How To Develop An On-Demand Cook & Chef Finder Mobile App

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How To Develop An On-Demand Cook & Chef Finder Mobile App

Everyone loves mouth-watering cuisine but what about the process that goes into the making of it. A part of good food can make someone’s ordinary day into an unexpected memorable one. In today’s scenario when people are leading a hasty life, creating a balance between work and home is difficult. To be specific, making time to cook with all the office work is very tough. So, these days food delivery app development has increased in the market. Although there are innumerable online food delivery apps for food delivery ordering food daily is not a workable option. Besides, it is unhealthy and expensive.

Here comes the need for an on-demand cook and chef finder mobile app. There are many persons out there who take cooking as an art and consider it a profession or hobby. Thus, the on-demand cooking sites are the most efficient method to find proficient chefs for meeting culinary needs. Through this application consumers get reliable chefs at their preferred location. It is a great way out for people who miss their warm motherly local food flavors. This app helps them to enjoy delicious and home-cooked food as per one’s needs and liking.

In summary, as a businessman starting on the on-demand cook app development is a lucrative option.

How On-Demand cook & Chef Finder Mobile App work?

Like any other application working on an on-demand cook, the booking app is pretty simple. First, the users will have to hire a chef app. Second, they have to sign up for the initial app setup. Last, the user profile is set on the app, they can avail a chef at any time and location.

Anytime users need a cook on demand, they can log in to the app and provide location details about where they need a chef and what kind of cuisine they want. Accordingly, the application will notify the chef within that location. He/She will come to the user’s doorstep at the mentioned time and provide service.

Target Audience of the On-Demand cook & chef finder mobile application

The app development costs depend on the features included in the application. However, the features of this application depend on the target audience. To illustrate, there are three major types of the target audience

1. Users who usually eat outside

This audience crowd is a big fan of restaurants and cafes and they hardly appreciate the wide variety of cuisines. For this reason, through location service, one can find the recipes which are popular in those particular restaurants and cafes. Accordingly, this will encourage their interest in making their favorite meal at home.

2. Travel-based audience

These users prefer easy and less time-consuming dishes. However, this crowd is rarely at home and through this app, one can locate them. Thus, helps to find out how much time a user stays at home and prefer cooking.

3. Lifestyle user

This is a potential group of audience and usually prefers cheap and less complicated dishes. Hence customizing their preference list is much easier.

Therefore, once the admin knows the persona of the audience it gets easier to add required features to the application.

Responsibilities and Duties of Cook/Chef

An excellent chef/cook not only makes delicious food but also ensures scented flavors and a perfect presentation that delights the taste. Responsibilities and duties of cook/chef are

  • Management of Kitchen staff
  • Making different recipes
  • Setting up menus for events
  • Obeying all food and kitchen regulations
  • Preparation of meals
  • Maintaining the budget

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Opportunities of Monetization by On-Demand Cook & Chef finder mobile app

The choice of the best business monetization approach is one of the important factors which determine future success in the case of start-ups. Furthermore, the monetization model has to be sustainable, scalable, and lucrative. Thus, below are three monetization techniques that can be used in the on-demand cook & chef finder mobile app.


Presently, this is the most common and popular way to monetize this mobile app, especially for those who are free of download price on the app store. As per record, around 78 % of the users accept this happily as this is pertinent to their requirements.

In the case of the on-demand cook & chef finder mobile app, business owners of the app can produce income by running advertisements for kitchen equipment, food products, or new recipes. Consequently, this keeps users engaged and in return, they get a pre-decided charge amount from the business of advertising.

Featured listing

This is a common strategy through which application owners can make a huge sum of money. Here, the app features a selected list of cooks on the top collection list of chefs and for this price a specific amount of money. As a result, a lot of cooks and chefs show interest and are willing to pay for the featured listing on the application as this helps in receiving more bookings.


Last, of all, this is allowing major demanded businesses to transact on their application platforms. Consequently, this business creates income by charging a particular amount of percentage or commission on the sale. Hence, this is one of the easiest techniques of monetization in apps.

Key features of on-demand cook & chef finder mobile application

on-demand cook & chef finder mobile application

This includes general and advanced features which are mentioned below

1. General Features

User control Panel

  • Users can register through the app via social media account or email Id.
  • Option to select the cook
  • Sending requests to the chef
  • Users’ access becomes easier with a view list of services
  • Track the location of cooks
  • Details about each chef’s expertise, the charge per hour, experience, and location
  • Option to specify a time duration
  • Many options to make payment
  • Users can review and rate which will help the performance of the application.

Chef control panel

  • Register
  • Manage and edit their profile
  • View consumer requests
  • Option to decline or accept consumers request
  • Set a calendar for booking
  • Make a list of their specialties
  • Receive payments and manage their price

Admin Control Panel

  • You can manage or remove users and chefs
  • Manage services provided
  • Now manage packages of subscription
  • Manage payments
  • Reviews and Rating management
  • Application marketing
  • Reports

2. Advanced Features

1. Social media account Login/Signup

This advanced feature helps the consumers to instantly sign up for the application using their social media account or email Id. Ultimately, having a direct and simple sign-up method on-page is an effective method to influence consumers into logging into the application.

2. In-app Calling

This feature allows the consumers and their selected chefs to communicate with each other through calls made from in-app calling. Thereafter, through this, they can discuss per hour/day charge amount or the cuisine to be cooked.

3. In-app Chatting

Analogous to in-app calling, this feature of in-app chat allows the consumer and their selected chef to interact through direct messages.

4. Chef Near Me

This feature helps the users to locate chefs in real time. Hence, through this information, users can select the nearest chef and book them for service.

5. In-app Navigation

A great feature that helps the consumers use an inside map that shows the exact location of the cook along with the approximated time of arrival. Besides, it also helps the chef to find the location of the consumer.

6. Efficient content management system

It enables the application owner to manage the content available on the platform of the application. Through their control panel, the admin can make a list of different categories of cooks and their specializations. In the meantime, to keep users engaged they list innovative and new cuisine recipes.

7. Loyalty Program

The on-demand cook & chef finder mobile application can start loyalty programs every once in a while. To illustrate, loyalty programs include vouchers, coupons, and fresh discounts for users that are loyal to the application. To sum up, this feature promotes motivates users to use the application in the future also.

8. Tools of Marketing

Lastly, the marketing mechanism of promotional calls, emails, texts, and vouchers is important to generate interest in new users as well as to keep engaging the existing ones.

Requirements to develop on-demand cook & chef mobile finder app

For developing a feature-rich and powerful cook booking app there is a need for a robust team that knows the industry’s best techniques and practices. Accordingly, for the development of this application, there is a need to function with these professionals

  • Project Manager
  • UX/UI Designers
  • iOS and Android application developers
  • Backend developers
  • Software Testers
  • Software quality assurance analyst

Cost to develop on-demand cook & chef finder mobile app

Developing an application demands a lot of chef development and research. This requires an adequate amount of time investment in this place. For this reason, the cost to develop this app is in direct proportion to many factors. Further, these factors are the number of functionalities and feature integrated size of the application, complexity level, design, and many more.

Another most important factor which decides the cost to develop the app is the location of the application development company. Consequently, factors like physical architecture and a separate time zone of the company also affect the charges.


Good food is loved by everyone but not everyone wants to get into the process of making it. But there are many people out who take cooking as a profession. We know, cooking cuisine is an art and that art comes to life when the customer uses the right methods. This is where the on-demand cook & chef finder mobile app comes into the picture.

These apps can make a perfect balance between work and home during busy days. It is a future-ready, scalable and flexible option both for cooks/chefs and customers.

In recent times, the popularity of this on-demand cook & chef finder mobile app is increasing rapidly. It is the most reliable and best option for both on-demand chefs and users.


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