers to order cannabis using cannabis delivery business software from authorized retailers. After downloading the ready-made cannabis delivery app solution, consumers can explore authorized distributors and dispensaries and register for an account.

The user can then pick the products, the delivery location, and the payment option to finish the transaction. Following payment confirmation, the user can see their order progress and track its pick-up until the delivery partner delivers the product to the specified address. 

Benefits of Developing a Cannabis Delivery App

Benefits of Developing a Cannabis Delivery App

There are several benefits of cannabis ordering and app development and the following advantages apply to on-demand cannabis delivery app development: 

1. Customer Convenience

Customers can locate the closest cannabis store with ease using an on-demand cannabis app solution. Customers will not need to go to a dispensary or retail establishment using this application. For people, facing trouble moving about or have limited access to transit, it can be of more use. Customers can order cannabis online and have it delivered right to their doorstep using relevant cannabis delivery app solutions. 

2. Enhanced Revenue

As per the study, the average user is likely to spend more money on online delivery services, than they would spend on in-person purchases. Hence, marijuana app development aids in boosting the company’s income and growth. 

Having an online presence for clients also makes it easier to precisely and accurately meet unique demands by providing a wider option and high-quality of goods and services. 

4. Competitive Advantage

More nations legalizing marijuana leads to increased competition in the market. In the upcoming years will face a lot of competition. From software companies to competitor dispensaries, everyone has entered the market with their applications. Custom app development for cannabis delivery can give your business a competitive advantage over competitors because it is quite obvious that they do not deliver similar services. It is also a useful tool for keeping hold of current clients who are looking for a more practical approach to buying goods they require. 

5. Enhanced Market Reach

On-demand cannabis app development will help you reach more audiences. You can contact customers who live outside of your immediate geographic area by selling products online. Businesses residing in regions with restricted access to pharmacies or retail establishments can benefit particularly from the program. You can also use a delivery app to expand the company into other areas. It enables you to boost sales and expand your clientele. 

6. Improved Customer Experience

Cannabis delivery app development provides a fresh approach to boosting client involvement and loyalty. Some cannabis brands may be still having trouble with direct-to-consumer sales law. Others, however, are pushing the boundaries with cutting-edge goods and services that put the users at the center of the encounter. You can ensure that users will have a better user experience with the cannabis delivery app. 

What are The Steps to Build a Cannabis App?

What are The Steps to Build a Cannabis App?

A few of the things that should be considered before beginning to develop mood weed delivery apps are: 

1. Be aware of Government Rules and Regulations

Since marijuana is a sensitive case, ensure that you are aware of government rules and specified norms before developing an application. Hence, to release a hassle-free app into the market, understand and comply with all legal criteria and procedures before designing a marijuana delivery app. 

2. Get a License

Obtaining a license that has been approved by the relevant government body is the next step towards legalizing your firm and establishing credibility and confidence with your clientele. 

3. Select an Appropriate Business Model

Selecting the business model is also crucial since it will help you decide more easily what features to include in your application and if you want to develop a delivery-specific app, a single-store model, or an aggregator model. 

4. Choose a Monetization Strategy

Another important factor to consider while developing your cannabis delivery app is selecting a monetization strategy. You can choose to charge a platform fee or convenience charge for every order, as well as integrate an in-app ad model, partnership plan, or subscription model. 

5. Choose an Appropriate Development Team

Another significant factor to consider is that developers will be smart in developing an ideal app as per your business requirements. Hence, make sure the Cannabis iPhone app developers that you select have the necessary skills and experience in their respective industries, as well as fit your business objectives.  

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Features of Weed Delivery App

The following is the list of the Features that you must consider to integrate into your iPhone weed case development application or on-demand cannabis app development:

  • User-friendly onboarding process
  • Document validation and verification
  • Order monitoring and administration 
  • Integrating several payment options
  • Voice search and filter options
  • Chatting and calling within the app without number revelation
  • Integrated maps and real-time position monitoring to calculate time and distance
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Scheduling orders using pay-later options
  • Product catalog and listing administrator
  • Programs for loyalty and cashback
  • Help desk and FAQ’s
  • Chatbots
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Customized Feed
  • Push notifications and various other options. 
  • Order Management dashboard

Which are the Popular Cannabis Delivery Apps of 2024?

On-Demand Cannabis delivery apps are popular in various cities of the USA. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the user with something exceptional and one-of-a-kind while creating cannabis delivery applications. Here, we have compiled a list of most well-known cannabis delivery applications according to user ratings, usage patterns, unique features, and total downloads.

Top weed Delivery Apps Available Platform Downloads Ratings
Leafly Android | iOS 1M 4.7
Eaze Android | iOS 100K 4.4
WeedMaps Android | iOS 5M 4.7
PotBot Android | iOS 50K 3.4
Emjay iOS 100K 4.6

1. Leafly

Leafly has more than one million downloads from the Play Store. Every month, almost 10 million people use it actively. Users can obtain medicinal marijuana stores or marijuana delivery services using an app like Leafly. 

2. Eaze

Eaze is another cannabis delivery app in which users can track orders and receive on-demand delivery with it. It makes it easier and more convenient for users to obtain cannabis products. By delivering a range of products straight to the customer’s door, Eaze streamlines the ordering process. 

3. Weedmaps

With more than 5 million downloads and 4.7 user reviews on the Play Store, Weed Maps is the greatest marijuana delivery app. To assist customers in making wise selections, it provides comprehensive product details, costs, and reviews. One useful resource for the cannabis community is Weedmaps. 

4. PotBot

The goal of the medical marijuana delivery application is PotBot which is used to assist users in finding the ideal strain for their unique medicinal requirement. Based on scientific and clinical research, the best cannabis delivery app recommends strains that are good for particular ailments using an algorithm.  

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an On-Demand Weed Delivery Application?

The cost of developing a marijuana delivery app depends on several factors, but approximately it can reach up to $40,000 to $3,00,000 and potentially even more depending on your requirements for the application development, how long will it take to complete, and the complexity to integrate the features. 

Thus the following list of necessary cost factors will help you understand the variables influencing the cost of developing a cannabis app: 

1. UI/UX Pric

It takes skill to create a cannabis delivery app, so it is imperative to work with a team of designers who can modify the app’s design and have a grasp of business logic.

2. App Evaluation

The method of testing the application also has an impact on development costs. However, by working with the app development company, you can reduce the app development costs. 

3. Customization Cost

Another factor that could raise the overall cost of developing a cannabis delivery application is customization. 

4. Maintenance and Support

It is necessary to update the app periodically to maintain seamless and trouble-free operation. Therefore, about 25% of the total cost of the cannabis delivery app may go forward toward support and maintenance.


Concetto Labs, a leading cannabis app development company, is an expert in the development field. We have been developing unique cannabis applications for years. Hire dedicated developer for an amazing on-demand cannabis delivery application that satisfies particular business requirements. 

We have the skills and experience to develop a top-notch solution, whether you want to develop a cannabis delivery app or a cannabis marketplace application. Hire iPhone app developers to comprehend your goals and requirements. 

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1. What are the Challenges faced in Developing Cannabis Delivery Apps?

Developing Cannabis delivery apps frequently involves navigating complicated legislation, resolving money processing issues, guaranteeing user safety, and tackling the stigma associated with cannabis.

2. What are the Future Developments for Cannabis delivery Apps?

Future developments in Cannabis delivery app development will focus on voice-active commands, AR/VR product visualization, block-chain based payment systems, AI-powered personalized recommendations, and smart home device interactions.

3. What are the Advantages of Weed Delivery App Development?

Marijuana app development has various advantages for businesses like: 
  • Increased clientele
  • Effective stock market
  • Increased revenues from online orders
  • Encourage adherence to brand

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