How To Launch An Online Dress Rental Website and Application

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How To Launch An Online Dress Rental Website and Application

The rental business is back in vogue since the wedding season started post-pandemic and has not slowed down ever since! If you’re considering joining the helm of boutique websites and apps that have brought forth the best of their online collection, this is the best time to do it. Not only is running a dress rental highly lucrative, but it is also a great way to help people look their best no matter what their budget. If you already own a luxury dress rental at a brick-and-mortar store, you know how the pandemic has affected transactions. Going online with your collection is a great way to showcase your catalog and acquire new customers.

However, if you have just come up with the business idea of starting your own wedding dress rental business, there’s a lot of work for you before going online! Don’t worry; we have your back! Today, this blog will tell you everything that makes a grand entrance for an online clothing rental business! From your business model to the particulars of getting a website created and how to hire Android app developer, we’ll discuss it all! Hang tight, and stay tuned to know all about it!

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Online Rental Clothing Business Model

1) Know your area of expertise:

The dress rental business can be a vast pool if you don’t want to specialize. However, in these times, you should pick your niche and stick to it. For example, giving gowns for rent online along with wedding dresses is a good combination for you to make a name in the market. However, mixing it all up with casuals and other attires makes your brand seem scattered, which may not work out for a starter business. Once you pick a niche and make significant growth in it, diversification will work in your favor. But until then, make sure that you choose a category that pays well, is easy to maintain and rent out, and has demand in the market!

2) Who are your customers:

Profiling your customer base will help you come up with great marketing strategies and pricing modules to help you make the most profits out of online rental clothing. If you don’t know what profiling means, it refers to zeroing down on the kind of audience you consider your potential customers. You can start by using demographics, gender, age, preferences, occasion, financial proficiency, and other factors to create a customer avatar. When you know your customers well, you’ll be able to put out a collection that can be rented out for awesome gains.

3) Geographical areas of influence:

The culture and habits of the area you want to cater to will make a huge difference in your rental income from dresses and gowns online. What we are trying to say is that each area has its buyer behavior and season of high demand. Once you figure these out, you’ll be able to make personalized recommendations as per the seasons and shift your focus to high-demand zones when their time arrives rather than being short of stock.

4) Budgeting and pricing policy:

It can be a challenge to determine how to decide the rent and budget of each outfit. However, you can pay attention to the fashion and trends that are ongoing this wedding season and compare your competitors’ pricing models before coming up with one that gives buyers an advantage, all while not compromising on your profits. Also, remember that the rental dress business needs you to either purchase these dresses from brands themselves or come up with an arrangement to showcase their collection for a cut of your earnings. Decide which model works for you in terms of the budget and capital investment to have a successful rental showcase. If you own these dresses and gowns, you can sell them for massive discounts at the end of the season so that you’re not stuck with old stock.

5) Indemnification and damage charges:

Renting out designer dresses and wedding gowns online has its share of risks. People may not be responsible for the clothing they rent from you and damage the dress. In such instances, you need to have an efficient checking and inspection app team in place that can make sure that the items are returned in the same condition they were rented out in! Most luxury dress rental businesses take a deposit fee from the customer as safety which is refundable at the end of the return process if there are no damages or stains to the clothing. However, any damage to the rentals can warrant part or full confiscation of the security deposit, which makes people more cautious about the way they handle these rental clothes.

6) Logistics for drop-off and pick-ups:

This is the million-dollar question of any dress rental company. Figuring out the logistics of how you will deliver a dress and pick it up on the due date economically requires knowledge of all the agencies in the areas you choose to operate in. Creating logistical ties with third-party delivery and pick-up agencies will save you a lot because they already have the team and network to get to your customers quickly.

Dress Rental Boutiques Website and Application Features

Dress Rental Boutiques Website and Application Features

A website for ball gown rental online or wedding dresses requires a unique touch to look chic. You’ll have to integrate a few extra pages and features as per your style which will distinguish you from the rest of the rentals. By following the e-commerce website model, you can get the following features as pages on the website.

1) Recommendations:

Getting a designer on board to create a dedicated recommendation section that will showcase the season’s hottest brands and styles will work wonders for your rental business. This can be curated as per the seasons’ change and put the spotlight on events like parties, events, upcoming festivals, and a lot more.

2) By Looks:

There are many looks that you can showcase on your website. In your online catalog, it is advised to segregate your works as dresses, gowns, wedding dresses, lehengas, traditional, Indo-western, and more to make it easier to search for. Customers usually know what they’re looking for and will jump straight to these sections to save scrolling time.

3) By Events:

Your rentals need to be classified based on the events such as formal, informal, wedding, sangeet, nuptials, dress rehearsals, reception, and other aspects of events. These make your collections easier to find. All you need to do is create this section and tag your collection that can be filtered nase don the customer’s preference.

4) Offers Section:

This section can showcase your bestsellers or products you are willing to rent out at big discounts. At the end of a fashion season, when you need to discard your collection, this section can also display a sale of such clothes at steal deal prices. All customers trying to save on shopping usually hop on to this section first.

5) Personal Assistant:

Getting a personal stylist or assistant uses bots to come up with suggestions that will cater to your customer the best. If AI and NLP are impersonal for your customer base, you can make your rental business a luxurious experience by roping in personal stylists to cater to the high-end clients that approach you. They can be brought in touch on your website and app while giving the best ensemble suggestions for an upcoming occasion.

6) Featured Picks and Sponsored Brands:

Once you’re established as a website, you can start to create ties with brands and their featured picks based on sponsorship. Not does this also improve sales and credibility, but also has a great way of getting your returns based on sponsorships.

7) Subscription:

The subscription model of rental dresses is preferred by people who always love to look fashionable without the baggage of owning fast fashion products. Your subscription model can include special discounts for the insider club for every rental and also special bonuses for milestones achieved in terms of points.

How To Get A Website and App made for a Rental Clothing Business?

Once you’ve found your genre and settled on the business model, it’s time to hire e-commerce developer like Concetto Labs. On your search, you can contact your prospects and pay attention to the following process while hire iPhone app developer:

  1. Show them your requirement and blueprint
  2. Discuss pricing models based on hours, project, the technology used, or customized features.
  3. Ensure that the initial designing phase runs as per your wants from the website.
  4. Time-bound services and deployment
  5. Post-deployment support and maintenance


Getting started and establishing a designer rental company is one of the most significant parts of the process. With the sections mentioned above, you’ll be able to sort out your list of priorities and what needs to be done. Concetto Labs is the best e-commerce store app developer to create a dress rental business website. With several years of exposure to the e-commerce website front, their team of developers is highly proficient in understanding the nature of diverse clothing rental companies and creating apps and sites based on multiple technologies. Get in touch with Concetto Labs today to jumpstart your dress rental business!

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