What did it Cost to Hire PHP Developer?

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What it Cost to Hire PHP Developer?

One of the first and most widely used server-side scripting languages, PHP stands for “hypertext preprocessor,”. Previously PHP was known as Personal Home Page. It is used to create both static and dynamic websites. Since 1994, PHP has powers millions of websites. It comes with countless options to meet web development needs and create a customized product. Turn your idea into a dynamic website, and hire a custom PHP web developer to make your work easier.

A reputed PHP development company has benefited from the demand for PHP across the globe. Few popular websites like MailChimp, Facebook, Yahoo, WordPress, Aliexpress, Flickr, Tumblr, etc. run on a PHP framework. Building a custom website results in exciting and useful benefits. Additionally, with more functionality, the website becomes more user-friendly for visitors. We need to make the most efficient online presence with the most effective customer service.

Which are the Factors that Affect PHP Development Cost?

Let’s first focus on the aspects that influence how much it costs to develop a PHP website. These factors vary with every project requirement.

Let’s examine these factors now.

  • Years of experience writing in PHP
  • Knowledge of other web app development technologies,
  • Effective communication
  • PHP development hourly rate
  • Resume and prior experiences
  • Support Assistance time
  • Hiring model for development
  • The developers’ geological location

How Does a Developer’s Location Affect PHP Development Cost?

As you must have read, the geological location of the PHP developers is quite important when choosing them for the creation of your PHP web app; we’ll explain how. Therefore, the prices that PHP development businesses from various nations charge for their services vary.

A PHP development business, for example, from a developed nation will likely charge more than one from a developing nation. Although the services’ quality may be comparable, the overall PHP development cost varies depending on where they are located.

Let’s examine the hourly earnings rates for businesses from multiple countries.

  • North America- $200- $300 per hour
  • Latin America- $ 70 per hour
  • Western Europe- $70- $150 per hour
  • Eastern Europe- $ 45-$70 per hour
  • India- $50-$100 per hour
  • Australia- $200- $350 per hour

Benefits of Using PHP App Development

1. Open-Source

It’s free to download and open-source. PHP helps to make development faster, simple, and easier. Talking about PHP community developers, it’s enormous, code libraries, always share upgrades, and more.

2. Cost-Efficient

If you plan to build a PHP website, then the cost is low and comes with numerous integrated solutions. It requires no initial cost like other languages.

3. Scalability

There are a few live examples like Yahoo, Facebook, and Wikipedia that help to scale the business. It helps to establish the scalability and flexibility of PHP.

4. Speed & Versatility

The code you develop on PHP runs on all significant platforms and works seamlessly on Linux, macOS, Windows and UNIX. It supports central web servers like Apache, Personal Web Server, and Microsoft Internet Information Server flows with unmatchable speed.

How to Select a PHP Developer?

Selecting a company as a whole is the most popular method of hiring development solutions. You will get several app development profiles as a result of doing this. In addition, you can ask for help from appropriate development portals, particularly those that bring together recruiters and job seekers. These development portals ultimately result in a win-win situation since they allow job searchers to publish thorough portfolios and references for hiring managers.

Now that there are so many web development options available, choosing one can be challenging since you might become confused. Therefore, you can consider a few points before you hire a PHP developer for your project, such as:

  • Should know frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP.
  • In-depth knowledge of the PHP programming language.
  • Experience working with SQL/MySQL databases
  • HTML and CSS handy
  • A fine understanding of JavaScript
  • Good Experience working with OOP
  • Should Acquaint with control systems

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a PHP Developer?

Experience, expertise, skill set, knowledge, auxiliary infrastructure, type of engagement procedure, and type of market affect the developer’s fees and compensation. Here, we are not taking into account variables like complexity, time, and quality that are unrelated to a specific project requirement and need to be taken into account independently. Therefore, we are averaging all the important variables that determine the project requirement to arrive at a concrete figure that provides you with an indication of how much it would cost to hire PHP developer.

1. Project Scope

By determining the project’s broad scope, you have already addressed the first significant PHP pricing factor. The type of work that has to be done is the first factor to take into account when defining scope.

PHP projects vary greatly from one another. Writing a few custom scripts for a WordPress website is far different from starting from scratch to creating a new social media app with integrated APIs and databases on the backend. A different kind of engagement might be appropriate if you occasionally need to answer tickets and need a PHP developer on call.

When choosing scope, time is a second factor that must be taken into account because it will impact milestone payments for developmental stages (if you’re working with fixed-price contracts) or the ultimate cost of a project (if you’re paying hourly wages). A few scripts to handle some new front-end functionality might be implemented in days rather than the months that the aforementioned social media app project could take.

2. Developer’s Experience

Defining the scope of your project will have a significant impact on your decision. For example, you wouldn’t require a senior PHP developer for a project that was time-consuming but simpler. You can get the project done and save a lot of money by working with a less experienced freelancer who can quickly create straightforward scripts at a reduced charge.

Beyond experience level, it is important to think about the kind of experience a freelancer has. PHP developers have a range of skill sets and experience levels, just like developers in other fields. Particular frameworks (like the Zend framework), APIs, and other technologies like Git, JavaScript, and MySQL can affect what they can do for you and how much they will likely charge. Senior PHP specialists frequently possess several different languages in their toolbox, enabling them to create a whole program from scratch.

Type of Developer
Average Hourly Rate 
Basic Back-end PHP Developer  $20
Intermediate Advanced $30
Full-stack developer  $55

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Wrapping Lines

We know PHP has a long way to go. Hire a custom PHP web developer rather than going for templates. But before you hire a PHP developer for your project, make sure you understand the cost to hire an app developer and know a few complexities.
To wrap up, know that your app cost is directly comparative to your web app’s features. Do not forget that PHP developers’ hourly rate depends on the number of qualification levels, Expertise, and Experience. If you want to turn your idea into a competitive, functional, and dynamic website, Hire Laravel Developer with good Experience.

We are a leading PHP development company to offer a dedicated and affordable team of PHP developers. Our developers are highly skilled and know the perfect use of PHP frameworks. Additionally, we build a custom website as per your needs. We called the hub of committed, professional, and affordable PHP developers if you’re seeking to  Laravel Development Company.


1. What's the cost of hiring a PHP Developer in India?

The custom PHP web developer fees largely depend on Experience, skillset, expertise, knowledge, supporting infrastructure, etc. Note that we aren't considering the factors like time, complexity, and quality independent of a particular project. The rate could vary from city to city as from $20 to $50 per hour in general. But it could increase from $50+ per hour in Bengaluru depending on skill level. Choosing the hourly rate scenario is an ideal solution for companies looking for short-term projects. However, deciding the hourly rate won't define the total cost of the project. As it requires story mapping, licensing, production environment, and other copyrights centered around it.

2. What cost of outsourcing PHP developers in India?

To opt for outsourcing is one of the ideal options if you want to cut down costs. The freelancer cost usually less compares to full-time employees as they require additional costs more for funds, workplace, resources, etc. Whereas the developers from locations like the UK, US, and Europe are costlier compared to India. Based on the average rate, the cost is from $50-$60 per hour. Hire professionals through an agency or hire a WordPress Development Company in India and get work done without additional charges.

3. How much does hiring a web developer cost?

A typical independent web developer may charge $75 per hour as their hourly rate. Several factors can affect this value, which can change. While developing a website can cost up to $100 to $180 per hour, designing a website typically costs between $27 and $60 per hour.

4. PHP is it free or paid?

It even employs some embedded HTML in its code, and its syntax is close to HTML. One of the simplest programming languages is PHP since it has built-in functions and allows you to reuse blocks of code. The following are some more benefits of learning PHP: It is open-source and free.

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