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30 Best App Ideas for the startups in 2022

Author image By Manish Patel  |  Monday, October 4, 2021 02:50 PM  |  10 min read  |   247

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Mobile app concepts have shifted the technological landscape in this technological and modernized high-tech era. With the trending fame, applications with new and unique app ideas are growing in popularity. If you’re seeking new app ideas, we’ve put together the top 30 start-up app ideas trying to get into the application sector.

When was the last time you joked, “I wish there was an application for that?” We’re guessing that people took it a little too seriously. “There’s an application for that!” one may exclaim in these circumstances. We’ve compiled a selection of start-up application ideas to tackle problems in this blog, along with the most popular mobile app ideas for 2022.

Augmented reality app to help you customize your room

One of the main considerations when purchasing furniture or any other type of interior decoration is whether the item will fit in your room and where it will look best.


  • An augmented reality software allows you to use your phone’s camera to place 3D representations of various goods.

  • You can view furnishings in a virtual location and see how they might appear.

  • The app may also form partnerships with numerous shopping sites, allowing users to place orders directly from the app.


With the help of an augmented reality app, you will be able to view things in 3D and it will help you in organizing them better.

Document scanner app

Document scanner app

Rather than going to a store to have your documents scanned and then converted to pdf, you can do it yourself.


  • Receipts, documents, report cards, notes, whiteboards, and other essential data can be safely stored on your mobile using a scan and save to pdf app.

  • This tool allows you to scan documents fast and in great quality, then save or send them as multipage PDF or JPEG files.


The USP of this app is that it provides you with the ease of storing your documents in a more clean and organized way.

Health check-up app

In today’s world where there is no certainty about one’s health, there is the need for a futuristic app that will keep a check on your health based on the details you enter.


  • This software monitors your health daily and recommends nutritious meals for you to eat to stay healthy.

  • It links you to a variety of healthy recipes supplied by experienced chef-bloggers.

  • You can customize your content to reflect your current health state.


The USP of this app is that it introduces the world of fitness without you having to move a leg.

Railway tracking app

Metropolitan city residents rely significantly on trains to get to their destinations. When trains are late and you don’t know if you should wait or find another method to get to your location, it can be inconvenient.


If you have an emergency and the train is late, you can take a bus or a taxi, thanks to railway tracking software that can tell you exactly where the train is.


This app brings all the trains to your fingertips.


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Language learning app


  • One of the most outstanding app ideas for 2022 is a language learning app that assists users with some basic lessons on various languages.

  • The software can have many levels of complexity, ranging from alphabets and fundamental letters to full-fledged discussions at the higher level.

  • Voice can be enabled in the app so that students can hear how words are spoken.


Learning a new language is made easy by the vast features of this app.

Voice translation app

One of the most common concerns while traveling overseas is not understanding the local language and the difficulty in communicating with the locals.


  • For travelers, an app that can interpret your voice will be a breakthrough way to communicate.

  • The words can be spoken on the phone and translated into the selected language.

  • The program must also work in both directions, allowing foreign languages to be translated into your tongue in real-time.


This app will make it easy for travelers to visit and communicate in any foreign country

Bike servicing app


  • A bike servicing platform and application that will employ technology to provide two-wheeler owners with a transparent connection to high-quality vehicle care providers at their doorstep.

  • The platform can offer aided door-to-door pickup and delivery, as well as an inventory management system with built-in features such as reduced wait times, smarter stock allocation, and an order management system.


You will save yourself from getting in a line by simply booking the service through your phone.

Call recording app


Today’s victims of harassment, prank calls, and phishing are numerous. They can download this program and, if a spam call harasses the user, they can utilize it to record the call, which can later be used as proof.


It is an app that can prevent many crimes by providing evidence.

Fitness App

fitness app

A web program for healthy living that allows health-conscious people to track their habits with the help of trained nutritionists, pathologists, and health coaches, to lower the risk of lifestyle conditions.


  • The software would provide numerous charts that would assist the user in managing their general health, such as weight, sugar, heart rate, blood pressure, and so on.

  • Individual meal charts, lifestyle programs, and nutrition plans are also provided based on the user’s condition.

  • It will also have a chat feature that will allow users to communicate with members of the community as well as health experts.


You can keep a check on your health by working under the guidance of experts, all through your phone.

Contact tracking app


  • This app is a real-time contact tracing software that permits customers to examine COVID afflicted areas and global data.

  • It should be created to assist the government in tracking the contact chain of a user diagnosed with Coronavirus to determine the source and likely spread of infection.


In these tough times of the virus outbreak, this app will let you know who around you has coronavirus, and how severe is it.

Real-time car-sharing app

Car sharing app


  • A real-time car sharing software allows users to book their car and specify their location.

  • Another app user who is traveling in the same direction can enter their destination and find other users with automobiles traveling in the same direction.


This app along with saving you time also is a great effort towards saving the environment.

App for food recommendations


A food recommendation app displays recommendations from people who enjoy trying new restaurants and can be trusted to provide reviews and recommendations for what people should taste when they visit a certain eatery.


This is the perfect app for people who are foodies and like to explore food.

App for finding parking spots


  • This app can assist users in locating a parking spot in a given location.

  • The software can use GPS, webcams, location, and real-time parking data to locate a free parking place as quickly as possible.


An app that lets you find a parking spot when there is no official personnel available? What more can a person ask for.

Tip Calculator app


For those dining out with friends or family and splitting the bill, the tip calculator app provides features that allow for quick bill entry. You can compute the actual tipping percentage.


The tip calculator app will save you from the hassle of doing math and calculating the correct tip percentage.

Supermarket checkout app

Nobody enjoys standing in a long line at a store. These types of apps will become more popular when companies like Amazon introduce self-checkout retail outlets.


This app will allow you to scan things on your phone while shopping and make appropriate payments.


The USP of this app is that you will no longer have to be depended on the cash counter personnel to complete your billing.


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App for video editing

Even if the most popular social networking apps change, social media usage is on the rise. People are increasingly posting videos of their personal lives on social media, not only to share but also to advertise items. As a result, such posts must constantly appear professional and attention-getting.


  • A video editing app allows users to create a professional-looking end product.

  • With the vast features and filters, you can make your video the best of all, and use it wherever you wish to.


A video editing application, with its vast features, will help you create videos according to your liking.

Social networking app


  • This software will function similarly to Facebook, but with additional features such as connecting with current friends to sell/buy or rent items online.

  • This software allows you to make product recommendations, as well as search for and purchase things based on your friend’s recommendations.


This is an app that will let you earn or buy, alongside all the features an app like Facebook has to offer.

Logistics app

Many individuals want to deliver things to certain locations promptly but finding the correct services at the correct time is tough. Some vehicles, on the other hand, return empty after offloading their cargo.


This app can provide information about available cars for transporting cargo.


Getting cars for transport will become hassle-free using this app.

App for a doctor

App for a doctor


  • This app allows you to consult with doctors who are members of the app.

  • You can ask doctors questions and get answers, as well as get the most up-to-date information on medical science and even make an appointment with them.


The USP of this app is that in emergency situations you will get connected with a doctor instantly.

An app that reminds you to drink water

The majority of lifestyle disorders can be avoided by drinking more water.


With this app, you can rest assured that you will drink the recommended quantity each day.


An app that will remind you to stay hydrated is what this generation needs to maintain good health.

App for trip planning


  • This app can help you arrange your dream vacation.

  • All you have to do is enter information such as your budget, preferred landscape, weather, activities, and other details about your vacation that are most interesting to you, and the app will recommend the best destination and time of year for you to visit.


Many people panic about the idea of planning a trip or are not great planners. This app will be a blessing for them.

App to assist pregnant women


  • This is a pregnancy help app idea, and it will provide pregnant women with all pregnancy-related guidance and answers provided by professionals.

  • It can also link to a shopping segment dedicated solely to expectant mothers.


Pregnant women should be aware of all the necessary care they need to take, an app that has it all in one place is appreciated.

App for on-demand fuel delivery

A person who requires fuel for their vehicle but does not wish to visit a gas station.


  • A person can choose where their automobile will be parked, or the app can tag their location.

  • A fuel truck driver can use the app’s built-in map to travel to the tagged location. He’ll refuel the vehicle while ensuring that all safety standards are followed.


This app can help people a lot in emergency situations where one needs fuel urgently.

App for Live Video Streaming

Live Video Streaming

Because we live in a society where anybody can create content, a “Live Video Streaming App” is the greatest way to get the word out.


  • Content makers can capture and post videos in real-time using a live video streaming app.

  • People may watch pre-recorded movies on various applications, but the live video streaming app allows them to communicate with their family and friends in real-time.


One can use this app either as a mode of entertainment or even to earn funds.

App to walk your dog

In today’s world, people have less time to complete their routine chores. Even if the chore is as simple as taking your dog for a walk. That is why an application to help you find a suitable dog walker is a blessing in disguise.


With the help of this dog app, you would be able to connect to a dog walker of your choice, set up a meeting, meet them in real-time, and hire them.


With the help of this app, people can stay stress-free, and leave their dogs in the hand of reliable dog walkers.

Personalized-Cake Ordering Application

These applications shouldn’t be counted as uncommon, however, the majority of apps have a weak interface.


  • Ordering bespoke cakes is rarely a choice. This is a good concept for people who bake at home, and are in need of an online platform to get recognition.

  • A customer can choose from the various available option, and even get to customize a cake according to his wish.


A cake ordering app with a good interface is enough for it to flourish in the market.

App for Snow Removal

The most challenging facet of wintry weather is releasing snow from snow-wrapped areas.


  • If you run a plowing company, you must register yourself on a snow exclusion app and earn money by selling numerous plowing local services quickly from the application.

  • A customer can book a snow plower directly from this app, and get his work done in the blink of an eye.


The USP of this app is that snow accumulation is a huge hindrance in winters. So, rather than depending on anyone, getting the task done on your own seems like a unique idea.

App for karaoke

Even if they aren’t particularly talented singers, everyone has a pop star fantasy.


  • A karaoke app allows users to sing and utilize filters to sound like their favorite singers.

  • Amateur singers can also use the app to practice.


This app will prove to be a great entertainment source and a platform for people to channel their inner singer.

Massage app 

Massage app 

Massage is an excellent technique for people to de-stress.


  • Allow booking qualified, licensed, and insured massage therapists as per your app customers’ requirements are the most significant function to offer in your on-demand massage apps.

  • People are continuously looking for the greatest services.


A tiring day in an individual’s life can only be cured when his stress is relieved, and massage is the best way to do that.

Medicine app


  • People may now acquire the medicines they need anytime they choose thanks to Pharmacy Apps or prescription delivery apps.

  • The trend is not going away because the Coronavirus, according to WHO, is here to stay for a long time.


An app for medicine delivery is important for people when they have an urgent need. People focus on health more than anything, making the Medicine app a unique selling idea.


2022 will be a terrific year if you choose any of these suggestions! You can, however, go beyond these suggestions to develop your mobile app and run a successful business. Given the company and how it improves reality, it’s best to pick a difficult one so you can target a specific audience.

Mobile app concepts, in our opinion, behave similarly to a chain reaction. One thought leads to the next, and so on. As a result, you can take our app ideas or let them inspire you to come up with new ones.


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