Everything You Need To Know About Agile Testing Methodology

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Agile Testing Methodology

We are living in an era of competition and rapid development. So to keep up with this advancement, we should try adopting different methodologies. Agile Methodology of testing is the best choice, then. It’s developed by software developers to control their workload. So they can process every work in a better way.

Moreover, if you have a keen interest in Agile, then don’t worry. You are not alone. Many software developers are shifting towards Agile. It’s very flexible and fast. Tools like scrum or eXtreme programming come in handy with Agile.

So why not enjoy the parks of Agile development? Statistics show that since 2015 the approach toward Agile has been increasing rapidly. The development mainly changes according to the testing team’s and customer’s needs. The agile testing life cycle is a continuous process.

What is Agile Testing?

The Agile testing methodology is very popular. This was mainly introduced to ensure software quality while reducing production time. The main purpose of this method is to provide rapid development per the customer’s needs. Agile testing is the main fraction of Agile development.

Moreover, the agile test methodology is one kind of development methodology. The development mainly changes according to the testing team’s and customer’s needs. The agile testing life cycle is a continuous process.

Do you know what the remarkable thing about Agile testing is? It’s a development and testing blend. We start testing from the initialization of the project. So do the development. That’s why it takes less time to fulfil the technology dream. Moreover, the common object of both testing and development is to ensure high-quality productivity. Now testing is not a separate unit, as Agile testing methodology changes the whole picture!

There are some popular principles of Agile methodology. The agile Manifesto, which was created in 2001, contains these principles.

Below mentioned principles should be followed while Agile testing.

  • Working products over comprehensive documentation.
  • There will be an interaction between individuals over the process and the tools involved.
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.
  • Responding to changes over the following plans

You may see lots of testers in the Agile development testing family. Even all the workers from the development team now do the testing job. It’s a budget-friendly method. Even the hired testers now work in software development, just like the development team. All of this is possible because of the Agile methodology for software testing.

Moreover, many other testing methodologies also do separate testing and development work. The expenditure was high in those cases. The Agile testing process has many easy testing procedures. Because of it, the efficiency of the process is now increased.

Different kinds of Agile methodology

So there are different kinds of Agile methodologies. We need to learn about those too. So let’s start.

1. Kanban

Kanban is a very simple type of Agile methodology. It manages projects by enabling us to see the progress and what’s next. Kanban Board manages Kanban projects. It helps to improve and design the flow of software systems. Moreover, usage of Kanban occurs mostly when the workload is very high but the deployment time is short. It increases the speed of work.

2. Lean

Lean mainly focuses on identifying and removing technology waste to boost development speed. James P. Womack, a PhD holder, founded Lean Enterprise Institute Inc in 1997. It’s built to simplify the practices. Moreover, with this Methodology, the value gets increased. The agile testing lifecycle is a focused basis of Agile Methodology.

3. Extreme Programming

Extreme programming helps to create high-quality software. It improves the quality of production. Sometimes upgrading to new software creates difficulties, but extreme programming makes it smooth. Moreover, you can change old software with a new one without risks. Agile software testing has a certain methodology that will allow automated functional tests.

4. Scrum

Scrum enables teamwork cross-functionally in development and testing. Moreover, Srcum’s creation occurred to make certain adjustments according to the requirements.

5. Crystal

This framework is to improve software optimization. Crystal mostly works on certain projects which are unique. Moreover, it is used by the team while strengthening team communication, active user involvement, integration, etc.

So, it’s focused on people, not tools.

Different kinds of stages in the Agile Testing Life Cycle

Different kinds of stages in Agile Testing Life Cycle 

What is the testing life cycle? In the basics of Agile testing, methodology testing needs to happen regularly. If a new feature is added, testing should occur mandatory.

1. Create an Agile Testing Strategy

Firstly, Agile test planning is the first step of designing. Every development and testing unit comes together to prepare a plan for testing. Agile software testing is very important before starting any new project.

2. Review

Secondly, we have already mentioned that agile tests should be done regularly. So, we can point out the problems in the beginning.

3. Daily Scrums

Now, developers set out the goals and needs of software development. The software test life cycle in agile requires testers to understand the research requirement.

4. Assessment

Now, through this process, the evaluation of testing in agile development is assessed. Users give their input and give reviews of the software. Moreover, this stage has a huge impact on development. Top-notch software testing company assesses developers, designers, and business heads for better results.

5. Release stage

Finally, in this stage, developers finalize which software is ready to go on live and which ones are not ready yet. This is the last stage of software testing agile methodology. Moreover, people should cross-check every application before promoting it to the market.

Benefits of Agile Methodology

  1. With Agile testing methodology, customer satisfaction is amazing. The continuous development and smooth quality is the reason.
  2. Product Development is faster than any other methodology. The testing cycle in agile is remarkable.
  3. It gives a good amount of attention to design and technical excellence.
  4. The agile testing methodology makes frequent adaptations as per their requirement. So it’s always up to date. Hire QA Tester/Engineer for constant development.
  5. All projects take very little time. So it allows developers of business owners to prompt their creation very easily.
  6. The flexibility of the Agile testing methodology is very nice. So why not Hire a QA Testing Company for flexibility?

Agile testing methodology best practices

  • Customer collaboration is the main motive behind the Agile testing strategy.
  • Agile testing is the software testing methodology. Agile methodology in testing with an example – Agile takes an incremental approach towards a design. In this type of testing, developers test features as they develop them according to the plan.
  • Agile Iterative development breaks big projects into small projects and then does the testing job.
  • Developers hold daily meetings during the Agile testing development. Every member of the development and testing team provides daily progress details.
  • The agile testing life cycle has professional tools to support their job. Developers use nTasks, a tool for Agile development.
  • Agile development uses Burndown charts for sprints. It’s a good way to monitor progress.
  • Ensuring fine uninterrupted communication is the key to formulating a successful business. It provides transparency to the clients.


Agile testing methodology is a very successful framework. In the World of software testing, the Agile methodology provides better testing in the life cycle of software development. To guarantee quality and up-gradation, every software should go through testing. The communication between the developer and client maintains the aims of production. It’s also a very inexpensive way to test your software.

Moreover, the testing code makes the methodology something extra. Why not try opting for this methodology for your business? It’s hyping the product-based market. Highly complicated software requires high-depth testing. So, the Agile methodology for software testing provides that quality testing. Test your complex nature software under Agile methodology. We hope this blog will provide enough details for your future project.

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