What is the Cost to Build A Plant Identification App?

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What is the Cost to Build A Plant Identification App?

Quick Summary: Are you pondering whether to build a plant identification app? First, you must know how developing a plant identifier app can help you and others. This blog will help you to understand how a plant recognition app works and what goes into creating a plant identification app. Some of the apps to identify plants are listed below with their functions. An App like the Plant Snap app can be considered ideal for beginners. The blog details will help you understand what you need in a plant identifier app and how you can proceed with the mobile app development.

The increase in the use of technology has made us distant from nature. We might be surrounded by nature sometimes, but we have no idea what we have around us at such times. One of the best instances of this is plants. Hundreds of plants can be used for various purposes and benefit mankind. However, it is so hard to identify these plants due to a lack of interest and time to understand their nature.

At this point only, technology becomes handy. Plant Identification apps are one such example. With the help of plant identifier applications like PlantSnap, one can scan a picture of a plant, and the app will tell you all the informational details of that plant. This can help you identify plants that have medicinal properties and are beneficial for your health. 

Top 8 Plant Identification Apps

Top 8 Plant Identification Apps

PlantSnap PlantSnap
  • Search any plant from a database of 60,000+ plants with a snap
  • Instant search with Augmented Reality
  • See snaps from around the world 
  • Save snaps to see later
  • Free
  • Pro at $25 
Leafsnap Leafsnap
  • Identify plants with snaps in seconds 
  • Plant database of more than 32,000 plants 
  • Plant Care guides in the app
  • Set reminders for your plant care activities
  • Free
  • Premium from $4.99 to $25.99
GardenAnswers GardenAnswers
  • Click pictures of plants and get instant identification
  • Find out pests and diseases in your plant
  • Get advice and solutions from gardening experts
  • Save your questions and answers to review any time
  • Free
  • Premium at $3.99
PlantNet PlantNet 
  • Get full identification results in seconds
  • Choose a plant database according to the region
  • Find plant in a region by clicking photos
  • Save your questions and answers to review any time
  • Free
  • Pay as you go Model starts from 2€ 
PictureThis PictureThis
  • Plant identification with a snap
  • Upload a pic of the plant’s sick part and know about its disease and treatment details
  • Get plant care guides with the premium version
  • Know which plants are toxic for your pets and protect your pets 
  • Get expert consultation from plant experts 
  • Access to plant knowledge with a huge database and more being added to it
  • $5.99 – $29.99
What's That Flower What’s That Flower
  • Get detailed knowledge about the plants with photo snaps 
  • A lot of filters, including colour, habitat, region, petals, 
  • Search available by name and taxonomy
  • Save your data and access offline anytime
  • $0.99 to $2.99
Plantix Plantix
  • Diagnose diseases with a photo
  • Get a consultation from crop doctors 
  • Join the community of farmers around the world and gain knowledge about a large variety of plants 
  • Free
iNaturalist  iNaturalist
  • Saves observations with pictures and location details 
  • You can see nearby plants’ photos on the app
  • Follow people, make a community, and see plant-related posts on the app
  • Free

Pros and Cons of Plant Identification Apps

  • Large database, which is still growing
  • High accuracy
  • Explore the section to increase your knowledge of trending plants 
  • More information about common plants and fewer details about rare plants 
  • The pro version is very pricey 
  • Simple interface
  • Geotagging feature with inbuilt map
  • High-resolution pictures 
  • The free version has too many ads
  • Easy navigation and a beautiful interface
  • Vast database in Free version
  • Youtube tutorials 
  • Faster answers to inquiries 
  • For plant disease solutions, you need to contact garden masters 
  • The premium version gives only an ad-free app and nothing additional
  • Recognizes plants from around the world 
  • Growing database with the user-based content
  • A great source for learning botany 
  • Free and easy to use
  • It doesn’t show plant data from Asian, African, and South American regions
  • The premium version has a good price
  • Data is pretty accurate 
  • Good for educational purposes
  • Billing issues in the app
What’s That Flower
  • A lot of filters 
  • The search option gives results from a broad database
  • It doesn’t work properly sometimes 
  • Data available offline
  • Easy Communication between farmers to share knowledge
  • It gives multiple options for plant disease treatment
  • Disease detection can have errors 
  • Accuracy is 90 per cent
  • Quality data from scientists and plant enthusiasts from around the world 
  • Limited to people speaking English only

Who Can Use Plant Identification Apps?

Who Can Use Plant Identification Apps?

1: Nature Enthusiasts

People who love nature are always trying to know more about it. They like to observe and know about plants and flowers. A plant identification app lets them know details about any plant or flower surrounding them.

2: Wildlife Travelers

Travellers who love wildlife or jungles need to know what’s around them and whether it is harmful. Wildlife travellers can keep themselves safe with apps that identify plants and use medicinal and edible plants when needed.

3: Gardeners

It is the responsibility of a gardener to take good care of plants in their garden. They usually know how to keep their plants healthy, but sometimes, they might need guidance on plant diseases and plant care instructions. Here, plant identification apps help a lot.

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4: Farmers

Plant recognition apps recognize plants, flowers, pests, leaves, habitats, regions, etc. With these details, farmers can decide what crops to harvest and what pesticides needed to keep

5: Zoologists

What animals eat affect a lot to their health. Zoologists need to make sure they give the right food to animals. Plant identifier apps give details on what particular plants contain. This way, animals are fed non-toxic and healthy plants.

6: Botanists

Students studying botany need to work around plants every day. They study, research, and prepare various applications of plants and flowers. Botany students can make a community on these apps and store and exchange information on various plants. Hence, it provides great educational value to botanists.

What lessons can Startups, Botanists, and Biological Students learn from an App Like PlantSnap?

What lessons can Startups, Botanists, and Biological Students learn from an App Like PlantSnap?

1: Resolves the Curiosity of Customers

The Plant Snap app is an easy way to end curiosity about various types of plants. A user has to take a photo snap of the plant and search for the photo in the app. The app identifies the snap and gives the user all the information stored in the database on their mobile app in seconds. This means one can know about any plant with a simple click on their phone.

The photo is stored in the app, which can be accessed by the user later on whenever required. This is all built up in the database, which is a vital part of a plant identification app. Integrating a database like Plant Snap into the app is important to make it quick and reliable for the customer. Hence, resolving the curiosity of the customers within seconds.

2: Appropriate Educational Tool for Biological Class

An app like PlantSnap can be really useful for botanists and biological students. Remembering the names or opening a book to learn about new plants, flowers, trees, and mushrooms won’t always be necessary. This helps people learn about plants and flowers’ medicinal properties and use them accordingly. But for this, the Plant identifying app needs accurate information as wrong information can also lead to harmful instances.

Hence, a Plant Snap-like can be useful for farmers, biological students, botanists, and ayurvedic pharmacists.

3: Customer Experience Made Easy

If you sell plants in-store, a plant identifier app can enhance customer experience and make your service more attractive. The customer doesn’t need to wait for someone to attend. They can search more about the plants in a plant identifier app. Such an app will also help them to know the condition of plants in your store to know which ones are fresh and in better health.

How much does it Cost to Create A Plant Identification App?

The cost of building a plant recognition app depends on multiple parameters, namely,

  • The complexity of features,
  • whether you want to launch it on the Google play store or App Store or both
  • Design and interface of the app
  • Country for hiring app developers

With these $25k-30k for an app with basic features, building a plant-identifying app with advanced features can cost around $50000 to $60000.


Now that you know what a plant identifier app is, how it works, and the lessons to be learned from an app like PlantSnap, you can decide how much plant identification will help you. Plant recognition apps can be useful for gardeners, students, and nature enthusiasts.

Suppose you want to find top Android or iOS app developers to plant identification app development like PlantSnap. In that case, you can trust Concetto Labs, a top iOS and Android app development company. We will consult you about all the features you might need and the cost of developing a plant identification app. Our team of expert, dedicated app developers will help you understand and improve on the technical side of the application.

For any further queries or to book a free consultation, contact us at info@concettolabs.com.



1. Which plant recognition app gives the most accurate results?

The most recommended app for plant identification is supposed to be iNaturalist. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices and gives detailed and accurate information about plants.

2. Which is a free plant identifier app?

Most of the plant identifier apps have limited free trial versions or have annual and monthly fees to pay. However, PlantNet is one of the best and most free apps to identify plants. Developing such apps can prove to be useful when so much knowledge about plants cannot be remembered.

3. Do plant apps identify weeds?

Weeds ruin healthy plants and hence, it is vital to identify them. Fortunately, according to a study by Michigan State University, 6 plant identification apps made the right guesses from 11-67% presence of weeds. Apps like Plantix can diagnose the disease and pests and give suggestions for treatments too.

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