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Nearly 2.72 billion people forecast would start watching on-demand videos by 2023. The market is projected with $70 billion worth by 2021. A few of the streaming services include YouTube, Twitch, Hulu, Netflix, and Spotify, which offer a wide variety of video-on-demand content such as podcasts, TV shows, broadcasts, tutorials, etc.

Live streaming helps several businesses to expand their reach and establish brand loyalty. Nearly 82% of streamers prefer live online video, while 80% prefer to read a blog. Many innovative industries represent a chance to make a positive impact on people’s quality of life. Let’s understand how to develop a live streaming app.

What is the live streaming app?

Mobile live streaming refers to broadcasting video from a mobile device. It means accessing online video content from a mobile device. It’s essential to acknowledge the post about viewing and streaming content from Android and iPhones. A mobile app works as the best option for the broadcaster looking to monetize video content. For example, building a scalable mobile app can grow the subscriber base on more extensive terms.

Creating a live streaming app needs some resources to develop. The investment can be hefty in the beginning but later expand the potential of the streaming business. The streaming app works great for sports broadcasting, TV stations, and another outlet with an extensive collection of live events to share among the audience.

What are the types of a live streaming app?

What are the types of the live streaming app?

1. Audio Streaming

With this type of streaming, users can listen to music without downloading. Everything is easy and simple. A few of the popular music streaming services are Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify.

2. Video Streaming

Video-on-demand streaming is one such type that helps to watch TV series and movies without downloading on devices. However, a distinctive feature can pause content, resume and rewind it. Users should pay for a subscription to have access to the content. A few of the famous leading apps are Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

3. Live Broadcast Streaming

It’s one of the popular types of live broadcasting streaming media. Whenever you watch the video in real-time, it helps to record and broadcast media simultaneously. One can build a live streaming app that informed how users play games and talk about different things. The most popular live-streaming apps are YouTube, Livestream, Facebook Live, and Periscope.

4. TV Live Streaming

It’s the final TV streaming type that allows users to watch TV online. When anyone switches to on-demand video streaming services, they lose their favorite sports, TV shows, channels, etc. Therefore, companies create live streaming apps with TV broadcasting. Few of the on-demand video platforms like Amazon prime video, Hulu, YouTube TV, etc., have plans for TV live streaming.

Features of the Live streaming App

  • Intuitive UI and great functionality, therefore your subscriber finds it easy to use.
  • Make adaptive bitrate streaming, so the app dynamically adapts CPU memory capacity.
  • Make robust integration with the video player and ensure users see the high-quality video.
  • Get the flexibility to handle live streaming video-on-demand solutions.
  • Get good security practices and protect video assets from hackers.
  • It comes with multi-screen compatibility to cater to a smartphone as well as a wall-sized LED screen.
  • Users know the trending video broadcast by geography.

How to develop a live streaming app?

1. Choose the best CDN for your application

CDN comes with a content delivery network that helps the application enlarge the scale of your server. In the starting, you do not need CDN, but you need to pay for it as you’ll need more content in the future. Additionally, it ensures users have an uninterrupted service.

2. Always think about storage

If you have a better mobile app developer for hire, then look after your space of the application content. Users need vast cloud storage with better computing power. It provides a better video viewing service for the user along with several ranges.

3. Attractive UI/UX design

People like to use app that has excellent design, smoother and manageable understand interface. We help you to implement informative content which enables you to hire the right mobile app development company.

4. Try to adopt reliable hosting

Users need to choose cloud hosting services very carefully as the cloud computing power checks your application performance capabilities. Therefore, it’s suitable to hire a better music app builder for your business growth.

Implement all necessary essential feature

Implementation of essential features in MVP includes:

  • Search bar
  • Chatbox
  • Personal User Profile
  • Presence of multi-language subtitles
  • Screen sharing
  • Video quality

What is the cost of developing a Live streaming App?

The cost of any OTT app development platform or live streaming app development company differs based on various factors like the type of development, features, location, etc. The essential cost will be $25,000 to $30,000 if we see it in a country like America. A few of the factors that govern the cost of development of an application are:

1. Features

High-end custom features might cost you a lot. There are chances that your application is simple and a bit complex to understand, which lose the interest of your audience. Therefore, it’s recommended to keep your application simple along with adding necessary features that help in developing music streaming website or application

2. UI/UX

Hire a dedicated developer to get high-end content along with video and pictures to attract more users. It may end up lagging your application with high-end development costs. Ask a developer to add simple graphic content with offering a better user experience.

3. Application Size

Mobile movie streaming comes with more complexity as it depends on the size. It’s better to keep the light application as research shows that users usually tend to like applications with less size and full features.

4. Hourly rates

The development cost of the application depends on the calculated hourly basis. At the different aspects of the application, rates differ from each other. A few ideas as to how long a live streaming app take are:

  • User login – 13 hours
  • User profile – 58 hours
  • Setting – 40 hours
  • Chat and comment – 20 hours
  • Payment gateway – 58 hours
  • Content – 30 hours
  • Push notification – 15 hours

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Steps to build a Live Streaming App

1. Choose an online Video Host

If you’re seeking to build a live streaming app, you need to invest in online video hosting. The platform you select depends on your unique streaming needs. If you want to build a live streaming app, add features like APIs, SDK, and another HTML5 video player. If you’re looking to generate revenue, then one needs to look at monetization support.

2. Download SDK for Android and iOS

Once you choose an online video hosting platform, then you need to download live streaming SDK. All you need is API and SDK code that documents in a player documentation page that offers easy to navigate. Therefore, we need to focus on one at a time, and we recommend starting the aligns with the operating system, which is used mainly by a general audience.

3. Load SDK to Mobile Development Software

You need a mobile development environment like Android Studio or Xcode. Choosing an app offers support specific development and streaming needs. One needs to select and upload your SDK tool to the platform.

4. Begin Live Streaming App Development

By using provided API code and live streaming SDK tool with developing your mobile app. One can customize the app by giving the best representation of the brand with creating the best viewer experience. Support an experienced developer by hiring a professional to bring the vision to life. A slight mistake can affect the app’s functionality.

5. Package and Submit App

Once the app development is complete, submit it for approval to the Apple App Store or Google Play store.


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How Can One Develop A Live Streaming App On iOS And Android?

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