12 Best Cannabis, Weed & CBD Apps in 2024

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12 Best Cannabis, Weed & CBD Apps in 2024

In the rapidly evolving world of cannabis apps, 2024 offers a diverse range of applications that cater to various needs, from strain recommendations to delivery services. These top 12 apps are essential for both recreational and medicinal marijuana users, providing tools for discovering new strains, connecting with the cannabis community, managing cannabis businesses, and even offering games for entertainment.

We’ve put our hands on the best apps for stoners to get going in the upcoming year. Some of the applications are certainly familiar to you, while others are very new. In any case, they’re extremely useful, entertaining, and interesting. Even better, the majority of them are free!

So, would you like more cannabis-related information at your fingers? Do you want an app that will help you find the greatest cannabis varieties available? Seeking a cannabis-themed cellular strategy game with your friends to bust time? If yes, read along to learn about the USP and features of 12 such best weed apps.

Top 12 cannabis apps of 2024 you should check out

Top 12 cannabis apps of 2024 you should check out

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1. Leafly: Comprehensive information on marijuana strains and local dispensaries.

2. Weedmaps: Expansive database for finding strains and learning about cannabis.

3. Hempire: A cannabis-themed mobile game for networking and entertainment.

4. Eaze: California-based cannabis delivery service.

5. Wiz Khalifa’s Cannabis Farm: A fun, educational game about marijuana cultivation.

6. New Cannabis Ventures: Resource for business insights and investment in the cannabis industry.

7. Puffy App: A social network for cannabis enthusiasts.

8. Quit Weed: A tool to assist with reducing cannabis use.

9. Eaze-cannabis-delivery: A reliable app for medicinal cannabis delivery.

10. Simleaf: Advanced 3D growth simulator for learning about cannabis cultivation.

11. TRYM Apps: Business management tool for cannabis growers and dispensaries.

12. Strainprint Cannabis Journal: Analytics platform for tracking and understanding cannabis use.

1. Leafly (free app, available easily on the app store or google play)


Download: Leafly Android | iOS Apps Now!!

It is the closest rival of apps like Weedmaps, as it provides a framework with whatever you need to understand about marijuana. The app, which was created back in the year 2010, bestows you with a wealth of weed tracker app information, assistance, and suggestions, all packaged in a slick, and simple framework. You’ll learn about the best pot shops, bargains, and special offers in your neighborhood, as well as detailed medical marijuana strain recommendations and chemical analysis information.


Leafly app will assist everyone, from people who are weed patients medically to retail marijuana users to find out what will suit them the most.


1. Using the incorporated Leafly chart, locate marijuana pot shops next to you and peruse their menu choices for the marijuana you necessitate.

2. Explore the finest recreational marijuana for both you and your particular disease, based on hundreds of customer reviews. Regarding discomfort, inflammation, depression, and other ailments, look for weed flowers, tinctures, pills, edibles, and vaping devices.

2. Weedmaps (free to access, available on Play store/ App store)


Download: Weedmaps Android | iOS Apps Now!!

Weedmaps app dubbed the “King of marijuana,” is a long-time member of the marijuana sector. The firm was created in 2008, and the application was released soon after. This app has acquired a large following in the United States and internationally since its beginnings. Millions of individuals have installed the software to date, which has assisted them in finding the easiest and most effective medical marijuana strains available (among other desirable features).


You can search for new and upcoming strains, and also expand your knowledge about cannabis using this app.


1. The user interface is straightforward. The interface and design are excellent. Refer to the map function to find your position and learn about the legalized marijuana market in your region.

2. Offers bargains, discounts, deals, and suggestions across thousands of verified regulated outlets in the United States that have legalized medical marijuana.

3. Hempire (contains in-app purchases, available of Google Play/ App store)


Download: Hempire Android | iOS Apps Now!!

It is a weed-obsessed mobile game geek’s dream come true. This fully engaging game, created by LBC Productions, is similar to The Sims but rather focuses on creating cannabis households.


Using this Hempire weed map app, you can connect to friends who love cannabis, as you do, or create new friends through the app. This engaging weed app is a perfect pastime.


1. Superb visuals and fascinating gameplay make this a fantastic casual gaming software that will keep you entertained for hours while daring you to develop and grow the ideal virtual marijuana strains.

2. Be Sociable, participate in the Hempire Cup, and strive for the first position on the scoreboard by playing versus your pals.

4. Eaze (available at Play store/ App store)


Download: Eaze Android | iOS Apps Now!!

Eaze is among the most prominent marijuana shipping service CBD app in California, not the most popular. It functions as a go-between for you and legal marijuana stores all around the state. Now at the touch of a few keys, you can buy both organic CBD and marijuana-obtained items, earning it the moniker “Taxi of Pot.” Newbie-friendly and simple to use.


This hemp app is perfect for people looking for cannabis shipping in California.


Dozens of marijuana products are available in your state, all of which are clean, safe, & authorized. With the eaze medical card, you can purchase them and have them brought straight to your doorstep.

5. Wiz Khalifa’s Cannabis Farm (has in-app purchases, available on Play store/ App store)

Wiz Khalifa's Cannabis Farm

Download: Wiz Android | iOS Apps Now!!

It is a phone video game application where you can learn how to produce the best marijuana in a virtual environment from Wiz Khalifa. If you have some spare time and want to understand the basics of how real-life growers produce the greatest strains, this game is for you.


In a fun, colorful, and fascinating virtual world, you’ll discover how to grow, develop, pick, cultivate, and usually care for your marijuana plant.


1. With Wiz Khalifa’s aid, become a marijuana entrepreneur, produce the best marijuana varieties, and develop a cannabis business from home.

2. The UI and gameplay design are both really elegant and quite well.

6. New Cannabis Ventures (get this app on Play Store/ App store)

New Cannabis Ventures

Download: New Cannabis Android | iOS Apps Now!!

It is an application that focuses on the marijuana firm’s commercial and investing side.


This software is ideal for anyone involved in the marijuana sector as a company owner, entrepreneur, trader, or consumer.


Unique, in-depth, and excellent source and news about marijuana equities and capital investments, as well as prospective cannabis firms and market dynamics, are available in the system.

7. Puffy App (get it on App store)

Puffy App

Puffy App is a marijuana version of Instagram. Several people use it as a courting and companionship app to meet other cannabis consumers.


A very cool, elegant, and well-built social networking program with a convenient and straightforward layout.


Join a group, go to genuine activities, or perhaps set a date if your link is powerful. Instantly interact with hundreds of marijuana smokers and aficionados in your region – join a group or go to legal events.

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8. Quit Weed (available on the app store as well as Play Store)

Quit Weed

Download: Quit Weed Android | iOS Apps Now!!

It is an excellent tool. There are a variety of options to assist you to take that much-needed break from cannabis.


It’s especially helpful if you’re addicted to marijuana and it’s impacting your personal life and mental health.


1. The cannabis tracker allows you to keep track of your everyday experiences, thoughts, and emotions when quitting weed.

2. Provides you with precise health statistics as well as the time it will take for your threshold to be restored.

9. eaze-cannabis-delivery


Download: eaze-cannabis-delivery Android | IOS Apps Now!!

The most liked application for medicinal cannabis delivery, Eaze links verified legal users with independent, regulated cannabis shops. When allowed, the application is renowned for offering delivery services while strictly adhering to all local and state laws. This is one of the leafy-like applications.


Eaze promotes responsible cannabis policy, increases public awareness of cannabis as a tool for well-being, and enhances safe access to legal cannabis.

Features of the Eaze application:

  • Examine the newest item along with comprehensive lifestyle details
  • Receive the merchandise at your door in the allotted time, and monitor its position
  • Use alternative e-wallets or Google payments for online payment
  • Find out the most recent edible cannabis products and other related news
  • Order tracking in real-time and knowledge of the anticipated delivery time.

10. Simleaf

Simleaf is the most premium and worthy application. It bills itself as a “highly advanced 3D growth simulator”, which is the other way of suggesting that you can try boost there before making a mistake in real life. This is intricate enough to teach us a great deal about growth.


This application is a replica of a Deep-water culture hydroponic system, which is a great way to grow large, powerful medicinal buds quickly. It is fault-tolerant, simple to set up and maintain an ideal for both novices and specialists.

Features of Simleaf:

  • It is possible to experience the skill of growth in a realistic way with this special application without having to spend a lot of money on classes or equipment.
  • You can control the amount of light, heat, humidity, water, nutrients, and pH to consistently grow a different kind of plant.
  • It is possible to zoom and spin to get a close-up look at their plant.

11. TRYM Apps


Download: TRYM Apps  Android | IOS Apps Now!!

TRYM Apps is a great application for managing your cannabis growing and selling business. It is more geared towards business owners, such as dispensaries than individual growers, and it offers several analytics and task management capabilities to help you organize your workflow. Even though the administration features are fantastic, one of the greatest application features is compliance integration, which allows you to ensure everything is compliant with the law and above board rather than winging it and hoping for the best.


TRYM integrates environmental data and tracks climate conditions along with plant growth and yields, which sets it apart from other seed-to-sale software in the cultivation industry.

Features of TRYM Apps application:

TRYM uses data analytics, tailored job management, and exact environmental monitoring to help cannabis growers increase productivity and consistency.

  • It allows livestock management
  • Production tracking
  • Traceability

12. Strainprint Cannabis Journal

Strainprint Cannabis Journal

Download: TRYM Apps  Android | IOS Apps Now!!

With Strainprint’s advanced analytics platform, producers, clinics, and researchers can make informed decisions about what to grow, what to prescribe, and what trends to search out for depending on real-time data from real patients. Consider Strainprint to be your cannabis market research team.


Beyond being merely a tracking tool for cannabis, Strainprint is a vibrant and dynamic community of medical cannabis users who exchange knowledge and support each other.

Features of Strainprint:

  • Assists the larger community of medical patients
  • Views all appointments and statistics in one location
  • Keeps a schedule for tracking the use of cannabis
  • Uses rewards for various products, including apparel, accessories, and coupons.

What will be the Estimated Cost of Developing a Cannabis Delivery Application?

Compared to other on-demand delivery application development, developing a medical cannabis delivery app has a slightly higher cost.

The average cost of developing a cannabis delivery application is between $80,000- $1,05,000 if you choose the MVP version. It is simply an approximate cost, as the real cost varies based on several variables including the number of platforms and integration the app will support (tablets, smartwatches, etc.)

The final cost to develop an application similar to TRYM can vary depending on the factors listed above. Therefore, before developing make sure to receive a precise estimate of the cost of developing a cannabis delivery application from a renowned iOS app development company or Android app development company.


Each app offers unique features, from tracking personal cannabis usage to managing a cannabis business, making them invaluable tools in the expanding world of cannabis. The development of these apps indicates significant growth in the cannabis industry, both in the US and internationally. As a result, more companies are eager to make investments in this booming industry. Therefore, all you need is an on-demand cannabis delivery application regardless of whether you want to start delivering cannabis or are searching for strategies to grow your current CBD delivery business.

Thus, Concetto Labs would be happy to assist you if you are thinking of developing a CBD delivery app for your business.

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