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Many technologies happened to invent in the 21st century, which solves the fundamental problem of coding. In this article, we’ll compare two new technology designed for computing and problem-solving. Laravel and NodeJS are two advanced back-end web frameworks helps in web app development. So, if you’re wondering which is the best among PHP Laravel vs node JS, then you’ll get your answer here.

Laravel Basics

Laravel is a PHP based open-source framework built for designing high-end web applications. It’s a robust collection of significant characteristics found among primary frameworks like Ruby on Rails, ASP.Net MVC, CodeIgniter, etc. The framework saves huge development time by avoiding the developers to plan the entire website architecture from scratch. Laravel framework takes care of the security of the application. The features boost the development pace for creating a website from scratch.

Hire Laravel developer if you’re looking to build web applications. Laravel offers robust and secure development with essential characteristics. The framework is well-known for the speedup development process and saving valuable time.

Facts and Figure of Laravel

Tailor Otwell developed Laravel in July 2011. It’s one of the popular open-source PHP frameworks developed right after CodeIgniter.

Laravel is nothing but a web-based framework that using PHP and follows the model-view-controller pattern.

The goal of Laravel is to make certain parts of the web development process easier and offer MVC application tools.

Laravel helps to make the web development process easier for web designers and developers.

Features of Laravel Framework

  • Template Engine
    Its widely acclaimed framework used for building lightweight templates. Later it’s used for producing beautiful layouts by seeding interactive content. It comes with CSS and JS code.
  • MVC Architecture Support
    Laravel promotes MVC architecture to enable separation between business logic and layers of presentation. It enhances performance applications by improving usability and protection.
  • Security
    The framework comes with strong security for web applications. It utilizes a salted password scheme, so it never allows to store it in the database. The SQL statement helps in preventing SQL injection attacks.
  • Database Migration System
    Laravel aims to broaden the database structure without having to re-create code changes. The Laravel function allows the risk to get lower and allows PHP code to use rather than SQL. Now, create the tables with ease with Laravel Schema builder.

NodeJS Basics

Features of Laravel Framework | Features of Node Js Framework

Node Js built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime libraries designed to build server-side applications. It invented by Ryan Dahl in 2009. While Laravel framework vs node js, it’s run-on OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows within Node.Js runtime. Node js offers an excellent library with JavaScript modules and simplifies web application using node js.

Facts and Figure of Node js

  • Node JS is a server capable of executing JavaScript.
  • It provides asynchronous and event-driven APIs.
  • It’s for any programmer who is familiar with JavaScript can learn Node Js quickly.
  • It’s an open-source and cross-platform system used for building web applications.
  • Google Chrome and reinforced JSON power it.

Features of Node Js Framework

  • Asynchronous and Event-Driven
    When PHP Laravel vs nodejs compared to the library of node js API are asynchronous. It offers server-based Node js with never waiting for API to return the data.
  • Object-Oriented
    Few frameworks like CoffeeScript and TypeScript address problems, but it served as a bolt-on with extremely worrying with coding standards. One best solution is Laravel node JS integration. Here the code appears identical to C#, SWIFT, and JAVA.
  • Single-Threaded and Scalable
    Node JS uses a single-threaded model of looping events. It uses a mechanism to let the server react in a non-blocking manner. Node js utilize the single-threaded program and handle a larger number of a request than conventional servers.
  • Cross-Platform
    It’s a cross-platform that can process and execute with its dependencies when developed with the correct structure.

Comparison of PHP Laravel Vs NodeJS

Laravel                                     Node JS
It’s a PHP MVC framework. It’s a JavaScript-based Google Chrome Engine.
It does not have an IO model. It uses an event-driven IO model, & a non-blocking model for practical use.
It integrates well with the front-end view. It’s does not have an integration feature.
It’s ideal for MYSQL and Maria DB Applications. It works with Express JS and for MongoDB/MongooseJS.
The Laravel frameworks are creative and effectively designed with offering a basic layout. There’s no such built-in template available in Node JS. It uses a third-party tool to integrate.
One needs a full-scale system to handle massive websites based on CMS. One needs a service-based architecture that is compact and goes with node js.
It’s used in nations like Poland, Netherlands, Indonesia, Turkey, etc. It leads in Brazil, United States, China, Russia, etc.
Laravel is responsible for the protection of web applications. As Node JS is open-source, the community offers excellent packages.
The platform contains Eloquent ORM which requires the basic implementation of PHP active record. It comes with the ability to share codes between front-end and back-end applications.

To conclude

Both frameworks are unique and come with their benefits. All it depends is on the type of products one needs to create. Determine the best-suited framework based on your product complexity. Hire a Laravel development company or hire Laravel expert if you feel Laravel is the best option for you.

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Laravel vs NodeJS – Which one is the better choice?

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