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When it comes to front-end mobile app or web development, two significant frameworks strike the mind of businesses- Javascript as it leads the front-end domain and second React.js because it has emerged as the most trusted library for the development of hybrid apps. And how one would overlook React.Js, it has enabled thousands of businesses to develop cross-platform mobile apps. Joining the list of Front-end trends, Vue.js is gaining massive popularity in the market. The growing adoption rate of Vue.js is fuelling the controversy around Vuejs vs Reactjs. So which framework is truly hitting the winning line, let’s first understand the meaning of Vue.js and React.js:

1. Vue.js


It is developed by the ex-employee of Google, Evan You. Vue.js is also an open-source JavaScript framework used for developing front-end user interfaces to develop interactive web applications.

Here are the top features:

  • Vue.js provides HTML based templates, which can be used for creating views
  • This framework optimized virtual DOM for sorting virtual replicas in the memory of the user interface and syncing with the tangible through the library.
  • Vue.js make use of Watchers, allowing you to take care of data related changes
  • This platform comes with in-built plugins for animating HTML elements

2. React.js


This framework is introduced by Facebook to handle the view layer for both mobile and web apps. React.js is majorly utilized for developing front-end interfaces by using it in the view part of the MVC model.

Here are the top features:

  • JSX is suggested to be used in React.JS
  • It is used as a component structure for working in large projects with several modular structures
  • It allows businesses to execute one-way data flow by optimizing the Flux pattern and keeping the data unidirectional.

What differences should be considered while choosing the framework?

Here are the top differences that should consider while deciding between the popular web frameworks to make a better decision:

1. Interaction with DOM

As we know that React.js is based on virtual DOM. The applications built on React.js evaluate two DOM trees where the rendering begins, particularly on those nodes that need transformation. This approach works better on the client-side, but at times when Animation is designed with complicated synchronization, the procedure doesn’t come handy. Whereas Vue.JS also optimizes virtual DOM, but it provides more flexibility, which means the references are operated to each node of the tree. This is one of the biggest reasons why developers choose Vue.JS for developing apps that are high on animations.

2. Scalability

Undoubtedly, nothing could beat ReactJs when it comes to front-end app development. According to the universal understanding of scalability in a mobile app development environment, it means the capability to maintain expanding functionality. No matter whatever platform you choose- Vue.js or React.js, it should be capable of supporting the growth that a quality front-end app does.

3. Performance

Both the JS framework works on Virtual DOM, which leads to a fair share of performance issues, but the Vue.js pays immense attention to the shortfalls. And that’s why this platform reduces overhead and fastens the speed. Also, Vue.js has the capacity to manage high frames rate, for instance, 10 frames per second when compared to the 1FPS of React.js.

4. Syntax

One of the top differences between React.js and Vue.js is how the view layer is developed. Vue.js makes the use of an HTML template, whereas there is an option to write in JSX. On the other hand, React.js uses JSX only. The conventional separation of concerns present in Vue.js helps separate JS, HTML, and CSS, which makes it easy for beginner front-end developers to create web apps. And in the case of React.js, react JS’s XML like syntax allows developers to develop self-reliant UI elements with view-rendering instructions.

5. Developer’s insights

You must understand the viewpoint of developers as it will help you choose quality React.js development services efficiently:

What developer’s love about Vue.Js:

  • Beautiful programming patterns and styles
  • Easy learning
  • Detailed documentation

What developer’s love about React.js:

  • Rich package ecosystem
  • Stunning programming patterns and styles
  • Used widely

6. Flexibility

React is majorly centered on UI, so in the beginning, you will get a lot of help for building UI elements. But, React.js does not provide you with state management, so you will have to use Redux as the state management tool.

Vue.js is a vibrant framework that allows utilizing the necessary tools for creating an application. Moreover, it offers other functionalities which developer might require:

  • Vuex for the state management
  • Vue Router for app URL management
  • Vue.js Server-side renderer

7. Mobile app development

React native platforms allow developers to create cross-platform mobile apps for Android as well as iOS. On the other hand, you need to pair Vue.js with a native script to empower the developer to create cross-platform apps using JavaScript, XML, and CSS.

Vuejs vs Reactjs Wrapping up

reactjs vs vue js

Deciding the best JavaScript is not an easy decision for business owners. The frameworks mentioned above are high performing and advanced that will eventually take your business to new heights. Thus, based on your business requirements and custom app development objectives, you can choose a framework that suits you.

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1. What is Vue.js- library or framework?

Vue.js is a JavaScript library for building interactive web interfaces. By combining some other tools, it also works as a framework.

2. Is Vue.js easy to learn?

As per the survey, Vue.Js has been rated as the easiest JavaScript to learn and around 46.6% of all frond-end developers are keenly interested to learn this framework.

3. What can Vue.js do?

It is a command-line that helps you bootstrapping a simple project with a build tool already preconfigured. It can be useful to build a component in a file with the extension.

Vue.js vs. React.js: Which will be the Best JavaScript Framework?

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