The 15 Best Wine Apps for 2024 [Updated]

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Best Apps In 2022

The year to follow will be a great one, given the worst of the lockdowns have eased up, and the party and nightlife are about to be restored to their former glory. While there are so many apps for food and restaurants, there is a gap in providing the best wine delivery apps for 2023. Alternatively, wine is the go-to selection for many this holiday season, which requires the best wine apps. Finding a good wine-searcher app that can tell you everything about the brand is a must-have in the party inventory for the upcoming festivities. Our blog will list the ten top wine apps on Android and iOS. Are you excited to read about them? Let’s get started right away!

Our Top 10 Picks of Wine Apps for iPhone & Android

best Wine Apps for iPhone & Android

1. Delectable: The All-Time Favourite

Delectable wine app

Delectable is one of the most in-demand apps and our top pick due to its spectacular social features and discoverability in 2023. Wine lovers can download Delectable to scan, choose to connect with other users, and read more from wine connoisseurs globally for wine recommendations and other exciting updates. Delectable users can browse the app’s wine selection lists to discover new collections and make a personal journal to write about their favorite brands and experience. Unlike other apps that only stick to wines, Delectable includes beers and spirits.

What we love about Delectable:

  • Downloadable free version
  • Works on all beers and spirits
  • Quick scanning
  • Awesome social features
  • Economical In-app purchases start at $1.99/per item
  • Email Customer Support
  • A great wine bottle barcode scanner app
  • Social features for wine enthusiasts.
  • Includes beers and spirits.
  • Drawbacks: Incomplete brand registry.


  • The registry does not include all brands and labels

Download: Delectable iOS Apps Now!

2. Vivino: User Rating Champion

vivino wine app

Vivino makes wine less for the blue-blood elites and makes it more approachable. This app is for novices and seasoned connoisseurs to choose the best wine for them. When it comes to Delectable vs. Vivino, this delivery app gets 20 thousand new downloads each day and 53+ million app downloads to date. Vivino application is the best wine app android possesses at the moment. The crowd-sourced data helps users curate personalized recommendations for wines and alcohol, making beer apps like Vivino a crowd-pleaser.

What we love about Vivino

  • Downloadable free version
  • Globally the largest directory
  • Affordable subscription plan: $4.99 per month for Premium
  • Personal recommendations for wines and spirits
  • Email, telephone, and help center customer support
  • Massive user base and crowd-sourced data.
  • Personalized recommendations.
  • Drawbacks: Some brands not included.


  • Lacks a few brand inclusions

Download: Vivino Android  Apps Now!

3. CellarTracker: Top Free Wine App

CellarTracker: Top Free Wine App

CellarTracker is the best free wine app for people who wish to track their cellar collections. Food and wine app users look for easy collection management, which CellarTracker makes easy with the UPC given on each bottle. Alternatively, you can use this app’s search engine if the bottles have no UPCs. You will find reviews and tasting notes curated by pros and members in their database, which helps select the correct brand. Like Vivino tracking, CellarTracker helps members track the prices of every bottle if they plan to sell their wine.

What we love about CellarTracker:

  • Open to all and free
  • Extensive customer support via Email, help center, chat, and a members’ forum.
  • Free cellar collection management.
  • Extensive customer support.
  • Drawbacks: Lack of manual entry system.


  • There is no manual entry system for the users if they wish to add more detail.

Download: CellarTracker Android Apps Now!

4. Wine-Searcher: Top Pick for Rate Comparison

wine-searcher wine app

Wine-Searcher gives you an easy way to find and compare wines based on many factors. Users can find the details about a wine bottle by scanning the label or looking up the name. You’ll find professional ratings, reviews, and retail prices when you search for a bottle. This wine app allows users to compare the prices of wines across multiple years. You can view a price graph to track the changes in a bottle’s MRP over time.

What we love about Wine-Searcher

  • Free version available
  • Subscription plans: Pro: $8.49/month
  • Support available: Phone, Email, Contact Form
  • Easy wine search and comparison.
  • Professional ratings and reviews.
  • Drawbacks: Limited social features.


  • Lack of socializing feature

Download: Wine-Searcher Android  Apps Now!

5. Hello Vino: Best for Gastro-Fantastical Experiences

Hello Vino: Best for Gastro-Fantastical Experiences

Hello, Vino is the best app in the market for obtaining food pairing ideas and wine recommendations on the go. While other apps may offer basic food pairing recommendations, this app is meant to act as your sommelier, giving you wine suggestions for meals and special occasions based on your personal preferences.

What we love about Hello Vino:

  • Free version available
  • Wine gift recommendations
  • Personal recommendations
  • Wine rating forum
  • Support available via Email, phone, and a contact form
  • Food pairing ideas and wine recommendations.
  • Personalized suggestions.
  • Drawbacks: Unavailable on Android.


  • Unavailable on Android

Download: Hello Vino iOS Apps Now!

6. Decanter Know Your Wine: Top Wine Learning Portal

Decanter Know Your Wine: Top Wine Learning Portal

Many of the apps in this review are ideal for seasoned wine lovers who wish to explore new wines and add to their collections. However, for newbies, Decanter- Know Your Wine is the best choice to improve their wine knowledge. The free version includes ten learning modules, and users can unlock more through in-app purchases or a monthly subscription.

What we love about Decanter:

  • Free version available
  • Free quizzes
  • Customer support via Email
  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Free quizzes and learning modules.
  • Drawbacks: Limited support for members.


  • Lack of reliable support for members

Download: Decanter Know Your Wine iOS Apps Now!

7. Wine Events: Best Travel Companion Wine App

Traveling is a joy when you don’t have to struggle with a hundred pages searching for the best wines in town. Why not find wineries and events in the area to explore instead? Wine Events is one of the best wine apps for iPhone if you’re outdoorsy. Founders created Wine Events to assist members in finding global and local wine tasting fests and events.

What we love about Wine Events:

  • Free version
  • Wine events database and food ideas
  • Crazy event discounts
  • Discover global and local wine events.
  • Database of wine tasting fests.
  • Drawbacks: Events open in browser.


  • Events and pages open on the browser rather than the app itself.

8. Wine Ring: Find the Top Wine Recommendations

Wine Ring: Find the Top Wine Recommendations

Wine Ring is an ace app to delivers personalized recommendations to users depending on your wine ratings and personal preferences. If you’re a tech geek, this app will blow your mind. Machine Learning will help users curate wine recommendations based on their activity on the app. A bonus is to scan the wine bottle at a store and determine if the composition is to your taste.

What we love about Wine Ring:

  • Free version
  • Support database available
  • Wine label scanner
  • Personalized recommendations based on user preferences.
  • Wine label scanner.
  • Drawbacks: No curated food pairing.


  • No curated pairing with food.

Download: Wine Ring iOS Apps Now!

9. Banquet: Explore the Best of Wine Shopping

Banquet: Explore the Best of Wine Shopping

The banquet is one of its kind, being the only reliable wine marketplace. The banquet is a creation of Delectable, which connects you to independent and boutique wine merchants. However, this applies to the United States. Users can search for wines by filtering them per price, theme, notes, composition, etc. The wine collection contains more than plenty for you to order.

What we love about Banquet:

  • The free version on iOS is available
  • A curated collection of 20+ thousand wine types with merchants
  • Marketplace for independent wine merchants.
  • Curated wine collection.
  • Drawbacks: Unavailable on Android.


  • Unavailable on Android.

Download: Banquet iOS Apps Now!

10. VinoCell: Top Wine Cellar Inventory Tracking App

VinoCell: Top Wine Cellar Inventory Tracking App

VinoCell is one of the best on-demand wine apps for an extensive collection of wines and needs better cellar management. VinoCell works well with all devices, including iPads. It becomes effortless to use the search tool to include more wines in a user’s collection. The detailing is excellent with adding pictures, 50 fields, and a graphical representation of the cellar.

What we love about VinoCell:

  • No subscription plans
  • Email and FAQ support are available
  • Wine inventory with over a million wines in the database
  • Extensive wine inventory management.
  • Detailed cellar tracking.
  • Drawbacks: No free version, unavailable on Android.


  • No free version is available
  • Not available for Android devices
  • No label scanner

Download: VinoCell iOS Apps Now!

11. Wine Society

Wine Society

Check out the amazing app My Wine Society. It is a sort of social networking platform where global wine enthusiasts can interact with each other, monitor and share their tasting notes, create their private chat rooms, discover friends, and generally create a community.

You can participate in discussions about certain subjects in carefully chosen chat rooms; peruse tons of content; register for events and activities; and develop your newsfeed, where you can share images and tasting notes of your wine journey.

You should try My Wine Society if you are looking for a community-focused experience.

Why We Love Wine Society

  • 20% saving on most wine and merchandise
  • Wine society selections are customizable
  • Its free to join and get annual loyalty rewards
  • Customized wine concierge services

Download: Delectable iOS Apps Now!

12. OENO by Vintec

OENO by Vintec

OENO by Vintec is a virtual cellular management app that makes it easy for wine enthusiasts to keep track of the wines they own, where they are in their cellar(s), and how to enjoy them at their best. It also provides professional advice on when to open bottles, serving temperatures, decanting, and glassware.

Because OENO uses Vivino label recognition AI, users may log their wines without having to manually enter all of the information about them. Vivino, the largest wine label database in the world, has partnered with OENO to enable users to automatically identify and retrieve all information about a wine, including grape varietals, regional style, winery, vintage, tasting notes, Vivino ratings, and more, by simply taking a photo of the label.

What we Like About OENO by Vintec

  • It allows to create a virtual replica of your wine cellular
  • It can scan labels and check detailed data about wines
  • You can buy wines and restock the collection from the OENO app itself.
  • You can manage your wine collection and keep a record of your bottles.

Download: Delectable iOS Apps Now!

13. Drizly – Get Drinks Delivered

Drizly - Get Drinks Delivered

Of the Direct-To-Customer (DTC) wine applications, Drizly is arguably the most well-known application. It allows you to order wine, beer, and spirits and have them delivered on the same day in 70 U.S. locations. If you do not live in one of these big areas, you can still choose between 2-3 day shipping or pre-paid store pickup for your purchase. You can optimize delivery for your particular geographic area with the use of specialized zip code tools. Additionally, you can expedite the ordering process if you are using Drizly on an Android smartphone by using voice commands like “OK Google”.

What We Like About Drizly App?

  • Free registration for buying the wine
  • Easy UI
  • Easily management of categories

Download: Delectable iOS Apps Now!

14. Living Wine Labels

Living Wine Labels

The Living Wine Labels app is the means via which you can access the exclusive augmented reality(AR) content for every wine label, including those from the revolutionary wine brand 19 Crimes. You can also access AR material from labels including Beringer Brothers, The Walking Dead Wine, Château St.Jean, and Mantua New Zealand. “Bring Your Bottles To Life” is the tagline for Living Wine Labels, and the software does just that. Transform any wine-drinking occasion into a dramatic and enjoyable event all at once.

What do we love about the Living Wine Label App?

  • Free app version available
  • Personal recommendations
  • Customer support via Email
  • Support database available

Download: Delectable iOS Apps Now!

15. Corkz: Wine Reviews and Cellar

Corkz: Wine Reviews and Cellar

This all-in-one app offers some good social elements, cellar management guidance, and a wine search function. CellarTracker’s vast database provides vintage information and tasting ones, and its cellar management application allows you to register your collection. In addition, you can look up local wineries, view what other people are tasting, and share updates about your own adventures on Facebook or Twitter.

What We Like About Corkz Application?

  • Easy searching using text search and barcode scanning
  • Wine cellar management is available to browse, rate, and manage wine from your mobile devices
  • Facebook and Twitter integration is allowed to share wines in real-time
  • Ratings, tasting notes, and wish lists are available to rate and search for wines.

Download: Delectable iOS Apps Now!

What is the Cost of Developing a Wine App?

The cost of developing a wine app typically ranges from $30,000 to $15,000 depending on factors such as features, platform (iOS, Android, or both), design complexity, and backend development requirements. Basic applications with essential features may fall on the lower end, while more advanced applications with intricate functionality and design can lead to higher development costs.

Wrapping Up:

As you can see, there is a vast market available for more wine apps globally. We hope you liked these roundups and would love to help you set up a stellar wine app for the Indian market. If you want to get a wine app like Banquet or Decanter, Concetto Labs is an on-demand app development company at your service. Our team has multiple years of expertise to create apps from scratch or low/no-code, depending on the customer’s preference. If you’d like to know more about our mobile app development service offerings, contact us at Concetto Labs today!

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