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By default, human behavior has been evolved to be active to some level. Some humans are more active than others. It is a common trait amongst people to find methods to connect and make a network within themselves. In this era of digitization, people have learned to keep up. The development of social networking apps made connecting with others possible.

This article is fit for people putting together a social media marketing strategy. Or if you need to know what each social media platform could do to assist you to reach your target audience. This article is a short summary with a social media app list. This list contains some of the fastest-growing social media applications.

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Popular social media applications you must check out in 2023

Popular social media applications you must check out in 2023


8 Best Social Media Application

1. Facebook

2. WhatsApp

3. Instagram

4. Snapchat

5. Twitter

6. Reddit

7. Quora

8. Discord

1. Facebook


This is the globe’s biggest and most important social network app. Facebook has been the first social media platform to exceed the 1-billion-member milestone. Apart from being able to connect with friends & family, Facebook has other use as well. Facebook applications can be used to order digital and use paid Facebook advertisements. This way, you can advertise or market your brand, company, or items. The Digital 2023 April Update has added more new features to the application.

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2. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014, making it one of the biggest purchases for popular social network apps. Despite this, this online messaging app operates independently. It also boasts a monthly customer base of two billion people around the world. It came later than Facebook. But it has managed to grab the attention of multitudes of individuals all over the globe. This was made possible by sharing relevant information. Another reason being, by collecting ideas with groups and individuals in real-time.

The calling option by WhatsApp is the cherry on top. It is ranked as the number one text message application in the world. also holds the position of the third most popular social network app in the user base. It was also chosen as the best social media service in the world.

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3. Instagram


Instagram was made as a one-of-a-kind social media platform. It is solely dedicated to the sharing of photographs and videos. Thus, you may record the best moments of life using your camera. Then later turn them into artworks with this picture-sharing social media app. This app even allows you to earn through paid advertisements and brand work. To learn more about it, hire social media developers now.

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4. Snapchat


Since 2011, this camcorder, vanishing content application has been available. Snapchat Stories are a widely used format that has been regularly replicated by competitors. They are controlled by Snap, a start-up that is not part of the Facebook conglomerate.

With the help of this application, you can communicate with your friends using pictures. It allows the user to search for news or even follow live stories from across the world. Despite this, Snapchat’s customer base is not only young but also faithful. Eighty-two percent of Snapchat’s customers are under the age of 34. The application is still the most famous among teenagers.

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5. Twitter


This social media platform lets you send text messages. Known as tweets to the rest of the globe in a restricted number of words ( up to the number 280). This app now allows marketers to create their company and even buy straight from your posts.

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6. Reddit


Conde Nast’s web forum technology, Reddit, was created in 2005. It’s been making a concerted effort by bringing out innovative features. It also reported a 44 percent increase in everyday usage year to year. Because of its timely updates, Reddit has made this list of best social media apps 2023. It is not, though, the place for hard sells, sponsored links, or even digital advertising.

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7.Quora — Ask Questions, Get Answers


Quora is a website that is amongst the best new social media apps. Here users can either ask questions or give answers to questions. They also get to share and obtain information. It aspires to be an easy-to-use site with a variety of advertising alternatives available. There are many chances for information exchange, such as recycling blog entries.

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8. Discord – Voice & Video Chat


It includes over 250 million members. Discord is among the most famous websites right now, and it’s expanding by at least a million each week. It is a new social media app that is made for text and voice conversations between gamers. It’s completely free, safe, and compatible with many devices.

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These were some of the latest social media apps, which are a hot topic in the world these days. By now, you must have gathered all the information about the top social media apps of 2023. Apart from these already famous applications, many other new apps coming out. We have our eyes on the new upcoming apps. We track all the newly launched applications to provide you with the latest information about them and help you choose the best social media app list. Get in touch with a Social Media App Development Company to know more.

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