Top 5 Free Live Video Streaming Apps for your Mobile Phones

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Top 5 Free Live Video Streaming Apps for your Mobile Phones

What is a better way to boost engagement with your audience without live video streaming? In the past few years, video continues to grab the attention of anyone compared to traditional media. And when it comes to live video streaming, it allows the user to engage and come in front of the world and interacts with their audience in real-time. And today everyone knows what live streaming is! But live mobile video streaming is the newest addition to typical live desktop streaming over the web streaming has taken a backseat to some extent.

The most satisfying stuff about mobile streaming is that you don’t require any high-end camera or studio setup. One can easily go live using the mobile phone’s camera and mic, which is really useful considering typical live streaming from desktop or laptops. Having a mobile phone in their pocket one can go live from anywhere at any time that makes things easier for content creators or social influencers without any type of equipment. Now one can easily become a live stream broadcaster to stay connected with your followers or friends in real-time.

So, if you are in the market, searching for Free Live Stream Video Apps for Mobile Phones here is the list for you.

Free Live Stream Video Apps for Mobile

Facebook Live

Available on: Android & iOS, Desktop Web

Today even a small kid knows what Facebook is and everyone is using their app on a mobile phone. Which means if you are looking for a way to reach a wider audience Facebook is worth considering the option? To do live streaming from your mobile phone, just tap the camera icon located on the left-hand side of the app. You can also get likes and comments when while your live video streaming on Facebook. All the gathered likes and emojis are represented in a lovely floating way from the bottom to top and comments get a scroll from the bottom. Facebook Live video can be as long as up to 90 minutes and after that, you can upload a video in HD in case if someone has missed your live stream. You can also remove your live streaming video at any time the same way you remove the post. Moreover, it also allows you to schedule live videos if you need them.

Instagram Live

Available on: Android & iOS

Instagram is another photo and video sharing platform owned by Facebook Inc. It is one of the recent apps that have added a live video streaming option. Simply swipe left and choose “Live” and you will be live. One can quickly go live within seconds and after completing video streaming, you can share replay that will remain in your feed for the next 24 hours. If anyone goes live on their Instagram, all their followers will receive in-app notifications along with the “LIVE” badge on a profile picture.

YouTube Live

Available on: Android & iOS, Desktop Web

YouTube is one of the best platforms offered by Google that let you find videos on any particular topic in one place. It is quite easy to upload videos and share it with the whole world without any sea boundaries. Because its video platform, to reach your audience with live streaming is like a perfect fit. It allows you to do live video streaming with your mobile or desktop without any encoder or software. And once your live video streaming is completed it will automatically get saved to your channel. Using its events scheduling feature you can also schedule your live video streaming. And if you are a content creator and want to earn more revenue you can also enable live streaming ads using the super chat.


Available on: Android & iOS, Desktop Web

Periscope is kinda similar to YouTube but owned by Twitter that lets the user record high-quality live video and broadcast it to other platforms. You can use its software or make use of professional hardware such as cameras or encoders to go live. When you are live other users can comment or interact with hearts in real-time. At the end of live video streaming, it allows to replay highlights and share them on Facebook or Twitter. Because it is a Twitter product, the app works really well if you have a Twitter account with the app preinstalled on your mobile. It makes it easier for your Twitter followers to watch your live stream from their feed without installing Periscope app. Also, it automatically generates Highlights so your Twitter followers have to never miss your live streaming. At the end of your live streaming, you can also save your own broadcast if needed.


Available on: Android & iOS, Desktop Web

Twitch is a live video streaming app specially designed for game streaming, commentary, and competitions. The app is better known for its live video gaming along with an option for video streaming. It has more than 2 million broadcasters and 15 million daily active users. Twitch allows you to purchase different games from their platform and players can also earn commission by displaying the purchase button during their live video streaming. Simply tap the “Go Live” button, select category, and set a description that’s it and you will get live on Twitch. When you are streaming from your mobile app you must have to use landscape mode. At the end of your live video streaming, you will be able to share it on other platforms too.

But, How Much Does It Cost To Build A Video Streaming App?

Build A Video Streaming App?

Well, it depends on what features and functionalities you want in an application. Generally, the cost ranges between $20 – $50 per hour for the development of such apps. If you’re looking forward to hire live streaming app developers for your business, Concetto labs are the best address. Get in touch to get the best quote for live streaming app development.

So these are some of the best 5 Free Live Video Stream Apps for your Mobile Phones that we have found after research and analyzed the number of apps. Let us know which one you like the most from the above list by commenting below.


Top 5 Free Live Video Streaming Apps for your Mobile Phones

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