Best Tattoo Design Apps to watch in 2024

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Tattoo Design Apps

Tattoo design has evolved with technology, providing a multitude of apps in 2021 for designing and visualizing tattoos digitally. These apps offer creative solutions for both personal use and professional artists.

Top 12 Tattoo Design Apps in 2024

Top 12 Tattoo Design Apps in 2024

Jump Down:

1. Procreate

2. MediBang

3. Photoshop

4. YouCam Perfect

5. Magic Poser


7. Tattoodo

8. Inksquad

9. SoundWaves

10. Adobe Illustrator Draw

11. Amaziograph

12. Tattoo My Photo

13. Tattoo Font Designer

14. AI Tattoo Generator & Maker

15. Virtual Tattoo Maker – Ink Art

16. Drawing Tattoo Designs

17. Inkers

Drawing a tattoo design on your body is a tough decision as it’s difficult to remove the traces from your skin once it’s inked. Today tattoo editors are everywhere, and it’s an expression of art, and anyone can have it by their own choice. We live in a world where we can easily find never-fading and permanent tattoos through free tattoo outline design applications Several body art design applications for tattoo lovers let you familiarize yourself with various tattoo design apps for men and tattoo artists.

The Android and iPhone apps store offers an inspired discovery of beginner’s tattoo ideas App on your smartphone. It helps to connect with the most efficient 3D tattoo design app. Since the trend of tattoo generators on the body is growing, look for the best tattoo design apps and get the perfect new mehndi design software based on your requirements. Let’s get into the blog post with an understanding of Custom body art design applications.

Best Tattoo Design Apps to watch in 2021

Procreate App –Made for Artists

Procreate App

When we talk about body art picture apps, there’s no better tattoo creator app than Procreate. The interface used with this is elegant and has varied pressure-sensitive brushes. It comes with an advanced layering system with stunning filters. It offers PSD support with the exceptional performance of the procreating tool. It’s one of the best 3d tattoo design app tools. Users can review the online consistency of the app, and it’s one of the most fantastic tattoo print-free apps.

Download: Procreate ios Apps Now!!

Pros  Cons 
Video recording, a user-friendly interface with adaptable tools and canvas sizes, and a highly responsive brush technology. The biggest learning curve for pupils who have never used a digital drawing program; only iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are optimized for some functionalities.

MediBang Paint – Drawing

MediBang Paint - Drawing


If you’re seeking a simpler tattoo sketch app, then go for MediBang, which helps you on the go. It’s designed as a comic creation app. It helps create a stencil for a portrait that you map and then print the drawing straight from your iPad. The work is easier to share within your network and is cloud-based software.

Download: Medibank Paint Android Application Now!!

Pros  Cons 
Many options available for photo editing Some ads are displayed at the beginning 
Supports Multi-platform 

Photoshop Tattoo DesignPhotoshop Tattoo Design

It’s one of the best go-to design industries with a standard photograph, designing websites, and even packaging. If we talk about procreating and photographing that comes with your weakness and strength, you might look for it. A few essential features include brushes, layers, functionality, keyboard shortcuts, interface, and monitor size.

Pros  Cons 
Regularly, new tattoo designs are introduced. No way to search for particular designs.
Seeing newly introduced, well-liked, and best designs There isn’t a version for iOS.
Various categories of ideas
Being able to create custom collections

YouCam Perfect

Regardless of your experience level as a photographer or picture editor, this app is ideal for you. It lets you do a lot of things like edit photos, create collages, add animations, frames, blending, and a lot of other effects. Additional animations, effects, and selfie retouching are included in the premium edition. You can also alter the background of the image to a different scene, the sky, or another landscape.

Additionally, it allows you to do natural editing with the aid of a Body Tuner, which can lessen any issues brought on by unfavorable lighting or angles. It offers the Removal Tool, that makes it simple to eliminate any particular subject or object from your photo.

Prons Cons
A large selection of editing content that is ready to use, includes collages, photo frames, stickers, filters, and more.  It is not compatible with LUT filters for use in professional photography
Modern photo-editing tools to enhance selfies. Not compatible with split-tone editing 
Provides a variety of artistic tattoo designs to adorn your face and body A subscription is required for premium features as opposed to a one-time purchase
Provides built-in multi-layer picture editing Certain accessories don’t belong in the photos and seem out of the place.
Download: YouCam Perfect Android Application Now!!

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Magic Poser App

Magic Poser App

It’s a tool that allows you to position 3D human forms online by tapping control points and dragging them. The finish position export as JPG or PNG is used for drawing. One can pose an unlimited number of models that come in varieties of sizes and genders. It adds features like differing hair and clothing options with different kinds of props. It comes with a realistic adjustable studio that allows you to highlight focus and shadows.

Download: magic poser  Android Apps Now!!

Pros  Cons 
It is safe to use the Magic Poser – Art Pose Tool program. More privacy has to be included to The Magic Poser – Art Pose Tool.
The app is getting better over time. Lacking a few components.
With each upgrade, a significant bug fix Occasionally sluggish support

INKHUNTER- try tattoo designs


Inkhunter is one of the top free tattoo design applications one could use on smartphones due to its skill of augmenting reality. This technology has made designing tattoos an exciting experience because you can see how it appear on your skin before getting permanently inked. Artists will highly benefit from using this app on their Android or iOS smartphones due to the amazing interface and reassurance they can provide to their customers.

Inkhunter has a wide variety of free mehndi patterns that can be easily accessed by the user. One can also get creative and can design your own tattoo virtually on any portion of the body to check how it looks before visiting a tattooist. Another awesome AR feature is that you’ll be able to view the tattoo exactly how it should appear on human skin, and from all angles. This can save you from a bad tattoo decision while showing you the best possible placement for your ink. This makes it very easy for you to edit a photo with a tattoo of your choice to show to the tattooist before you get started. Rather than becoming the victim of unfortunate moko ideas, the app can inspire you to get creative and use their easy-to-draw body art ideas for free. We found Inkhunter to be the best for the same reasons, except that their pop-up ads are a bit of an inconvenience. However, given the free app, that’s something we can easily overlook

Download: INKHUNTER Android Application Now!!

Pros  Cons 
Users of the software can choose from a variety of designs that can be virtually applied to their skin. Even after the AR is enabled and operational, a few customers have reported experiencing issues with the camera feature.
The software enables users to view their chosen designs from various perspectives. The length of time it takes for a design to load in an application has been criticized by a number of users.
With the help of this application, users can preview designs before deciding whether or not to permanently have a tattoo of them. Users have complained that the application’s search feature is problematic because no tattoo designs are displayed.

Tattoodo- Your Next Tattoo


Getting your first tattoo or the hundredth tattoo are all similar experiences when it comes to brainstorming designs you could use. Have you ever wished you could save up on consultancy charges and have a tattoo community help you put up with designs you’d love to get inked? Well, Tattoodo is exactly that and more than a normal Mehndi tattoo design app online. It sports a growing community of training and pro tattooists in your location. They share their design collections, concepts, and videos about tattoo know-how Tattoodo has one of the biggest tattoo collections that will make you fall in love with the art. With over 600,000 designs to choose from, this easily is one of our favorites.

There’s LinkedIn for blue-collared jobs, and there’s Tattoodo for tattoo artists to showcase their concepts, experience, work, and art. A few of the features included are the largest tattoo design database worldwide, inspiration boards like Pinterest, tattoo information videos, industry buzz, and more! You can create new designs or try out other designs on your pictures as well as find a local tattoo artist in proximity easily. This app is found easily on both Android and iOS.

Download: Tattoodo Android Apps Now!!

Pros  Cons 
Numerous tattoo design categories and the option to make your own collections.

A useful location-based tool that enables you to look up highly regarded tattoo parlors nearby.

For a $5.99 monthly fee, you can upgrade to a premium subscription to access additional features.

The premium version has additional features

Appointments with tattoo artists can be made.
Various categories of ideas
Being able to create custom collections


InkSquad is a tattoo design app that doubles as a community space for die-hard tattoo enthusiasts who do not want to get inked, yet. Many people who are fond of tattoos wait for years before getting their first ink because they are not sure about the design or have a skilled tattooist to work with. Inksquad pairs you up with some of the biggest names in the tattoo industry, based on your location. You can select a tattoo design from the thousands of free ideas on their database and try it out in your pictures. Several talented and professional body art artists on this portal share their skills, collections, and ideas regularly. When you think you’re ready, you can either create a design or use a preset design to book a tattoo artist on the application. All the process of your first tattoo, at the touch of a button. We love Inksquad for its simple interface and usability.

Pros  Cons 
The capability of the body parts and style-specific tattoo search filters. Small community because it’s a more recent
The capability of searching for artists with geography and style filters.

SoundWaves Tattoo


We all have favorite song lyrics that we’d get inked on our bodies for a lifetime. Many people love to mehndi tattoo words, and others love to get creative. If you’ve heard about the SoundCloud tattoo trend, you’ll be familiar with how one can get the tattoo of their favorite song in a code tattoo that can be scanned to play from any mobile device. Similarly, the SoundWaves app uses Skin Motion tech to the best capacity and gives you up to 30 seconds of music when the code is scanned. They come with a $39.99 fee for registration and a $9.99 for an annual subscription, which is a good choice if you’re a tattoo artist.

The beauty of this app is that you can enhance the look of the tattoo by adding design elements and colors. This way you can carry a piece of your memory with every sound tattoo and share it with others too!

Download the Soundwaves Android Application Now!!

Pros  Cons 
You can choose the size, color, and other features of your soundwave tattoo. For the first year, there is an activation cost, followed by a yearly price for Skin Motion to read your tattoo.
Access to a list of tattooists who have received training to create Skin Motion tattoos, organized by area. Without the app, a soundwave is essentially illegible because it can only read soundwaves produced by Skin Motion.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Without any difficulty or risk, Adobe Illustrator tattoo design will make it simple for you to design your own tattoos. Because this free Adobe software was specifically created to draw exact patterns and be able to make detailed photos of your tattoo, you don’t have to worry about drawing intricate lines or shading. You may use several different configurable brushes as well as work with layers.

Additionally, to add text, shadows, and highlights, this body art drawing app lets the user color their tattoo. There are numerous tutorials available that might assist you in getting started if you are unsure how to perform something with this software.
You may create your tattoo designs using Adobe Illustrator Draw without any trouble or risk. You don’t need to worry about painting fine lines or shading because this free Adobe software was made specifically to draw precise patterns and be able to take comprehensive images of your tattoo. You can work with layers and a variety of various customizable brushes.

This tattoo design tool allows the user to color their tattoo in addition to adding text, shadows, and highlights. If you’re not sure how to use this software, there are a ton of tutorials

Download: Adobe Illustrator Android Apps Now!!

Pros  Cons 
Bolsters layers None
64x maximum zoom
Adaptable brushes



With the Amaziograph app, you can quickly alter the Mobile design using the many tools offered, allowing you to personalize the tattoo to your tastes. The artwork has been made more vivid and bright with the help of this drawing app for the iPad, and colors have been added to make them look realistic on the human body.

Additionally, it’s a terrific method to hone your abilities and meet people who share your enthusiasm for tattooing. You can select and print out thousands of high-quality photographs at Amaziograph.

Download: Adobe Illustrator Android Apps Now!!

Pros  Cons 
Several layers for symmetric designs App gets crashes several times
Customize a paintbrush and bucket.
Various symmetries and patterns are available

Tattoo My Photo

Tattoo My Photo

Use the Tattoo My Photo app downloading to play with your imagination. You may build your own beautiful tattoo design using this user-friendly app’s basic interface and post it on popular social media sites and messaging apps. View a tattoo by uploading a photo of the relevant body part.

Change the object’s size, color, or transparency. The app even allows you to adjust the brightness and contrast of photos. Both boys and girls can have tattoos with a wide variety of designs. Even better, you may create a fictitious tattoo on your own hand and share it as a prank with your pals. The software is completely free, but it has a lot of advertisements.

Download: Adobe Illustrator Android Apps Now!!

Tattoo Font Designer

The best tattoo fonts for your own tattoo design can be found in the Tattoo Font Designer App for people who want to get tattooed with names, quotations, or meaningful lettering.

You should choose the font that best suits you out of the thousands of options available to you when getting inked. Utilizing its font library, the Tattoo Font Designer software provides you with a professional tattoo font design tool.

You can also take advantage of a collection of tattoo images to obtain a custom tattoo design that combines words and a picture. Nevertheless, the Tattoo Font Designer app is the ideal tattoo design tool that allows you to create custom tattoo text designs!

Pros Cons 
Visualizes tattoo Limited functionality 
Various fonts available  Consultation not possible
Customization options available Free apps might have limited or no-quality fonts
Convenience of designing your own tattoo Some artists will prefer to collaborate on designs or prefer to design. 
Experiment with idea and get tattoo inspiration

AI Tattoo Generator & Maker

With the use of artificial intelligence, the tattoo design app AI Tattoo Generator & Design is revolutionizing the process of conceptualizing and creating tattoos. Using this make your own tattoo app, creating a bespoke tattoo is now possible without having to go through endless galleries in search of ideas. Users can see the AI’s ability to create expert-quality designs that are precisely suited to their vision by only typing in a concept. In addition to streamlining the process of creating bespoke tattoos, this approach opens users to a new era of tattoo design, where the only limitations are one’s imagination.

Pros Cons
Allows visualizations of tattoos before getting inked Accuracy of visualization may vary
Offers a wide variety of tattoo designs and styles Relying on AI will reduce the creativity
Provides accessibility to various tattoo options Risk of wrong presentation if tattoo placement or size 
Enables seeking feedback before finalizing a design May fail to capture the tattoo experience. 

Virtual Tattoo Maker – Ink Art

Virtual Tattoo Maker - Ink Art

Virtual Tattoo Maker is a unique tattoo designer application that allows users to try various tattoo designs virtually before getting inked. With a huge library of tattoo designs, users can try various styles, sizes, and placements on their body using AR technology. This tattoo design application provides a realistic preview of how the customized tattoo will look on the skin, helping users to make informed decisions about their body art.

Download: Virtual Tattoo iOS Apps Now!!

Pros Cons 
Allows users to preview tattoo in AR Limited customizations options available
Wide variety of tattoo designs are available.  AR functionality may not work well on every design.
Helps users to make informed decisions. May not accurately represent the final tattoo appearance. 

Drawing Tattoo Designs

Create intuitive tattoo drawing ideas with the Drawing Tattoo Design application. Whether you are an experienced tattoo artist or a fresher, the user-friendly interface makes it easy to convert imagination into reality. The users can choose from a huge library of pre-designed elements and also explore creativity with custom drawings. With seamless export options, you can seamlessly share your creativity with clients or tattoo studios.

Pros Cons 
Intuitive user interface Limited library of pre-designed elements.
Advanced drawing tools Requires stable internet connection
Seamless export options Not available on every platform
Customizable designs  Steeper learning curves for beginners. 

Inkers: The Tattoo reference


Inkers tattoo creator application is designed for artists and designers, offering a seamless platform to create online tattoo designs easily. Whether you are a tattoo professional or an artist, Inkers tattoo design application provides a vast array of customizable tools and features to enhance your creativity. Its intuitive design simplifies complicated tasks. With real-time feedback and dynamic editing capabilities, Inkers is the ultimate application for anyone looking for a unique artistry.

Download: Inkers iOS Apps Now!!

Pros Cons
Real-Time feedback Requires proper internet connection
Customizable tools and features Limited compatibility with file formats
Intuitive user interface May have a learning curve for beginners.
Enhances creative workflow May not support all devices.

Why use a tattoo design app?

How do you get a body art idea drawn up? Choose a simple Mehndi tattoo design app that displays the best art design for a tattoo generator on the body. Some people are always in a hurry to choose the design and spending a lot on unwanted tattoos. Therefore, the app helps you try new Mehndi designs so you don’t regret them later. The application also comes with a sharing feature that allows you to communicate design strategies among your friends and ask them for their feedback. If you’re looking to develop a tattoo app or are confused about finding the right features for your application, we are happy to serve you best.

The diverse range of tattoo design apps in 2021 caters to all levels of interest and expertise. From creating detailed designs to visualizing how a tattoo would look on the skin, these apps enhance the tattoo experience and aid in decision-making.

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