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Accelerate Your PowerApps and Power Automate Adoption with Concetto Labs

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In recent time, there are many organizations who are currently working remotely and operating virtually through work at home arrangements. However, it’s not possible for every industry. And this is impossible in providing essential goods and services. The workers or employees still need to be present at their workplace. Even though they are required to be present at the workplace with limited capacity.

It’s common to use the skeleton-staff method for these industries. In which, businesses function with only the minimum amount of staff to serve clients.

In such a case, businesses can automate their processes to reduce their dependence on actual human intervention. They could implement some method even if their staff is not present.

Well, Microsoft PowerApps and Power Automate (formerly known as Flow) can help you achieve that. This helps you to speed up processes. So your limited staffing capacity can be fully maximized.

What is Microsoft PowerApps?

Microsoft PowerApps is a business application platform, helping power users for their businesses. It allows them to build and deploy applications across web and mobile. Also, it allows businesses to turn expertise into solutions with ease and ultimately spend less time grappling with systems and tools that don’t work together and more time creating ways to work better, smarter, and more efficiently.

What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Microsoft Power Automate is a cloud-based service. It makes the services practical and simple for a line of business users. It’s used to build workflows that automate repetitive, time-consuming business tasks. It processes across the applications and services they already use. The services are Office 365, Slack, Dropbox,, Dynamics 365, and many more.


Have your own custom corporate apps at your fingertips. Concetto Labs will help you mobilize your workforce affordably with Power Apps.


Let our experienced team of professionals take your business process and streamline it using Power Automate.


Our experts will help you seamlessly connect with more than 70+ applications including Salesforce, SharePoint, Jira, etc.


Throughout this engagement, our PowerApps developers will help mentor and train your core team to ensure successful adoption and usage of Power Apps and Power Automate.

Meet Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate

Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate is a solution included in your Office 365 Enterprise subscription. They allow you to quickly build no-code or low-code custom apps. It bridges the needs of business users for fast deployment of applications without the need for complex IT scoping and lengthy completion timeframes. It connects to your various data sources. Microsoft PowerApps and Power Automate allow developers to build apps using your unique data from Microsoft Excel files, SharePoint lists, Dynamics CRM records, Azure SQL Database, Twitter, and many more.

Benefits of Automating Your Business Processes

  • Create low-code applications that suit the needs of your users, quickly, and efficiently, without the need for complex IT development.
  • Reduce the reliance on an actual staff to manage some of your manual processes, especially when you are operating in skeletal force.
  • Continue to serve your clients even without human intervention with the help of chatbots or online forms.
  • Streamline business processes without the additional license costs by maximizing your existing Office 365 E3 subscription.


Concetto Labs is a leading Microsoft PowerApps Development Company. We are a leader with Power Apps, Power Automate, and CDS cloud technologies with many enterprise-grade PowerApps and Power Automate running in production. We have been working with PowerApps and doing Power Automate consulting since its inception. Our expert Microsoft PowerApps developers will assist you in addressing your complex business problems leveraging PowerApps and Power Automate to drive successful results.


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