7 Best Pregnancy Apps in 2023? Development, Features of Pregnancy Tracker App

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How do Pregnancy Apps help in Mindful Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is not an easy journey. It can be challenging to remain on top of everything when dealing with morning sickness, exhaustion, and all the other unknowns. But owing to contemporary technology, you can now simplify the procedure in several ways.

The best pregnancy workout apps have been able to win over expectant women’s hearts. These apps bring immense joy to fathers of babies as well as moms, who are unable to experience motherhood but can still feel the intense joy of their baby’s journey within their mother’s womb.

Concetto Labs, a healthcare app development company can include all required features, such as health, yoga, food, nutrition, and exercise suggestions, as well as tools for tracking growth, kick count, and weight.

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How to Develop The Best Pregnancy Tracker App?

With the use of cutting-edge technology, Concetto Labs helps to develop a pregnancy tracking app, and we offer pregnancy app development services. With the use of pregnancy food tracker apps, expectant mothers may access all the required pregnancy-related information while keeping an eye on each stage of their baby’s development.

Medicine delivery app development company delivers the pregnancy food tracker app and has many other features as well, such as personalized timetables for frequent checks, medication, appointments, and healthy suggestions. During pregnancy, the pregnancy tracker app serves as a buddy.

Features of Pregnancy Monitoring App

Features of Pregnancy Monitoring App

The features that we provide while developing pregnancy apps are:

1. Baby’s development:

Using a pregnancy tracker app, you can stay updated on your baby’s daily development and watch how he or she has changed over time.

2. Expert advice:

The daily expert advice feeds in the pregnancy tracker app will assist you throughout your pregnancy.

3. Small but essential articles

A pregnant lady needs a lot of advice, and reading a good article will keep her informed and upbeat throughout the pregnancy

4. Nutrition and diet idea:

Eating well and getting enough nutrients are essential during pregnancy. To prevent her kid from having any deficiencies, the mother must consume essential proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

5. Workout and yoga guidance:

The pregnancy tracker app presents some straightforward, targeted exercise and yoga techniques, especially for pregnant women, that is good for both mother and child. With the app’s assistance, the mother can perform these techniques in the comfort of her own home.

6. Monthly checklists and reminders:

are vital since there is a lot to remember throughout pregnancy, including the need for timely checkups, the need for medications, and many other items. By creating a to-do list, you can ensure that nothing important is forgotten.

7. Baby Kick counter:

The cutest feature offered by the pregnancy tracker app is the baby kick counter, which allows you to keep track of each movement your unborn child makes. The most amazing sensation for a mother is when her baby kicks, but the nicest is also when you count it.

8. Weight Tracker:

Women gain weight while they are pregnant, but the issue arises when they are underweight or overweight. A pregnancy tracker app can help you determine what your weight should be in light of your medical history. You should speak with your gynecologist right away if you have any concerns about your weight.

9. Belly photos:

Since parents are often eager to take pictures of their kids, you may take pictures of your unborn child while they are still inside you thanks to a pregnancy tracker app.

10. Blood Pressure Monitoring:

It is important since high and low blood pressure are two of the most frequent issues pregnant women encounter. You can work accordingly if you know what type of BP you’re experiencing thanks to the pregnancy tracking app.

List of Top Pregnancy Tracking Apps:

List of Top Pregnancy Tracking Apps:

There is a list of the best pregnancy workout apps that have been well-received by users. These applications assisted all expectant mothers in making their pregnancies great experiences that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

1. WebMD Pregnancy App

WebMD Pregnancy

Your body is set to undergo some significant changes. The WebMD Pregnancy app provides you with doctor-approved advice and health information so you can learn about what’s happening at different stages of pregnancy and how your little one is growing.

You can monitor your weight and blood pressure, count the number of times you feel your baby kick, interactive view photographs of your baby’s progress, and much more.  You can always be ready for your appointments due to the symptom tracker and suggested questions for your doctor. A contraction clock and a list of things to bring in your hospital bag are useful throughout the third trimester.


  • 100% approved by doctors
  • Simple and easy designing


  • Data is not customizable for the unique situation.
Cost: Free

2. FLO Period and Ovulation Tracker

Flo Period Tracker & Calendar

You can tell that people praise Flo since it is ranked #2 on the Apple App Store’s Health & Fitness Charts and was named the best pregnancy app in 2023 by Healthline.

Use it to keep tabs on your prenatal symptoms, monitor your baby’s growth, determine when you’re due, and discover more about infant care. Reviewers claim that the commercial edition of this software offers more benefits, but the free version still gives you access to the essential features.

3. Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker

Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker

This useful tool includes a calendar you can use to keep track of your tests and doctor’s visits, as well as a digital journal that allows you to track your growth, mood, and other personal data. Additionally, it provides checklists for each trimester, a contraction timer to help you know when you’re ready to give birth, and updates you on the progress of your unborn child, including information on size and expected sex disclosure dates. Depending on membership level, app prices range from $1.99 to $12.99.

4. ProDaddy | Pregnancy app for dads


Why should pregnant women enjoy the best pregnancy apps? There are a few daddy pregnancy apps available, but ProDaddy is always one of the top picks.

ProDaddy offers news stories and advice that emphasize sharing parenting responsibilities, such as urging expectant fathers to participate in the baby shower, asking for and using paternity leave, and more.

There are brief pieces and pointers for first-time fathers, in-depth analyses of subjects that demand more time, and updates on your child’s progress along the way.

5. Pregnancy+ | Tracker App

Pregnancy+ | Tracker App

This well-known application has a user experience that is slick and simple to use. Through size-specific visual charts and photographs taken from every aspect throughout each week of your pregnancy, you can monitor your baby’s movements and weight gain while also learning about the development of your unborn child.

This is probably the closest you can get to see your baby at each stage, short of having them text your real-time selfies from the womb.

6. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker | Baby countdown, growth tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

A wide range of features is available in the Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app, including a personalized timeline of your baby’s anatomical development, 3D fetal representations, warning signs, educational articles, food and medication safety tools, and more.
Additionally, it enables extensive data collection. This software is excellent for someone who enjoys data visualization because it allows you to track information about your relationship status, nutrition servings, and even baby movement.

Pros & Cons:

  • Has a calendar where you can record milestones, data collected, and doctor’s appointments.
  • Contains effective data collection features
  • Includes a health evaluation within the app in collaboration with health plan providers. The app’s user interface might be cleaner.

7. Pregnancy Tracker – Sprout

Pregnancy Tracker - Sprout

Every day of your pregnancy is walked through by Sprout Pregnancy. It keeps you organized and informed on the numerous fascinating changes and advancements taking place in your body and with your unborn child. The first pregnant app that explains interactive baby moments like kicking, heartbeat, and more in real time!

Using helpful features like the contraction timer, kick counter, and weight tracker, you can keep tabs on your baby’s movements and health. Create your pregnancy timeline and journal to keep track of your thoughts, events, and belly images. Over 350 creative entry ideas are provided in Sprout’s journal to get you started.

The Best Pregnancy Apps Of 2023

  1. Pregnancy & Baby Tracker: WTE
  2. Nurture Pregnancy Week by Week
  3. BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker
  4. amma: Pregnancy & Baby Tracker
  5. Pregnancy Tracker | Preglife (Baby Development & Milestones)

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We have skilled UX UX designers and professional mobile app developers on staff. Before beginning any project, our developing team conducts extensive research and in-depth analysis of the subject to help them better understand the needs of their customers as well as the initial user needs. We have a pool of knowledgeable and experienced developers who have worked on numerous complex projects in the past without disappointing their clients.


While creating your pregnancy tracker app, the UX UI designer will take no shortcuts. We believe in working smartly while utilizing the most cutting-edge technology, which sets us apart from other developers.

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