Creating a Customer App for Your On Demand Food Delivery Platform

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On Demand Food Delivery

You would be surprised to know that in 2020 alone, the online on demand food order delivery industry has made $ 122 Million in revenue. That is surely a huge number to look at. Among all the food delivery services, the logistic-focused platforms tend to work best. The idea behind this article is to make you aware of how you can create your on-demand food delivery platform. Here, we will also be sharing,

Some Of The Most Important Features That Your App Will Need To Survive. 

1. Getting Restaurants Through Third-Party APIs

While starting, one of the biggest challenges one might face is how to get restaurants in the first place? With technological advancements, it has become pretty simple these days. Here we will be sharing the different APIs and how to get them. You can always start with the GrubHub API. It contains the menu information for more than 10,000 restaurants. With the help of this API, you can get a menu and pricing from these restaurants. Along with that, these always stay updated. To get access to the API, one needs to contact directly with the GrubHub team.

The Zomato API is by far one of the largest API ones that can ever come across. It contains more than 1.5 million restaurants over 10,000 cities. This API enables the user to search for restaurants either by name or even location. Further including, the Zomato API is completely free for up to 1000 API calls every single day. So if you are starting, it is always worth considering.

2. Creating Partnerships with Restaurants

One of the biggest drawbacks of food delivery applications API is that they are completely automatic. Before adding any restaurant to your list, it is always advised to look for their consent. Some of the recent studies show that not every business owner is happy with their name being enlisted in the API. This generally leads to wrong pricing, outdated menus, and above all, a prolonged delivery procedure.

To overcome these kinds of situations, one can easily contact with the restaurant owner. If you are building a local delivery app, you won’t be having any trouble with that. This, in turn, also ensures that all of the menus remain up to date with justified pricing. Coming into a mutual understanding can benefit both parties at the same time.

3. Providing Estimated Delivery Time

No one loves waiting, and not especially where food is associated. So instead of just billing the customer and delivering the food all of a sudden, you can use the estimated delivery time. It ensures that you genuinely care for your customer and doesn’t want them to wait. The decreasing time for delivery, as your order is on the way, gives your customer a sense of assurance.

Pack them with world-class GPS tracking, and you shall get a fairly accurate result. Integrating GPS in the application also makes use that the food arrives at the right location. So, your delivery personnel won’t have to disturb the customer for further assistance with the location.

4. Payment

Last but not least, providing a secured payment gateway is a must-have. You can provide a plethora of payment options for your customers to choose from. In-app payment options are always a great add-on. UPI, net banking, credit, and debit cards are some of the most widely used payment options. It is recommended to add as many payment options as possible.

Online On-Demand Food Delivery App Ideas

On Demand Food Delivery App Ideas

There is no point in arguing that, several on demand app development company has come up with their unique ideas. With the market being competitive enough, one should constantly strive for unique ideas. Down below is a list of some of such ideas that are worth considering:

1) AR Based Food App

We all know how the food from the picture completely differs from what we get in or hands. While one might argue that being a marketing strategy, it is not sustainable enough. On the other hand, with AR and VR being the next big thing, how about incorporating them into your application? Augmented Reality (AR) can amaze your customers too. Instead of just looking through the menu, they can see the real food on their table. The 3D view can give your customers a rough idea of what the foods are going to look like? This is certainly an app idea worth considering.

2) Custom Food App

There are several instances where we genuinely miss our recipes in our food. So, how about creating an application that can serve custom food to its customers. In this case, you can select all the ingredients, and a professional chef will make your food. If you get everything right, this can certainly become one of the greatest USP for your application. It’s more or less, just like selecting your toppings for the pizza. Just the idea is a little bit on steroids.

3) A POS Food App

Several food delivery apps are booming every now and them. But there is hardly any app, which can assist them for further scalability. This is where the idea of Point-of-Sale comes into play. Instead of running your own food business, you can connect with other business owners and assist them with their sales. You can keep their inventory in check, manage payments, and even run daily operations. So, what’s in it for you? You will be taking a commission for every single order they get.

Concluding Words

It is imperative to understand that on demand app development has become a huge deal. While one might argue, the market has become saturated enough, but there is still room for new businesses. It all comes down to how unique is your idea, and how you can actually provide better customer support keeping the quality in check. That being said, if you get these small details right, your business is bound to succeed.


Creating a Customer App for Your On Demand Food Delivery Platform

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