Our skills, expertise, and experience reflect in the quality of work we provide. Following are the visions transformed into live examples of excellence by Concetto Labs team.

Mozbet (sports betting website)

Mozbet is a betting website which covers almost all sports activity. The main features are: live game statistics, popular competitions, live multi view, live calendar, dashboards, event view, payment integration and many more.

Angular JS, Payment API Integration, Live streaming score, Sports Api

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AppStartIndia (show your app to desired target audience)

AppStartIndia is a website which helps to new developers to promote their app though AppStartIndia. It helps to showcase get desired target audience to the new app developers.

Angular JS, WEB API

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Green Global Brigade

Change globe (manage all your social media account from one place)

Change globe is a home for all social media management. You can manage almost all social media from change globe. It includes Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, VK, Tumblr, Instagram and many more. User can do one post from change globe and it reflects into all this social media.

AngularJS, Social Media APIs, Facebook API, LinkedIn API, Twitter API

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