Top 20 Underrated Live Streaming Apps for Mobile Broadcasting in 2023

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Top 20 Underrated Live Streaming Apps for Mobile Broadcasting in 2023

Today in the fast-forward internet world everything is just a click away. So, we can analyze from this that content plays an important role in our lives. Video content is easy to relate to and covers every age group of users, increasing the reach of content delivery. There is a lot that goes behind video content. To make your content stand apart what is necessary is that it can showcase a variety of content. A variety of content execution is possible with the help of Underrated live-streaming apps. These apps make the sharing of video and their execution easy with their advanced features.

Let us go through various necessary features that make the execution of streaming apps easy and the topmost apps that are streaming in the market and how they can help in the growth of your business.

Basic Understanding of Live Streaming Apps

To get an understanding of live-streaming apps let us understand the term live streaming first. Live streaming is a medium by which audio or video content is live over the internet by the use of real-time communication (RTC) techniques.

There are various features offered by various live-streaming apps depending on the platforms on which they are and the price they are available. Today their millions of apps are available in the market. But according to the business or personal needs, their streaming is either on mobile devices or using desktop software.

Refer to the Features of Live Streaming Apps Mobile Broadcasting

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Let us go through the characteristic features of live-streaming apps

While hunting for a live streaming app that fits our needs and wants one necessary thing to consider is to analyze why do you need the specific app. Having clarity of our business needs and awareness of the app features makes the content delivery process easy. Let us study what those essential features are while looking for different live-streaming apps.

1. Adaptive Bitrate Streaming Technique

This technique enables users with the best viewing of the live-streamed content. Today with the help of the internet on one hand where content is easily available to everyone, internet speed is still an issue faced by some. Adaptive bitrate streaming adjusts with the internet speed and makes the live streaming experience smooth without any interruption. Quality of the content with high speed and low speed of internet connection will adjust accordingly. This way users with any speed type of internet connection will enjoy buffer-free live streaming video.

2. Multi-Bitrate Streaming

This technique helps in reaching a wider audience by automatically converting the live stream into versions that can play at different speeds of the internet and HTML5 devices.

3. HTML Video Player

HTML video player is the best way to showcase your video in comparison to all the previous ways. It is an all-device video player making it reachable to more audiences in comparison to Adobe’s Flash Player. HTML video player makes sure that your audience is getting access to the most content irrespective of the device or web browser used.

4. HTTP Live Streaming

We all know that HTTP-based streaming makes everything fast and secure. So is the case with the live streaming of videos. It makes audio and video content reach faster to the users. Also, the HTML5 video player and HLS protocol work consistently with the other one around. Making the overall experience very seamless and smooth for the users.

5. RTMP Ingest

Encoding large video files can be an issue for most apps. So, make sure your app supports RTMP ingest as this technology makes encoding large video files easy by converting them into a digital format. This way larger files move easily over the internet. Showcase uninterrupted video streaming.

6. M3U8 Links

Anything that is broadcast over the internet is a threat to security. M3U8 links make sure that the video content stays secured timely checks with your live streaming apps.

7. Mobile Broadcasting Support

Today everything is very quick and the equipment that has eased broadcasting is our mobile phones. Make sure your live streaming app is a mobile streaming app. Relying on computer screens and camera is very hectic as well as time-consuming. So, to ease it all and make it accessible for all design an app that is easily operated on mobile. By this, you can do live streaming anywhere in the comfort of your mobile phones with the help of a mobile live-streaming app.

Comparison of 20 Underrated live streaming apps that operate on mobile phones

20 Underrated live streaming apps

There are innumerable apps for the live streaming app for android and iOS today. Let us see the 20 most popular live-streaming apps 2023 that make them top live streaming apps from the other ones.

1. Larix Broadcaster (Free to download)

Larix Broadcaster

Platforms: Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS& Android.

USP: Adaptive video bitrate, stream to multiple services.

Makes video streaming compatible on multiple platforms and is easy to use.

Google Play Store Ratings: 4.2/5

Download: Larix Broadcaster Android Apps Now!!

2. NanoStream Live Video Encoder


Subscription cost: Three different packages namely starter package, medium package, and enterprise package. Pricing varies for all three based on the number of broadcasts, viewers, data usage, etc. The cost begins at $239 per month and increases as per user needs.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Desktop and laptops, and all the web browsers.

USP: Easy integration while app lives streaming, limitless live streams option, fast delivery of content.

Uses Global CDN for seamless user experience, compatibility on different operating systems make it easy to use for everyone.

Google Play Store Ratings: 3.8/5

Download: nanoStream Live  Android Apps Now!!

3. Wirecast Go (Free to download)

Wirecast Go

Platforms: Available only on iOS platforms.

USP: Broadcasting is in different modes i.e. landscape or portrait, customizable.

Cons: It is a great live video app but limited to only iOS platforms.

Google Play Store Ratings: 3.8/5

Download: Wirecast Go iOS Apps Now!!

4. Airmix Remote (Free to download)


Subscription cost: $29.99 per month.

Platforms: Available only on Apple products i.e., iPad, etc., not made for iPhone use.

USP: Help in professionalizing your live streams by allowing mixing of up to 10 videos, allowing sharing of video content to various platforms, customizing the graphics makes your video more presentable.

Cons: Made only for apple products limiting its use. Else is a great app to use.

Google Play Store Ratings: 2.6/5

Download: Airmix Remote Android Apps Now!!

5. BroadcastMe (Free to download with in-app purchases)


Platforms: Available only for Apple devices i.e., iPhones, iPad MacOS. iPhones and iPad are compatible with iOS 10 and later versions. macOS is available for macOS 11 and later versions.

USP: These apps are mainly for journalism purposes easing the work of journalists. It has an option of cloud-based video archives making sharing and saving news easy on the go. Can make two live streams simultaneously. Has a fully professional production system with exciting editing features.

Cons: Limited only to iOS devices and serves mainly the purpose of news reporting and journalism.

Google Play Store Ratings: 3.8/5

Download: Broadcast Me Android Apps Now!!

6. YouNow: Live Stream Video Chat – Go Live!


Platforms: Operated both on Android as well iOS platforms.

USP: Social media app with secure streaming, easy login options.

Cons: Limited monetization.

Google Play Store Ratings: 3.9/5

Download: YouNow: Android | iOS Apps Now!!

7. Twitch: Live Game Streaming


Platforms: Available on both Android and iOS platforms.

USP: Owned by Amazon, loved and used by gamers. Revenue generated by subscriptions, ads, etc. User-friendly app, File size varies for both android and iOS devices.

Cons: Multiple users traffic makes it difficult to stream at times.

Google Play Store Ratings: 3.8/5

Download: Twitch  Android | iOS Apps Now!!

8. Tango-Live Stream & Video Chat


Platforms: Available on Android and iOS devices.

USP: Provides live streaming, chatting, engagement tools to users with different monetization options.

Cons: Revenue generated is comparatively less and at times is prone to bugs.

Google Play Store Ratings: 4.5/5

Download: Tango Android Apps Now!!

9. YouTube TV: Live TV & more

YouTube TV: Live TV & more

One of the best apps for live streaming.

Platforms: Operated on both Android and iOS platforms.

USP: Available for creators with a minimum of 1000 subscribers, user-friendly platform with monetization options.

Cons: Limited subscriber count.

Google Play Store Ratings: 3.8/5

Download: YouTube TV Android Apps Now!!

10. Facebook Live (Free to download)

Facebook Live

Largest social media platform, easy to use for Facebook users with phone live option.

Platforms: Available on both Android as well as iOS devices.

USP: Easy to use, Easy interactions, easy sharing, a very popular app. Among new live-streaming apps.

Cons: Limited algorithm and audience reach.

Google Play Store Ratings: 3.3/5

Download: Facebook Android Apps Now!!

11. TikTok (Free to download)


Platforms: Available on both Android and iOS platforms.

USP: Make shooting short videos easy, content deliverable to followers and new users, gifts can easily convert into real cash, making it a great video streaming app.

Cons: Limited to certain users due to the algorithm of the app.

Google Play Store Ratings: 3.8/5

Download: TikTok Android Apps Now!!

12. Instagram Live (Free to download)

Instagram Live

Platforms: Available for both Android and iOS users.

USP: Allow easy live streaming of content, with active user notification, easy interaction, replay on stories.
First-ever social media platform to offer the mobile live-streaming app option.

Cons: Content is available only for 24hours.

Google Play Store Ratings: 3.8/5

Download: Instagram Android Apps Now!!

13. Livestream (Free to download with in-app subscription)

Multiple live streaming

Platforms: Available on both Android as well as iOS platforms.

USP: Multiple live streaming options with options of YouTube live and Facebook live in the app. Easy to use on both mobile and desktops.

Google Play Store Ratings: 3.8/5

Download: Livestream Android Apps Now!!

14. LiveMe Pro – Go Live Stream!


Platforms: Available both for Android and iOS devices.

USP: A social media content creation app with live streaming options and community-building tools.

Cons: Regulation is an issue is in this app.

Google Play Store Ratings: 3.8/5

15. Switcher Studio: Live Stream

live streaming

Platforms: Available only on iOS devices.

USP: Made for on-the-spot content creation and sharing covering live events, sports, etc. Customizing video options. Considered the best live streaming app for iPhone.

Subscription: A paid app with a trial version of $20 for 7 days and $40 a month.

Google Play Store Ratings: 4.1/5

Download: Switcher Studio iOS Apps Now!!

16. Kickflip (Free to download)

Platforms: Available both on Android and iOS.

USP: Has cloud infrastructure supporting multiple users, open-source app, globally distributed.
This App for live streaming satisfies the need of app developers mainly.

17. Stream Now (Free to download)


Platforms: Available only for iOS devices.

USP: Ease the process of showcasing work for individual creators. Has a format resembling Netflix, which a majority of users enjoy.

Cons: Limited to iOS and does not focus on community building.

Google Play Store Ratings: 4.4/5

Download: Paytm Money iOS Apps Now!!

18. Twitter Live (Free to download)

social media

Platforms: Available on both Android and iOS.

USP: A popular app that helps in community building. The social media audience coverage.

Cons: Cannot monetize.

Google Play Store Ratings: 3.8/5

Download: Twitter Android | iOS Apps Now!!

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19. Clubhouse: The Social Audio App

Live video streaming

Platforms: Available on both Android and iOS.

USP: Supports only audio streaming, helps the brand connects with users easily, helpful in community building.

Cons: This is not a live video streaming app as it is limited to audio streaming. Hence, not very popular.

Google Play Store Ratings: 4.5/5

Download: Clubhouse Android Apps Now!!

20. GagaHi-Live Stream & live video chat, Go live

GagaHi-Live Stream

Platforms: Available on both Android and iOS.

USP: Helps in connecting creators and their audience across the globe. Offers multilingual translation, equipped with engagement tools.

Google Play Store Ratings: 4.1/5


Content creation and live streaming have become the talk of every household nowadays. Moreover, based on your needs and business goals you too can choose from the 20 best live stream apps shared above. Get your hands on the best free live streaming apps by comparing the key features.

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