Which are The Top 8 .NET Core Best Practices?

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Which are The Top 8 .NET Core Best Practices?

Summary: Discover necessary .NET Core best practices for developing robust applications. Also, learn about the benefits, basics, and reasons behind using ASP. NET Core.

Developing robust and efficient applications is essential in developing a website or any web-based application. Microsoft’s .NET Core framework provides developers with a powerful platform to create cross-platform apps that are highly maintainable. To use the full potential of .NET Core best practices to ensure the application’s success is essential. This blog will explore some of the critical methods for developing .NET Core applications.

What is .NET Core?

.NET Core is defined as an open-source, lightweight, fast, free, and cross-platform web development system developed and managed by Microsoft. It executes on

Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Although it is not an updated version of .NET, it allows the .Net Core developer to manage normal program flow easily.

It is reframed from the beginning and has a single programming model of .NET Web API and .NET MVC. Speed is the critical feature, allowing easy optimization of .NET Core for better performance.

Why Use .NET Core?

Why Use .NET Core?

There are some reasons for using ASP.NET Core for any web-based app. Those are:

  • It is possible to develop any web app and services, IoT-based apps, and back-end services related to mobile apps using the ASP.NET Core Framework.
  • Although it is an open-source framework, the created application is used in Windows, macOS, and Linux OS.
  • The users can deploy the developed application on either cloud or on-premises servers.

What are The Benefits of .NET Core?

Check out the top .Net Core Advantages Listed Here:

  • ASP.NET is a lightweight, fast, high-performance web framework that empowers the application’s .Net core performance.
  • The main feature of .NET Core is hosting, which allows the developers to host the application on IIS Docker, Self-Hosting or Apache.
  • .NET Core apps have built-in dependency injection.
  • ASP.NET Core performance supports various client-side frameworks like React with Redux, ReactJS, AngularJS, etc.
  • The .NET Core boosts performance using side-by-side app versioning because it supports the execution of various application versions.
  • .NET Core supports modular HTTP requests.

Which are The Top 8 Best Methods to Practice .NET Core?

Top 8 Best Methods to Practice .NET Core?

Below are some of the .NET Core best practices that developers can use to boost the business logic of their clients.

1. Inline Methods

To enhance the application’s performance, the user must try the inline method by executing arguments and decreasing jumps. Note that the technique containing a throw statement by JIT(Just-In-Time) compiler will not necessarily be inline. Users can opt for a static helper process encompassing a throw statement to solve it.

2. Utilize Asynchronous Programming: (ASYNC – AWAIT)

To develop a dependable application, interactive and faster, ASP.NET Core will leverage a similar Asynchronous programming approach. In the below code, the user should use end-to-end asynchronous programming.

3. Bundling and Minification

Using this practice, the user can reduce the number of server tips. The user can try to upload all the client-side assets at a similar time, e.g., Styles and JS/CSS. Using minification, it is possible to initially minify all the files and then merge them into one single file that loads with speed and decreases the HTTP requests.

4. Load JavaScript from the Bottom

If required earlier, the user must always strive to load the JS files at the last stage. The website will load much faster, resulting in less waiting time to check the information.

5. Use of Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Despite being extremely fast-more than 299000 km/s- the speed of light also aids in keeping our data close to the customers. It is simple for the server to load if there are simply numbered CSS and JS files. You might consider employing a

CDN if your static files are more extensive. Most CDNs have various locations and use local servers to provide data. Loading files from a local server will enhance the website’s performance.

6. Optimizing Data Access

To optimize the application’s data access logic to enhance performance. Most applications must obtain, analyze and display data from databases, on which they are entirely dependent.


  • Call all synchronous data access through the APIs.
  • Do not obtain information that is not important in advance.
  • Use non-tracking queries in Entity Framework while accessing data for read-only purposes.
  • Use Where Select or Sum statements in your LINQ queries to aggregate and filter data so the database can handle filtering.
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7. Prefer to Use Cache

Using Cache is one of the well-liked and tested methods of increasing performance. Any generally stable data should be cached and stored. Response caching middleware support is available in ASP.NET Core, and users can use it to compel response caching. By adding cache-related headers on HTTP response objects, users can cache web server responses and employ response caching to enhance output caching. Additionally, caching huge items prevents expensive allocations.

The Caching Methods are:

  • Memory-based caching
  • Spread-out cache
  • Cache tag assistant
  • Helper with distributed cache tags

8. Enable Compression

Decreasing the response size makes it easier to enhance application performance as it shifts less information between the client and the server. It is possible to take the benefit of response compression in ASP.NET Core to decrease the bandwidth requirement and low the response. ASP.NET Core acts as a middleware component.


Learning .NET Core performance requires more than just writing code. It involves a comprehensive strategy incorporating testing, version control, security, performance optimization, and continuous improvement. You can create enduring, scalable, and maintainable apps by adhering to the mentioned .Net Core best practices. You can list your requirements and contact the .NET core development team at Concettolabs, a leading web app development company.


1. How Can I Optimize Application Performance in .NET Core?

Optimize performance using caching, minimizing database queries, optimizing data access, and employing tools like performance profilers. You can also use libraries like AutoMapper for effective data mapping.

2. Why Should I Follow .NET Core Best practices?

Following the best practices ensures that your .NET Core applications are well-structured, performant, maintainable, and secure. It helps you to avoid common pitfalls and create high-quality software.

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