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Power Platform release

One of the most commendable qualities of Microsoft is that it innovates, updates, and releases new products and solutions consistently to help serve core business purposes. It is what makes the use of Microsoft products more exciting and enthralling. Take, for example, Microsoft recently published the Dynamic 365 2022 release wave 2 notes, alongside the Power Platform 2021 Release Wave 2, and we are eager to know what is there for us.

If you don’t know, Microsoft Power Platform consists of three Microsoft products: Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate. These three products, combined, help users to manipulate, surface, automate and analyze various data. You can use these products with Office 365 and Dynamics 365. the primary component that makes the Power Platform powerful is the Common Data Service, also called CDS, an underlying data platform offering a streamlined and unified data schema for applications to interoperate.

This article will discuss some key features and capabilities the new Microsoft Power Platform new release has to offer.

Power Apps now offer support for NFC tags

Most people complain that they find it hard to scan barcodes in apps in dark places. For them, NFC tags or stickers come very handily. How does it work? Just place them on your product or location, and you can read info from the tags through your mobile phone. You can read out the Microsoft NFC announcement to make robust apps with the NFC feature. Thankfully, Power Platform apps now support NFC tags, which is a good sign for users looking for NFC tags for information.

Export Data from the Power BI table in Excel format

Data exploration and analysis are very crucial for businesses. When you don’t have the permission to edit a report or are not aware of Power BI authoring capabilities, you might find it hard to retain the visual structure of the exported file in Microsoft Excel. The new feature will allow you to export data from a Power BI table or matrix while maintaining the visual structure same in the excel sheet. You will have a familiar visual format, helping you analyze data without any hurdles or reformatting data.

Power BI datasets hub enhancements

Data analysis can become smooth sailing when you can discover and reuse data quicker and easier. With the new Power Platform release, the datasets hub allows users to discover, reuse, and curate organizational datasets by accessing a centralized location. With the help of the Microsoft Flow NFC datasets hub feature, users can now discover curated or non-curated datasets, explore their properties, discover reports, access usage information of datasets, analyze datasets in excel, and view datasets schema, refresh history, and trigger a new refresh.

Power BI Integration with PowerPoint

With the latest release, users will be able to integrate Microsoft Power BI report content into their Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Furthermore, users will also be able to embed report pages and modify filters within PowerPoint.

Unified, robust, and Modern Power Apps Designer

The new Microsoft Power Platform release offers unparalleled power apps solutions by providing the new power apps app designer feature. Users can easily and quickly build power apps with forms, views, and dashboards with the app designer feature. In addition to that, users can also utilize canvas apps and their capabilities adequately.

Superior authoring experience with Power Apps Studio

Another feature of the latest Power Platform release is the introduction of Artificial Intelligence to better up your authoring experience within the Power apps studio. As Power Fx, a dedicated, open-source formula language developed by Microsoft, will take time to be used in popular culture, AI comes in handy. With AI, users will be able to use natural language or other inputs in the desired format. Microsoft powerapps NFC will automatically generate formulas to be applied.

Power apps support delegation for Salesforce.

Though it is not in the release document or the announcement, there are high chances that it is out there. Let me tell you why. If you see the delegation documentation, you will come across a listing for Powerapps Delegation with Salesforce. We all know the Salesforce capabilities. You will be able to create superior and robust power apps solutions with Salesforce as your data source. With Delegation, Users can filter, lookup, search, and sort data easily and effortlessly.

Power Automate Desktop Updated

Check out the Power Automate Desktop and see all the new changes the new release has to offer. Power Automate Desktop is primarily used to create personal automation on the computer to make your work easy and quick. Now, with this new desktop, you can trigger a desktop flow from a desktop flow. You don’t need to replace one mega flow. You can do it with a series of smaller flows. It saves your time and effort as you will be able to maintain them quickly and seamlessly.

Power Virtual Agent Adds AI for a superior chatting experience

Though PVA is already AI-assisted, there are some improvements to discuss in this post. Now, they have topic overlap suggestions and topic suggestions in preview with the language support only for English.

This advanced PVA will help you suggest to users who find nothing that they are looking for specifically. It is a welcome step to empower PVA. You will be able to help users find precisely what they are looking for during their time.


That is all for now. These are all the release updates in trend and will undoubtedly change how you use the Power Platform. You need to check out the Microsoft NFC announcement and other useful links to have more idea about what the release offers to you. With these features, users would be able to analyze data in a more streamlined and seamless way and save their time and effort.

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