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Node.js user survey report says that 4/5 full-stack and back-end developers consider nodejs web frameworks. This is their go-to choice for various development jobs. This framework delivers exclusive tools to develop different use cases for web app development. Some frameworks provide you with freedom in development. Whereas some support automation and we’re here to present you with the 12 best Nodejs frameworks in 2021.


Node.JS is free of cost JavaScript runtime environment which runs on the V8 JavaScript engine and is helpful in developing the backend of many web applications. These frameworks are mainly of three types namely:

  • MVC Frameworks
  • REST API Frameworks
  • Full-Stack Frameworks

Some of the best frameworks that are available at this point of time in the market are as follows:


1. Express.JS – Express for everyone

Express.JS launched in 2010 is the Hire nodejs framework on the list because of its minimalistic, classic, and on-the-point approach. You can execute multiple operations at once using asynchronous programming. It is inherent with the various node.JS features to assist you with the programming.

Apart from this, Express.JS offers super high-speed coverage to maximize testability and has an MVC architecture.

2. Meteor.JS – One Application, One language

A language-specific framework that uses only JavaScript eases many things for a developer. Meteros.JS launched in 2012 has a diverse hold upon the various operating systems including iOS, Android, and desktop apps. This offers an isomorphic framework that gives a fluid functioning of data between the server and the clients. Since it is an open-source framework it has a robust community.

3. Koa.JS – Next-generation Node.JS framework

If you’re are looking for a dominant framework that is terrific while producing various web services also known as API, we got you covered. The Koa.JS handles these tasks pretty easily because of the HTTP middleware that is in a stack-like structure. It has endless customizations and is futuristic in its approach. With lesser complications, this gives an edge to Koa.JS for super light functionality.

4. – Chat apps made easy with

Real-time connectivity and updating among the applications play an important role in the functionality of these web-based apps. With at your disposal, you can create real-time applications which are capable of bidirectional communication between the clients and servers. It also auto-corrects the errors in real-time.

5. Sails.JS – Modernized Data-Oriented MVC Framework

MVC structure from Ruby on rails supports updated data-oriented development. Sails.JS is diverse in handling the databases and is flexible while integrating the JavaScript frameworks. The framework uses object-relational mapping to blend with other databases. This is probably the best choice if you want streamlined data for your framework.

6. Nest.JS – A Nestling of Code

Nest.JS is a perfect framework to boost your backend productivity while building active and scalable apps. This framework is an ideal option for the ones who want to construct a multi-layered application. It is the best blend of functional reactive programming(FRP) and object-oriented programming.

7. Total.JS – A Complete Framework

Total.JS is an open-source framework that offers a CMS-like experience and covers all the requirements anyone would need in a Node.JS environment.

Moreover, it is future-proof because it provides in-built IoT integrations, light, and fast applications. Total.JS is widely known for its real-time tracking of apps.

8. Feather.JS – F for flexible.

A premier backend framework that provides immense flexibility when used with Node.JS or Reacts Native mainly. Making the mobile and web app development fluid Feather.JS functions in real-time. This framework is stacked with default plugins that can be used for authorization and authentication. This framework is successful in reducing both Complexity and time.

9. Hapi.JS – Secure than ever.

Hapi.JS is an open-source framework for web applications that is open-source and has a rich ecosystem. Known for REST APIs and evolving proxy servers this framework is a robust one in terms of security. It is a charm when it comes to developing secure and real-time social media apps.

10. Loopback.JS – Better Connectivity

Loopbak.JS provides you with better integration with various API packages. The platform offers fluid connectivity. Furthermore, it is the best for creating REST APIs with minimalistic efforts. Loopback.JS provides full-stack development with good user management and third-party access.

11. Derby.JS – The Racer

It is a full-stack compatible framework that is based on the Node.JS tech. With easy nomenclature and MVC architectural structure Derby.JS helps in creating real-time apps with zero effort put in. Using a racer engine to extract the real-time synchronization Derby.JS manages to enable sync between the database, user, and the app interface. Code sharing with the client and server is the cherry on top for this performance framework.

12. Aonis.JS – The Dependable Framework

Aonis.JS is the master of saving time when it comes to development and is based on MVC structure. Having built-in packages for authentication, mailing, and data validation makes many things easier for the developers.

Moreover, this framework has robust security protection, thereby making it an ideal choice for developers when it comes to constructing interactive and fluid web apps.

Final Words

In today’s world, there is a website for everything be it a business or be it a brand. In order to enhance the user experience and brand, recognition organizations push towards more user engagement through these websites.

Moreover, due to the rise of this trend in the corporate world developers tend to test various nodejs frameworks. This offers more advanced features that are used to build these web apps in 2021.

12 Best Nodejs Frameworks For Web Apps In 2021

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