Top 10 Food Delivery Apps of Saudi Arabia Revolutionizing Food Delivery Market

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Top 10 Food Delivery Apps of Saudi Arabia Revolutionizing Food Delivery Market

Summary:  This blog offers insights into the top 10 food delivery app platforms in Saudi Arabia, showing features, ratings, delivery prices, etc. It provides a comprehensive overview of the Saudi food delivery apps’ impact on the local food industry, making it a valuable guide for users seeking efficient and diverse food delivery options in the region.

Online food delivery services are expanding quickly in Saudi Arabia. With more people using smartphones and leading busier lives, food delivery apps have also grown vastly.

To satisfy customer’s cravings and establish yourself as a successful food delivery app, use these Top food delivery apps in Saudi Arabia as a reference. There are plenty of restaurants to pick from, and food delivery apps in Saudi to become useful at this point.

With the help of these mobile apps, you can order any kind of food from your preferred café or restaurant and have it delivered straight to your house. Read below as we examine the unique qualities, learn the secrets behind their successes, and see how they have revolutionized dining. These food delivery applications are masters at satisfying users, from easy ordering to quick deliveries.

Therefore, check out these 10 Saudi Arabian food delivery apps as a guide if you are keen to satisfy customers and establish yourself beside these elite delivery food delivery giants.

Rise and Growth of Food Delivery Apps in Saudi Arabia

As per a study, the food delivery business in Saudi Arabia is anticipated to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6% between 2024 and 2028 with a predicted market volume of US $14.38 billion by this time. This claims that Saudi Arabians are becoming more and more accustomed to ordering food using food delivery apps.

Various reasons are driving its expansion. More usage of cell phones, rushed-for-time customers, and an increase in eateries collaborating with delivery services. Food delivery is no longer a luxury but rather a regular need for food enthusiasts in Saudi. Local and international businesses are taking advantage of this potential by offering specialized services.

How do Food Delivery Apps Work?

Before moving on to the food delivery platforms, let us check the working of food delivery model and food delivery landscape in Saudi:

  • Customers order food, using an easy-to-use app interface.
  • Delivery partners receive orders and process them
  • Delivery partners transport goods from restaurants to customer’s residence
  • The software manages the client’s services, tracking, and all the digital payments.
  • Commission fees, delivery fees, subscriptions, and advertising generate revenue.
  • Partner restaurants get marketing tools and analytics.

Food Delivery Apps of Saudi Arabia

In recent times, the food delivery market in Saudi Arabia has grown rapidly, fulfilling the demands of the country’s diversified population. The way people order food has changed completely and these are some of the best restaurant delivery apps.
Let us check the table showing the main difference between the most popular food delivery apps in Saudi Arabia before getting into the specifics of each app:

Food Delivery Apps  Ratings (Out of 5) Delivery Fees Unique Features
The Chefz 4.1 Varies Delivers gourmet meals for famous chefs
HungerStation 4.8 SAR5 -SAR 10 wide range of local and international restaurants
Jahez 4.4 Depends on location Vast menu and partnerships with local restaurants
Talabat 4.7 SAR 2- SAR 8  Special promotional discounts and offers
ToYou 4.3 Varies Efficient deliveries and huge options for culinary options
Lugmety 4.0 SAR 3- SAR 7 partnerships with popular chains for quick and affordable deliveries
MrSool 4.5 Depends offers delivery for several items, including groceries, etc. 
BURGERIZZR 4.00 Based on location Exclusively delivers burgers
Shgardi  4.2 SAR 6 – SAR 11 wide partnerships and efficient delivery services
Daily Mealz 4.3 Varies seamless app experience with attractive UI/UX

List of Top 10 Food Delivery Apps

List of Top 10 Food Delivery Apps

Below are the Best Food Delivery Apps in Saudi Arabia

1. The Chefz | ذا شفز

For those looking to order food from top-level bakeries and restaurants, Chefz, a prominent food delivery app, is a great source. This food delivery service app provider has access to a large database of upscale restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and patisseries. You can look around the restaurants, quickly pursue various types of cuisines, pick the one you like from the menu, and then order the food as soon as possible.

Features of the TheChefz App

  • Gourmet food made by skilled gets delivered to your place
  • Personalized menus for events, parties, and other functions
  • Top chefs are chosen based on qualifications and feedback from clients
  • Handling ingredients delivery and payment facilities
  • Some specific chefs are kid-friendly.

2. HungerStation | هنقرستيشن

In Saudi Arabia, the HungerStation food delivery app development is among the most reliable and quick online food ordering apps. Anytime you want to get the most popular food from the one café that has been making waves on social media. Before completing your order, you can use the app to browse discounts available to take advantage of the deals and save some money. Additionally, you can ask for changes to be made to your order and specify any specific details that the restaurant needs to know before preparing it. Additionally, you have a variety of payment methods to select from based on what is convenient and comfortable.

Features of the HungerStation App

  • Simple features with an easy ordering process
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Festive discounts and offers
  • Program for loyalty rewards
  • Strong emphasis on local small-to-medium restaurants

3. Jahez | جاهز

With effective delivery services available in more than 20 Saudi Arabian cities, Jahez is a top food delivery app in the Kingdom. With over 3 million members, it fulfills over 20 million food orders annually and has amassed a network of 45,000 delivery partners throughout the nation.

Furthermore, Jahez offers parcel and grocery delivery services in addition to food delivery services. You can easily make an order from this food delivery application by simply entering your address and choosing your preferred food. Following that, you can get a receipt with the entire cost. You can then pay with methods like Apple Pay or Cash on Delivery, and you can follow the order in real-time.

Features of Jahez Application

  • Sleek mobile application and user interface
  • Real-time order tracking with up-to-date ETAs
  • A wide selection that includes quick food joints and upscale restaurants
  • Free delivery and exclusive offer are features of the premium subscription “Jahez Plus”.
  • “Business Jahez” is a program for business clients.

4. Talabat – Food & Groceries | طلبات – المواد الغذائية والبقالة

With Talabat, you can indulge in cuisine at any time of the day and fulfill cravings with the fastest delivery possible. Talabat is a unique food delivery service in Saudi Arabia. After placing an order, the delivery app provides its users with a feature that allows them to track the status of their order along with a wide selection of payment options to choose from.

Also, Talabat provides a fantastic array of sales and promotions to enable foodies to order their favorite food at the lowest possible price and save money. Customers can use this app to be informed about the latest deals available from certain restaurants to find out how long they will remain. Moreover, one of Talabat’s many endearing qualities is that it lets customers customize their orders. Users of this application can conveniently order food from a range of nearby restaurants and even take advantage of their favorite café items.

Features of the Talabat App

  • Basic mobile application with traditional channels.
  • “Talabat Mart” provides basic groceries and supplies.
  • Options for contactless and cashless deliveries.
  • Uses “Talabat pay” for simple transactions
  • Frequent offers and discounts

5. ToYou – Delivery & More | تويو – التسليم وأكثر

Another best food delivery app in Saudi Arabia is ToYou, which provides more features than just food delivery. This app allows you to order groceries, flowers, lunch, brunch, dinner, and other items. In addition, the ToYou app lets you schedule transportation in case your Uber Driver does not show up or unforeseen circumstances occur. This app’s functionality allows customers to rate their services after delivery is another appreciating thing. With the help of a delivery person, you can use this function to provide your frank evaluation of the company’s customer service and overall satisfaction.

Features of ToYou Food Delivery Application

  • A user-friendly knowledge base for resolving consumer issues
  • Provides complete profile
  • Comprehensive and user-friendly search features
  • Simple sorting as per preferences

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6. Lugmety | لقمتي

Lugmety can be the ideal app for you if you are searching for a quick and simple way to set up restaurant reservations or have food and supplies delivered right to your house. If you are looking to treat yourself to gourmet cuisine at home, Lugmety has got you covered. Their delivery service is accessible around the clock and mostly serves upmarket cafes and restaurants. Also, users have given the app’s user-friendly browsing layout excellent praise. Furthermore, Lugmety delivers its services for catering, whether it be for a private or public event.

Features of Lugmety Application

  • Ensures to deliver within 30 minutes
  • They guarantee the fastest routes with predictive algorithms
  • Minimal order processing and wait times
  • Tracking map to monitor the rider’s movements
  • A program that lets users earn rewards by referring others.

7. Mrsool | مرسول

MrSool is a famous app for food delivery in Saudi. The Play Store has millions of downloads for the app, indicating a sizable user base. On the other hand, a variety of local and international cuisines are available on the on-demand food delivery venture in KSA. Through an app, customers can play with cash on delivery or a credit card for their goods. Once delivery is complete, users can assess their experience with the service and check the status of their order.

Features of the MrSool application

  • Personalized delivery experiences
  • Have real-time control of deliveries
  • Experiences by communicating openly with your courier
  • Adaptable bidding process
  • Integrated Map solutions

8. BURGERIZZR | برجريززر

On a single delivery platform, BURGERIZZR unites several local and international burger business platforms. It goes for the burger-loving populace of Saudi Arabia by centralizing all important actors. Leading burger businesses and restaurants collaborate to offer a wide range of options to patrons.

Features of BURGERIZZE food delivery apps in the Kingdom

  • Exclusively sells burgers
  • Several national and international burger companies are available on a single platform
  • Order drinks, sides, burgers, and French fries.
  • Get rewards for every order

9. Shgardi | شقردي

With Shgardi, users can place online orders for delivery from a variety of UAE eateries. There are various cuisines available such as Arabic, Indian, Chinese, Italian, and many more. You just need to register and provide your delivery location to use the on-demand food delivery app development facility.

After completing this, you can pursue the menus of the establishments that are participating and choose the items you wish to order. Delivery drives from Shgardi will bring the food to your location once you pay with a credit or debit card.

Features of the Shgardi Food Delivery App

  • A single app with various supermarkets and eateries.
  • Quick and affordable delivery service
  • Support via in-app chat
  • Real-time order tracking

10. Daily Mealz – Food Subscription | ديلي ميلز – الاشتراك الغذائي

Daily Mealz offers a food delivery market with a novel subscription model. As the name implies, it enables daily or weekly scheduling of freshly prepared meals. Clients adore its easy-to-follow, nutrient-dense food plans prepared by dieticians. Daily Mealz satisfies the demand of health-conscious customers who require homemade food-ready food parcels. Following the completion of schedules and payments by customers. Daily Mealz freshly prepared every order. Through its unique strategy, this firm has established a niche for itself in the food delivery market in Saudi Arabia.

Features of the Daily Mealz Application

  • Schedule delivery times as per your requirements
  • Pay-per-meal or weekly membership options are available
  • Food prepared just now is presented in insulated containers
  • Food that is calorie-counted and approved by dieticians
  • Select from more than ten distinct options

What is the Cost of Developing a Food Delivery App in Saudi Arabia?

It is important to establish your budget for food delivery app development costs. The location, complexity of the app, UI/UX design, platform compatibility, and the specialized resources you hire all affect the app development cost. The development team’s rates and location will have an impact on overall cost. It depends on the background, area of expertise, and experience.

Hourly rates for hiring a developer from a food delivery app development company in the Middle East are: SAR 200- SAR 300

Type of Solutions  Cost to develop a food delivery app
MVP application SAR 50.000- SAR 65,000
Website/application SAR 1,00,000 – SAR 2,00,000
Fully functional web and application SAR 2,50,000 – SAR 3,50,000

How to Start With a Food Delivery App Development Process?

When initiating food delivery app development in Saudi Arabia, the main factor to consider is hiring an app development company. Because they have the requisite knowledge and resources, working with an experienced development team can guarantee a seamless and effective development process.

Additionally, by selecting a ready-made solution like food delivery app clones, owners can reduce the time to market considerably. Ready-to-use software solutions designed specifically for the food delivery sector can provide businesses with a jump, freeing them to concentrate on branding and personalization instead of beginning from scratch.

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Developing a food delivery app in Saudi Arabia is essential if you want to succeed in the evolving food delivery market. It provides opportunities for better consumer interaction, wider market penetration, and more efficient operations.

A well-thought plan and the appropriate technological partner, such as ConcettoLabs might enable a Saudi Arabia food delivery app to completely transform the market. It can increase earnings and develop a solid presence in the Saudi Arabian food delivery market.


1. How To pay for my food orders through the food delivery apps?

Several payment methods such as cash on delivery, digital wallets, and credit/debit cards are frequently available on food delivery applications.

2. What is a Food Delivery App?

Food delivery apps are mobile applications that display menu items and food choices from restaurants or merchants. Customers can purchase food and have it delivered right to the doorstep through these third-party delivery services.

3. Why is Online Food Delivery Necessary?

Restaurants and food enterprises can serve consumers right to their doorstep with the help of online food delivery systems. With a smartphone app for ordering and delivery meals, restaurants can automate additional tasks, manage a digital menu, and take online orders and payments.

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